Lily Bloom Feed

Thrifting again....

So soon? Yes! I wasn't expecting it, but my friend wanted to thrift today, so we did.  We ate Biscuitville food before leaving for Reidsville. We went to the Salvation Army store and I found a Fossil bag, a Lily Bloom bag, four Coca-Cola magnets, and a little Lisa Frank stationery thingee. We went on to the Goodwill and I found a fitted sheet for my bed. (I like to buy older sheets because they are soft. They don't make them like this anymore!) I also got a little box that has a bacon imprint all over it and it came with free bacon stickers! lol, I also found a DS game for 99ยข It is called Purrpals and you raise a kitty.  I thought it would be cute and it was cheap, so I got it. It had the original case and booklet too!

We went to the Goodwill in Mayodan but neither of us found anything. Well, I found a few things but I didn't buy anything.  We then went to the one in Walkertown.  I found a pair of spandex capris for walking and a little petite Rolodex.  I looked and I can get refills for it! I was thinking it would make a great penpal database.  The cards can be pulled out and moved around.  It's small so it doesn't take up a lot of space, either. I like it!

After that, we headed back to Reidsville, and on the way, we found a diner called Parker's Home Cookin' restaurant.  We decided to stop and give them a try. I'm glad we did. It was delicious!  He got spaghetti and I got fried chicken.  Everything was delicious!  This will definitely be a place to go back to.  It's in Stokesdale, NC.  When we got back to Reidsville, we were going to Pete's to get ice cream, but they were extremely busy, so we went to Mayberry to get ice cream.  We did that and headed home.  I'm extremely tired and I just want to go to bed!  I wrote a little over 1400 words tonight, so I have my writing done.  I like my two purses.  The Lily Bloom is a backpack purse and the Fossil is a small hobo (at least I think that is what this style is) It's black with silver grommets on it and it has grey stitching, it's pretty cute.  It was a pretty decent thrifting trip.  We didn't make it to Eden or Martinsville, but that is okay. There is always another time.  

Tuesday at home

BLEAH! lol Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I was just getting myself back in my normal boring routine.  I meant to post, but then I didn't.  I still have to do a 'stuff I bought at the beach' post.  I took a ton of pictures.  I also didn't mention that I got another purse on Ebay while on the trip.  No, it's not a Fossil, but it's a Lily Bloom and it's coffee themed! Yay!  It's design is called, "Coffee Break".  The purse style is the same as my other Lily Bloom with just a small difference.  I love this purse.  It has the tablet sleeve on the back like the other.  It's colorful and cute!  I'll post a picture of it and the puzzle I did today!

Yes, i did an entire puzzle today.I got three 300 piece puzzles along with the other ones I bought.  I think it was three.  It might be only two.  I did one of them today.  It was fun getting to pick out a puzzle from a big stack and do one.  My puzzle box is so full that I have puzzles outside of it. lol  I am not sure if I'll go for another 300 one tomorrow or start a 500 one. We'll see.

I went to the post office today. YAY! I had seven letters from pen pals and a bunch of other random mail.  It was great to be able to check my box.  My car did fine going down and back, so that was nice.  I hope to get my letters written this week. I'm out of stamps, but I plan to buy some on Thursday or Friday.


Wednesday is Starbucks time.

Well, it was double star day today so, of course, I went to Starbucks. I'm all about those extra stars! :p  I went to the drive thru since I was over there later than usual.  I looked in as I drove by the front and there were plenty of seats. ~_~; Figures!  If I had gone to stay, I wouldn't have found a seat.  Oh well, I got my latte and it was pretty good.  I tried the blonde caramel latte.  It was pretty good, but nothing is as good as my cascara latte. :(  I miss that stuff.  Starbucks, if you are listening, BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!  

In other news, I walked today.  It was a bit overcast when I started, but the sun came out.  It's a good thing too.  I forgot my umbrella!  It rained during yesterday's walk and I went out with a friend yesterday evening, so I had my umbrella drying.  I forgot to put it in my backpack.  I was so happy when it didn't rain! :p

I did my workouts yesterday and today, I have been on schedule for everything.  A few days ago, I ordered the matching wallet to my new purse.  I can't wait to get it.  I've never had a  purse with a matching wallet.  I'll be so fancy. lol  I also ordered a Japanese Starbucks card yesterday on ebay.  It's a Sakara card and it's gorgeous!  I can't wait to get it.  Something cool to add to my collection. ^_^  I've always wanted some Sakura related from Starbucks so this was a no brainer.  I, of course, will share pictures when I get it.

Sorry about that post yesterday.  I was tired, frustrated, and just plain grumpy! It was just not a good idea to post to my blog when I was in that mood.  The rain yesterday was just depressing.  My friend wanted to go to one of our favorite local restaurants, so we did.  After I got home, I called another friend and she asked if I'd ride with her somewhere.  I did.  Her mom was in a car wreck yesterday.  Her truck is totaled.  They had to cut her out of it!  She is walking around today!  Amazing.  The woman is almost 70!  

I've been playing Pocket Camp.  I need TWO more of the navy ladybugs to get the Spring background.  Since I have until Saturday, I should be able to get it.  I just got the flower swing today.  There is one more thing to earn after the background, but if I get that, I'll be happy!  They also introduced new animals today! :)  The game is so fun.  Goldie is and always will be my favorite!

I'm one tired puppy!

So, I got in my walk and came home and relaxed for a bit before doing my workouts.  I was almost done with them when a friend called and wanted me to go somewhere with her.  I wanted to finish my workouts, so I said no.  I got my workout done and then my French and called her back.  She still wanted to go, so I decided to go too.  We went to Martinsville, Virginia which is not very far away for her to go to Belk and look at purses.  She didn't get the one she went for, but she got two others!  I on the other hand didn't go to look at purses and ended up with one.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It's a Lily Bloom.  I've never had one or even seen one before.  They are made from recycled plastic bottles and they have adorable designs.  Mine has cupcakes and coffee! :D  It's brown with colorful cupcakes and coffee cups on it.  The inside is bright green and it's gorgeous.  I'll share a few pictures:


Did I mention that I got it on sale?  Two discounts. Whee! So, after we finally got out of Belk, it took her forever to decide!  We went to Jerry's pizza.  It's a place in Martinsville that I've been to once before a long time ago.  They have remodeled since I went and it's pretty nice.  We shared a pizza and then went by McDonald's for caramel macchiatos.  We were in the drive thru for twenty minutes AFTER we ordered!  We finally got our coffees and headed home.  They were not very good. :(  I was disappointed!

We got back to town and I went to her house for a bit to see Cocoa, her mini Doxie whom I love!  Her son wanted something from Burger King so we rode down there.  While we were out, I got her to run me by Starbucks. LOL I had to get some good coffee to cancel out the bad coffee. :p  I got a tall blonde vanilla latte.  Delicious!  I came home and washed my hair. I'm drying it now and then I'll put my bed linen back on the bed.  I need to play some Pocket Camp as I haven't had a chance since this morning.