Letters and Lattes Feed

Letters but no lattes!

I sat down today and got my letters written and then went to mail them off. It's quite hot outside today.  I should have known when I was trying to sleep last night and it was so warm that I had to turn the air conditioning on!  It's been on all day today, too!  I was walking out the door to mail my letters and realized that one of them didn't have a stamp.  I ran back into the house and got a stamp and then went back to my car.  I drove down to the post office and ran in. I dropped my letters off and then checked my box.  I had five more letters waiting.  Well, four that I'll actually answer.  The fifth was from an inmate. ~_~;  I used to write a few of them, but they always get the idea that we are in a relationship and that is not going to happen. I don't want to date anyone on the outside either. LOL!

I had thought about going by Starbucks while I was out because I have a bunch of stars and I could have gotten a free drink, but I figured with it being Saturday, they would be really busy so I skipped it!  Plus it was hot and I have no air. I prefer hot coffee and today was not the day. If I had air, yes, but I don't.  Oh well! My stars don't run out anytime soon, so I'm good!


What a day!

So, I woke up today to warm weather!  The high today was 72!  It was really nice.  The sun even came out for a bit.  It's been so cloudy and overcast for so long.  It was nice to see the sun.  I got in a nice walk and came home and relaxed a bit before doing my workouts.  I got those done and then did my French lesson and had a few minutes to relax before fixing lunch.  After lunch, I was just hanging out and then I thought about going to Starbucks.  I wanted to go, but I didn't want to get there and not have a place to sit.  I decided that I'd go and if there was nowhere to sit, I'd get a drink and bring it home with me.

I got there and one of the little tables was free!!!!  I put my messenger bag down to hold that table and went to get in line.  I got my cascara latte, a venti!  I also got two new gift cards that I didn't have.  They were just putting them out! I had my pen pal letters with me.  I wrote to all my pen pals and drank my latte.  While I was writing, I noticed that the couple that has the Corgi.  I had to go see him.  I got lots of Corgi kisses!!!!!! He is such a sweet pup.  The pair are regulars like myself.  I was telling her about this being my fourth time coming and trying to get a place to sit.  She said they'd been having the same issues.  I really wish the place was bigger.  We both miss the old location.

I stayed at Starbucks after I finished my letters for a bit and then headed out.  I went by the post office to check my box.  I couldn't mail my letters as I didn't take any envelopes or stamps with me.  I'll mail them on tomorrow's walk.  I only had one letter at my box.  I'm totally caught up except for the new one that just came.  I have the names of two potential pals and I'm going to write a couple of  small intro letters to sent to them with my 'new pal' letter.  I'll do that and then I'll read and play more Pocket Camp.  I'm watching the Olympics again.  More Skeleton tonight.  This stuff is nuts!  The male figure skaters are on tonight too.  

As promised...

I totally missed out on posting a good post yesterday because I didn't have a lot of time.  So, here goes!  Yesterday, I did my workouts. After eating lunch, I went to Starbucks.  I carried my messenger bag with me and all my pen pal letters.  I got there and they were packed.  They didn't have anywhere to sit.  I got my latte and then left.  It took a while to get my latte, so I was hoping something would open up while I was waiting, but no luck. I left Starbucks and went to the park.  I sat in my car and wrote some of my pen pal letters.  I would have gotten out and done all this on a picnic table or a blanket, but it was overcast.  It's a good thing I stayed in my car.  It began raining!  I got all but two letters written and hit some Pokestops while there.  I parked near one so I could hit it every time it reloaded. :)

After the park, I came home and did some housework.  I had two loads of laundry that needed to be finished and put away.  I also had to do some other things.  I didn't even take  a bath.  I did wash my hair though.  I realized it was getting late and I hadn't posted to my blog so I did that quick post.

Today, I was supposed to go walking with my friend, but he couldn't go because of a family situation.  Hopefully we can go tomorrow.  I went to the post office today and mailed my stack of letters.  I had a full box!  It's so fun mailing off a lot of letter and then having a bunch waiting.  I brought those home and then put my air conditioner in my window! LOL  It was REALLY hot today.  Very unseasonably so!  I turned my air conditioner on long enough to make sure it was working okay. I probably won't need it for a while, but I wanted to go ahead and put it in.

I hope it continues to be warm here. Warm, though, not hot! :p  I am not a fan of cold weather or hot weather.  I am a spring and autumn girl!  


