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Another Leuchtturm 1917? Yes!

I have my notebook for my 2021 bullet journal and it's a Leuchtturm1917!  This is my fourth one.  It's yellow and it's so pretty.  I will probably add a decal or sticker to the front at some point.  This years I had already planned the decal for it.  It was a Myrtle Beach one that matched the cover.  I will look to see if I can find a cute decal when we go to the beach next month. If not, I'll use a sticker.  I got a little packet of Adventure Time stickers in the mail yesterday.  They came in with the order where I ordered the Leuchtturm.  I also ordered a few more things that arrived yesterday.  The last item in that order was supposed to come today, but it didn't.  Hopefully, it will come tomorrow.  It's a passport size TN. ^^: Yes, I know I don't need any more TNs! ;p

An eBay item that I ordered last week came today, too.  My Note has all four of the Nissan hubcaps on it, but the front driver side one had broken pieces and it's cracked in places. I was able to find one on eBay and ordered it. It finally came today.  I was able to put it on after some fun of trying to get it on. LOL, The old one was easy to get off, the new one took me a bit but it's on.  Now my wheels all look good.  

The next thing I want to get for the Note is the cargo cover.  I don't know why they don't have that included when you buy the car. I've seen other people mention this, so I don't think this one is just missing one from a previous owner.  The cargo cover (Nissan branded) is a bit over $100 so I am going to keep looking. I'm hoping to find one for a much, much lower price!

Here is the newest Leuchtturm.  I can't wait to set it up and hope that 2021 is much better than this crazy year!


Well then

Remember how I mentioned a puzzle I found in a box a few days ago?  Well, I know why it's in the box unworked. LOL!  I got the outline of it done and that was about all.  The outline was loose and it was driving me crazy. Every time I tried to fit a piece into anything it was all weird and loose.  It's the same puzzle brand as the one I worked a few weeks ago that I couldn't flip to tape it together. It was loose too, but nowhere near as bad as this one.  I am putting it away for now.  I did bag the pieces inside the box to keep them together.  I'll try it again at some point, possibly. lol   

I wanted to share my very basic February habit tracker page in my bullet journal.  I printed out a calendar for the top page and wrote on the bottom page.  I added some washi and done!  I don't usually paste printables in my bujo, but this calendar was really pretty. I liked it and wanted to use it.


Back to the fun!

The fun of what, you ask?  Puzzles! I started one the ones I got from Dollar Tree and it's so much better. The colors pop and I was able to get a good start on it.  I have the outline and two small sections.  I really enjoyed doing it so far.  I think when I pull that other puzzle back out, I'll try to work it in a bright light environment.  I think that was he biggest issue.  The pieces were so dark that bad lighting led to a harder puzzle to work.  Of course the pieces fitting in the wrong places wasn't helping either!

I made the weekly in my bullet journal for the first week of October.  I decided to go ahead and do the habit tracker for October, too.  Then, I ended up doing the entire months weeklies!  It's orange themed for October and there are a LOT of jack o' lanterns all over the place. :P   My poor bujo is getting so bulky!  The spine is a lot bigger than it was when I started it!  Poor thing.  It's all that washi and now the little Canon Ivy pictures.  Next years will probably be even worse. :P . I plan to one day to move my bujo to a traveler's notebook.  I think that will be cool.  Although, I adore my Leuchtturm journals.



Puzzle and Bujo

I got some more of the puzzle done today.  Not a lot, but some.  It's tricky, but fun.  I also received my Leuchttrum1917 from Amazon. It's going to be my bullet journal for 2020.  I got a cool Myrtle Beach decal on my last trip and knew it would look lovely on this particular color.  I put it on today and it's so pretty! This is a LT in the color of Berry.  It's so new and pristine!

The picture does not do it justice. I'll try again tomorrow in natural light. For now, here it is and he puzzle at the moment:


Good mail day!

I got my washi today and it's so pretty!  I also got my pen loop for my Leuchtturm.  My purse still hasn't shipped. Boo!  Here is some pictures of today's goodies:


The Starbucks cup didn't come in the mail. I went over there for that. :P . I played Starbucks for Life as I usually do. I won a bunch of stars and a I even won a free bakery item.  The coupon was running out today, so I went over there and got a cookie.  I also got a cascara latte while I was there.  They are almost out of cascara syrup.  Boo!  I'll miss it.  Hopefully they'd bring it back again.  


It wasn't sunny today, but it was warm.  It was around 60! It was pretty nice for walking.  I got in my walk and I was able to stop by the dollar store and get a few things I needed.  I also found a great smelling candle for .30!  It was in the holiday markdown stuff.  I wonder if they have any more. It smells so good. It's called Frosted Fir and smells like a fresh tree. 

I needed some tape, and I was hoping there would be some in the holiday markdown section, but no go. I got some in the regular section though, so that was okay.  I also got a package of copy paper as I was completely out.  Some of the pen pal letters I wrote last week were on green paper because I was out of my regular white sheets.

I didn't do much when I got home. I washed my hair and my bed linen. I've had a really bad headache, so doing other things was not an option.  I mainly just sat around. I played some Bingo on my iPad and watched The Simpsons on FXNow.  I love watching the episodes, but the commercials are driving me nuts.  They are mainly the same ones over and over and they are annoying as hell!  I just mute them when they come on!

Tomorrow, I should be receiving a pen loop for my Leuchtturm bullet journal and a new set of washi. It's from my favorite brand/company of washi. Molshine.  I love their washi.  This set is 10 rolls, I think.  It's so pretty from the pictures. The thing about their washi, is it's always better looking in person than in pictures. I love their washi!  I'll post pictures tomorrow.  

Oh! I also found another Fossil purse on ebay. ^^;;;;; I saw it, watched it, and then bought it all within five minutes. lol . I hope I love it in person as much as I did on the site.  That hasn't shipped yet, so I'm not sure when I'll get it.