Letters Feed


Guess who was about to forget to post today? Me!  Sorry about that.  I got some good writing done today.  I wrote 2,777 words on my story! Yay! That makes up for not writing anything yesterday.  I went to the post office as I planned. I picked up my mail, I got a book of stamps, and I paid for my post office box.  After that, I headed back home where I've been since then.  It is raining here again. ~_~; I hope it isn't too bad this time.  I am not ready for cold and rain. Boo on that! I got a few penpal letters.  Now I just need to sit down and write my letters. I hope to do that tomorrow or Sunday at the latest!  I so wish I could do it at Starbucks. I miss my favorite 'third place'. 

It's my birthday!

What did I do to celebrate?  I went to mail back my old phone.  I checked my box and had some letters.  I washed my car because it needed it and I was too lazy to do it at home! I left there and went to Starbucks.  I got my birthday drink.  I sipped on it and went to the park to sit by my favorite tree for a bit. I hung out in the park a bit and then went and got gas for my car.  I filled it up / topped it off and it was only $8 so that was nice.  I did take some pictures.  Two in the post office and one of the darkening sky when I was sitting in the park.




I thought it was going to rain, but it never did. The sky was pretty though!  My friend texted me from work and said he was bringing by a hoagie from a local place.  Steak and cheese. It was delicious!  It was a good birthday lunch.  What's for dinner?  My favorite, hash brown casserole! :D. Yum.  That is too delicious meals today.  The Starbucks was pretty darn good, too! :p

Post office trip.

I had planned to go to the post office this evening and check my box and then swing by Starbucks as it's double star day.  I was able to go to the post office, but not Starbucks.  My friend texted that he was coming over after he ate to work on my air conditioner in my room.  I had enough time to go to the post office because I asked him.  I had enough time for Starbucks too, but I didn't know that at the time. I don't like to make people wait for me.  I missed out on my chance at double stars. :( Oh well, maybe next month!

The post office trip was a success. I received five letters. Four from regular pals and one from a new one.  It's always fun to get new penpals.  For once, I didn't have any mail in my box except pen pal letters!  I am glad I went.  I have informed delivery, but I didn't know about several of the letters.  I don't know if I just overlooked those days emails or what. 

I hope what my friend did to my air conditioner will help tonight.  Last night I had a really hard time sleeping.  It was right at 5 am the last time I looked at the clock.  I couldn't get cool or comfortable.  I'm hoping the air will be cooler tonight. 

All caught up!

I sat down tonight and got all of my letters written and mailed them out.  I checked my box while there and had no new letters. I'm actually completely caught up for once.  Yay!  My box wasn't empty, though.  I had my latest bank statement.  It was nice to not have a completely empty box.

I'm glad to have them all done and mailed.  I hope to keep them on track.  I got a bit behind the last few months, I hope to stay caught up.  We'll see how that goes.  


Well, I didn't get my inspection sticker today.  I went but he was really busy and said if I came back tomorrow he'd work me in.  I will head back up there tomorrow and get it done.  I did get by the post office while I was out though.  I picked up a stack of mail and was able to get a 'book' of stamps.  It was actually a sheet of stamps, but there you go!  Now I can get my letters written and mail them out.

I should have worked on them today, but I didn't get around to it.  I had to go back out for a quick errand this weekend and ended up riding around a bit. I couldn't help myself. :) It's nice to not worry about the car cutting off, overheating, etc!

In other news, I need to get one of my mowers going so I can get the front lawn mown.  The back doesn't really need it and even if it did, I'm not worried about it as no one can see it.  The front is still not horrible, but it's getting shaggy and I don't like that! I'll see what I can do tomorrow after I get my sticker.  


Yes, it's Monday.  I got my pen pal letters done today! Yay!  I also got them all mailed off.  I had three new ones in my box.  Not new pals, but new letters from old pals.  lol

I was thinking of Starbucks while out, but it was rainy and bleah out, so I just came home after the post office.  I came home to a bit of a mess. The new container I had in the closet to catch the drips was working well.  The old one tipped and fell out on the floor. UGH!  I cleaned that all up and put it back.  I put another heavy item in there to keep it from tipping again.  I hope that helps.  It's supposed to rain for days.  BOO!  

I did take a picture while I was in the post office.  I love the old boxes they have.  There are little windows on most of the boxes so you can see if you have mail or not.  I love this old building.  It's very vintage. I just wish they had lockers.  At my old post office location, if you go something too big for your box, you got a key.  It would open a locker and you could just pick up whatever it was that didn't fit in the box.  It was quite convenient.  


Letters but no lattes!