Letters, lattes, and bullet journals!

I replied to my latest batch of pen pal letters today.  I went by Starbucks and got a Cascara latte and brought it home and enjoyed it while writing letters.  It's a good thing I decided not to go in and write letters today.  The place was packed and there was no where to sit!  I brought my delicious latte home and wrote out the letters that I had.  I decided to run to the post office so that I wouldn't have to fight for a parking spot tomorrow.  I mailed off the letters and then checked my box to find six more!  I mailed off five and came home with six!  That is pretty cool.

I also worked on my bullet journals today.  Both my current one and the new one.  I added a pretty blue ribbon to the new one and I did next week's layout for the current one.  Wait... I did that yesterday?  Oh well, it was done this weekend! In any case, I'm ready for the new week and I also have my new bujo completely set up except for one two page spread.  I'm still trying to decide what I want that spread to be!

Letters and lattes!

I made it to Starbucks tonight.  My messenger bag got out again. :) I got there a bit before 5 and stayed until about 7.  I would have stayed longer, but I was done with my letters and it was a bit cold in there.  I wrote four letters.  Three 'old' pals and one brand new one.  I got the delicious Cascara latte.  Yum!  I also checked in on my Pokemon Go app while there.  The Starbucks is now a Pokestop! :)

After Starbucks, I headed to Home Depot.  I needed to get a quart of paint.  Last night around 11:45, I got it in my head to move my room around.  The way I fixed things, I needed to touch up my nightstand and I also needed to paint the back of it.  The back shows in my new room arrangement so I wanted to paint it to match the rest.  Plus there were places on it that needed touch ups. I had run out of the paint some time ago, but I remembered the name and the brand.  I got Glidden Violet Shimmer paint.  I painted the back of the nightstand and did the touch-ups.  It looks great! I'm happy to have another can of it as I have a trunk in my room, two little 'tables' and a rocking chair on my front porch with this color.  All need touch-ups.  I'll do that tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get a parking spot at the post office so I can mail my letters and see if I have any new ones.  Wish me luck!  


I have a stack of letters ready to go out to my pen pals.  Look at this beautiful stack of outgoing mail:


I got three new letters in today's mail and I have one more to write.  I'm thinking of taking all four to Starbucks on Wednesday evening to get back into my regular schedule.  Letters and lattes, here I come! :)

Wednesday post time!

I got in my walk today and it was a little bit cooler.  Not much, but enough to help.  I actually slept until my silent alarm on my Fitbit went off.  I went on my walk about an hour earlier than my usual time.  I came home and took my time doing my workouts.  I was able to take a few minutes between them.  That was nice.  I like having the time to relax a bit and not be in a rush.  Sometimes the internet is spotty and the videos don't want to load.  I did that a few times today, but I had the extra time, so I didn't mind.

I got those done. It was core and cardio day. OUCH!  I ate lunch and then got my things together for Starbucks.  I relaxed a little while and then headed over there.  I was able to get my favorite chair immediately.  I had six letters to write and I got them all done.  I was looking forward to playing Pokemon Go while there too, but the servers were down for most of my visit.  They didn't come up until near the end.  I ended up staying a bit longer than I planned.  I almost forgot that I needed to go pick up my prescription at Kmart.  I would have walked there on one of my walks, but they are doing road construction in front of it and it's a mess.  I didn't want to get run over!

I got my prescription and headed home.  I posted to Letters and Lattes and then came here to post.  Now, I'm going to relax for a while before getting in bed and relaxing for the night.  I am hoping to get some reading done tonight. 

Well then....

Yeah, I know.  I haven't posted in days.  Today's walk was so extremely hot.  I came home and did my workouts, ate lunch, and then rested.  Well, only for a few minutes!  A friend came down and got the majority of the front lawn done with their riding lawn mower.  I got out there with the weeder and got the parts they couldn't do.  It took me a lot longer than it should have and when I came in, I looked like I had been in a sprinkler.  I was soaked to the skin with sweat. Yuck!  I needed to do more of the yard, but I was so tired and hot, that I knew I needed to stop and rest.  Plus, it looked like a storm was coming up.  It's getting darker out there now as I type this.  I keep hearing rumbles of thunder.  If I don't get the rest done tonight, I'm not going to worry about it too much.  The front is done and that is what matters.

While I was doing the front, a vehicle pulled up and this guy got out and started talking to me.  I gave him a look!  Turns out, he was a police officer. LOL~  I told him, "I was wondering why weirdos were pulling up in front of my yard." He was really nice and asked a few questions about some things in the neighborhood.  After he left, I finished my weeding.  I thought when they pulled up that they were visiting my stupid neighbors next door.  People go visit them all the time and park in front of my house instead of theirs.  

Anyway!  I am sorry I haven't posted in days.  I just haven't had the energy to get on the computer.  I mean to post everyday.  Sometimes that doesn't happen.  I got two more patches for my messenger bag.  I rearranged the patches on there last night and put on the new ones.  It looks pretty cool.  I posted a picture of it at Letter and Lattes but I'll share it here too:


I'm really loving all the patches.  I might add more in the future.  We'll see how that goes.

What a day!

So, I got up today and got ready for my walk as always.  It was sunny when I looked out the window.  I started walking up my street and noticed that the sky was darkening.  I get to the top of the hill and hear thunder.  I turned my butt around and walked back home! It's a good thing too, because we had a pretty decent storm.  I went out later to pick up a few things and there was standing water in the parking lot.  That means it would have been pretty nasty when I was walking.  I missed walking, but I didn't miss being wet and miserable while out there!

I did my workouts, as usual, and then ate lunch.  I relaxed for a few minutes and then packed my bag and headed to Starbucks. I almost skipped it this week, but I actually had six letters to write!  I got all of those done.  Two were brand new pals, so those letters were short.  I send out a 'new pal' letter and then hand write a note to go along with it.  I got all my letters done and then relaxed until I was ready to leave.  I was able to get my favorite comfy chair pretty quickly, too! ^_^

I came home and ate dinner and now I'm catching up online.  I didn't post here or at Letters and Lattes  yesterday so I'm catching up here too!  I hope the weather is nice tomorrow so I can get in my walk.  I also hope it's a bit cooler!  Yesterday's walk was brutal.  I think it was the worst it's been since I've been walking this summer.  I was sweating all over.  I even had sweat running down my legs.  GROSS!  Yeah, it was hot! 


Hot day, bleah!

My weather app showed that it would be a bit cooler today.  I was looking forward to that.  Unfortunately, it really wasn't much cooler!  It was humid and just gross.  I know it's summer, but couldn't we at least have a few days where I'm not soaked in sweat when I get home?  It would be nice!  I filled my water bottle at the turn around point.  Unfortunately, tomorrow, the bus hub is closed, so I won't be able to refill it tomorrow.  That is going to suck if it's as hot as it was today! Phooey!

I did get a letter from a potential new pal.  That is always good.  I have noticed a lack of letters recently.  That isn't good at all!  I haven't heard from some of my pals since May.  It's almost July!  Hopefully everyone will start sending letters again soon!  I miss having mail in my box.

I came home from my walk and did my workouts.  I haven't posted to Insta yet, as I forgot.  I'll do that after this and then I'm going to the kitchen to figure out what I'm fixing for dinner.  I am not sure exactly what I want.  Well... I know what I want, I want a pizza from a take out place, but I'm broke, so it will be either a sandwich or a frozen dinner.  Not exactly thrilling! Oh well!

I do have a frozen pizza, but I just find that they aren't that tasty.  When you want a 'real' pizza, frozen just doesn't cut it!  I'll figure something out.  I posted to Letters and Lattes if you want to go check it out.  I'm going to get up from here and go decide on dinner!


It's Friday and I didn't skip my walk!  I got it in and did my workouts too!  It was really hot today.  I was so happy to get home into my room with the air conditioner!  I drank 3 bottles of water after I got home.  It was stretch day on the calendar, so that was nice.  I did all that and then had lunch.  I was going to stick around the house for awhile, but my phone had no service.  A friend of mine told me that at her house, she had a bit of service, so I went there for a while. It eventually cleared up.  Seems it was a system wide issue with AT&T.  It's all better now.  I'm back home.

I posted a few posts to Letters and Lattes. Go check them out if you want!  I think I'm going to enjoy having a blog dedicated to just pen palling.  Hopefully it will get lots of readers.  I want to do a lot with it.  I will not be giving up this blog.  I will always have my personal blog. I love it too much to let it go. ^_^