I sat down today and got my letters written and then went to mail them off. It's quite hot outside today.  I should have known when I was trying to sleep last night and it was so warm that I had to turn the air conditioning on!  It's been on all day today, too!  I was walking out the door to mail my letters and realized that one of them didn't have a stamp.  I ran back into the house and got a stamp and then went back to my car.  I drove down to the post office and ran in. I dropped my letters off and then checked my box.  I had five more letters waiting.  Well, four that I'll actually answer.  The fifth was from an inmate. ~_~;  I used to write a few of them, but they always get the idea that we are in a relationship and that is not going to happen. I don't want to date anyone on the outside either. LOL!

I had thought about going by Starbucks while I was out because I have a bunch of stars and I could have gotten a free drink, but I figured with it being Saturday, they would be really busy so I skipped it!  Plus it was hot and I have no air. I prefer hot coffee and today was not the day. If I had air, yes, but I don't.  Oh well! My stars don't run out anytime soon, so I'm good!


NaNoWriMo is at an end!

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of November and it's also the end of NaNoWriMo!  I am happy to have another NaNo win!  It was a good month of writing.

Today, I sat down and finished my letters.  I started them at Starbucks but I hadn't taken the actual letters with me so I finally got those done today.  The past few days I've had bad migraines and I was not in the mood to finish any of them.  I got those done today and plan to mail them out tomorrow.  I would have mailed them out today, but my friend wanted to go eat so I went with him and it was too late when I got home to run to the post office so I will go tomorrow.

I got my Yule tree up tonight.  I almost didn't put it up this year.  I will share pictures of it below along with my stack of pen pal letters.  I am planning to make myself go to Starbucks once a week again and get my letters done there.  If I have a dedicated day each week, I'll get them written in a timely manner AND I'll get to get Starbucks every week. It works for me! :P

Here is the pretty stack of letters ready to go tomorrow:


Starbucks Whoo Hoo!

Guess where I am?  Did the subject line give it away? :p  Yes, I'm at Starbucks.  Believe it or not I was able to get a table!  At first, I was thinking I was out of luck.  I looked in and it didn't look like any seats were available at all.  The comfy seats at the front were the only ones empty and those are not the best for writing on a laptop. At the old location, yes, but not here.  I was happy to find a seat though and sat!  I hadn't been here 10 minutes when someone left one of the little tables.  I jumped up and claimed it before they got out the door. lol   I am in it now.  I've done today's NaNo writing and I've written pen pal letters!!!!! Yay! I've actually written my pen pal letters.  Whoo Hoo!  My hands are tired now, so you should be glad I'm even writing a blog post. LOL
It's been busy and slow in here tonight. After I moved to this table, most of the other ones cleared out except for my favorite one in the corner of course! LOL  It stayed pretty empty for a while and now they are rolling along pretty well again.  I am not sure how much longer I plan to stay. If I were at my favorite table, I'd probably stay longer, but I'm not, so there is that.  The guy that was sitting here left a while ago, but I didn't even turn around to see if I could grab the table.  I am pretty comfy here and this is my second favorite table. LOL    The little tables are all along one wall, there is a long table to the right of them when you are sitting at one.  If you sit at my favorite table, you have no one behind you or beside you.  If you sit at this one, you have people behind you but no one beside you.  The other two little tables have the long table next to them.
I just peeked, someone has claimed the other table.  Oh well! :P  I was able to get my hands on a bunch of Starbucks cards while I was here. I'm hoping I got the entire collection.  Well, except for the multipacks. You can't get those without loading them.  I got a bunch, so I'm hoping I have them all. If not, I can go and check on the site I use and see which ones I need so I'll be able to look for those.  Hopefully, I have them all!  That would be cool, cool, cool! :P
I'll take a picture of what I have when I get home and share it.  For now, I'm going to sit here and enjoy being here for a bit longer before I pack up and head out.  If it clears out some, I might stay a while longer and I might just head home.  I have almost finished my drink and I am not planning on getting another one tonight. :P
I just know it was great being able to do NaNoWriMo from Starbucks again!  I totally missed out last year and I didn't want that to happen again. :) . Now, I just have to decide what to fix for dinner when I get home and put away the clothes I washed yesterday. D'oh!  Actually, not a D'oh, I knew when I washed them yesterday that it was so late that I'd put them away today.  I was able to get some detergent yesterday after using the last drips and drops on my bed linen. I needed more detergent and I only had a dollar. I was tempted to go to the laundry and get one of those individual ones they sell.  Then, I thought about the dollar stores.  Dollar Tree would have a bottle for $1 but I was hoping I didn't have to drive over there. (at that point, I had planned to come here to write) . I went to Dollar General and found a regular size bottle of one of the few brands I use for $1.  Score!  I thought it had to be a mistake, but I checked before buying it and it was $1.  I am totally broke so I was happy to find it so cheap!  I love my dollar stores! 
Ahh!  I am home now.  The internet and my MBP were not playing nicely together at Starbucks for some reason.  Luckily I copied and pasted this huge post into Evernote just in case.  Good thing I did because I had to restart everything and would have lost my post.  Ahh!  I am going to post this before anything else goes wrong. ;p