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No puzzle today

Yes, I didn't start a puzzle today.  I meant to, but I was working on my Linux laptop longer than I planned.  Last night, I was going to see bout getting out my Linux laptop and putting Journey on it. It's the journal app I used on my Android phone, my MacBook Pro, and online.  I saw where it said you could download a Linux version.  I was excited so I got the laptop out last night, plugged it in and booted it.  It booted and then I got an error message about missing packages.  What?  ARGH! I used my Google Foo to look up a solution.  I went through the steps and it started loading. Yay!  But, it just kept loading. For over an hour.  I knew I wasn't going to fix it last night as it was late and I was tired, so I left it alone.

I got on it around 1:30 today and worked on it.  I went into recovery mode (something I had done last night) but I did a few more things in there, installed a few things via the terminal and rebooted.  Success!  I had to play with it a bit and then went to download Journey.  Sadly, since my Linux runs on i386 and not 64 (Bit? I forget the specs but I know the 64) it won't work.  At least I can use the cloud version!  Oh well.

So, I got my Linux laptop up and running without losing any of my stuff.  I don't have anything on there that is not backed up somewhere else, but I didn't want to install fresh and have to download all my apps and set up my personal settings again. I was happy to get this going!  As I was still playing around on it and hoping to find a way to make Journey work (I never did!) my friend texted and asked if I'd like to meet him at a restaurant that is near to his workplace. I said, sure! I went and we ate and then I drove home. I stopped by the post office and checked my box.  I got two penpal letters from regular pals and a letter from a potential new pal. Yay!

As I was leaving my house to go meet my friend, I had been waiting on a package. I checked my package tracking app before I went to my car and it wasn't delivered yet. I go out, get in my car and notice the mail truck drive down the street.  I drove out and noticed my package.  He had come right after I checked the app! lol . I turned around and went back to my house (I had pulled out of the driveway and was heading up the street before I saw the package) . I grabbed it and carried it with me.  I knew it was swag from Twitter Insiders but I didn't know exactly what it was.  I was so excited to get home and open it up!

I joined Twitter Insiders well over a year ago and I join in on discussions there and they send out surveys every so often. I got picked to win some Twitter Insiders swag!  YAY! I love swag.  I got four really nice items.  A tote bag, a water bottle, a notebook, and a pen.  I love it all and I took a picture of my goodies to share:


Nifty, eh?  I love swag!  I love that it is all useful things, too!  If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know how much I love notebooks and pens! It was a good day for mail.  Swag and penpal letters. :)



Thursday post

I didn't have a title for today's post, so Thursday post it is! :p  I am on my last win laptop that is now a Linux laptop.  I got on it tonight to check out of a few things and it was so slow and wouldn't do anything.  That decided it for me.  Peppermint Linux is now on this laptop.  Now I have Linux and Mac and I am sticking with those two!

I got my NaNoWriMo writing done this afternoon.  I am getting a good output every day!  I am now a bit over 28,000 words! More than halfway there.  I have to decide now what to do.  My MC is still out making her way back home.  She is almost there, but she had a bit of a setback and had to go a different way to be safe.  I can't decide if I want to get her back to the safe compound soon or not.  The title is "The Long Road Home" so I think more than half of the book should be that.  I could go back and add more to the beginning before she went out.  I could also have her need time to adjust after getting back so the title would work two ways.  I am still up in the air and not sure how I want it to go.  She is really close to the compound where she lives but had to detour from the main road to the fields and woods.  Maybe she'll get lost?  I have to work it out in my mind what to do next.  

I haven't done a lot today except stay in my room.  It's cold!  I didn't even go out in my car today.  I hope it warms up a little soon so I can go out.  I have no pants! LOL  I'm not sure where any of my jeans are and I don't even know if any of them would fit if I found them. I meant to get to Goodwill and buy a few pairs of pants before the cold hit, but I didn't.  When we had those days of 60's weather, it was so nice.  Hopefully I can get to Goodwill and try on some pants or jeans soon.  I can't run around in my capris or shorts when it's 20 out!

Peppermint Linux and NaNoWriMo

I have heard a lot of great things about Peppermint Linux.  I wanted to give it a try, so I put it on one of my old Win laptops.  I really like it! It's fast and it works well.  I did that last night and played with it after installing it.  I'm tempted to install it on my 'newest' Win laptops.  I only use it to make bootable disks for my Linux computers, so... I don't like Windows and I don't really use it for anything.  I might just put Peppermint on it.  I tried to put it on the smallest and oldest of my Win laptops, but it wouldn't recognize the usb flash drive.  Then, when I went to try again last night, that particular laptop wouldn't boot.  Boo!  It might now have worked in any case.  It works fine on this other laptop I had.  I really like Linux and I'm loving Peppermint.  I've always used Linux Mint in the past.  This is as good as that but better.  I really like it.

As for NaNoWriMo, I am now over 25,000 words!  I reached that today.  So glad to make it to 25,000!  I am not over halfway there!  My character is still out and on her own, but she has found a friend in a black cat she named Kiki. :)

Monday again....

Yes, here it is Monday again.  I am going to have a normal post tonight.  Last night, time got away from me so I was only able to make a quick picture post of the puzzle.  I didn't get a lot on it done to start last night, but I started it.  I didn't finish it today either.  I could have as I was pretty close to finishing, but I stopped to get some other things done.

I saw an article online to convert an old laptop into a Chromebook.  I have an old IBM laptop that I thought would be perfect for this. It's really old so I'm currently running Linux on it.  I tried the Chrome conversion, but I guess it is really too old.  Oh well. I did play with Mint on it though.  I know that Evernote is making a Linux version of their software.  Until then, there were a third party app called Whatever.  I downloaded it and was able to log into Evernote on there with no problems.  Pretty cool!  I even created a note in there just to make sure it synced and it did!  Very nifty.  


As you can see, I got a lot of the puzzle done today.  I'll finish it up tomorrow.  It's pretty fun.

How I am using Evernote today:  I am using it on a laptop running Linux Mint via an app called Whatever.  Very cool all around. :)


Sunday was lazy!

Well, the day wasn't, but I was!  I didn't walk today.  I decided to give my foot a break.  It's still bothering me, but it's not as bad.  I figured missing a day of walking wouldn't hurt.  I didn't skip anything else though.  I got in my workouts, I washed my bed linen, (although I haven't put it back on the bed yet), and I washed my hair.  I feel bad about not walking, but my steps for the week won't suffer.  I try to get a minimum of 15,000 a day.  The two days I got in two walks, I hit 25,000 both of those days, so I won't be missing out on anything step wise this week!

So, last night I was installing a variation of Linux on my laptop.  I liked the version I installed, but there were things about it I didn't like.  I went back and looked again.  I've always used different variations of Ubuntu.  I figured, why not install Ubuntu itself for a change.  I did and I love it.  I'm actually posting my blog post today on my laptop that has Ubuntu loaded on it. ^_^

I'm currently posting this and watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  I can't believe it's almost over.  It's been fun watching every night.  I'm going to miss it.  

Walking, yes or no.

Well, it was a yes!  It was warm again today and although it was overcast, there was a very minimal chance of rain, so I decided to walk.  It was a pretty good one and I must have been moving pretty fast, because I got back home a bit earlier than I usually do!  I relaxed a few minutes with coffee and then did my workouts.  Those weren't too bad.  After those, I did my French lesson and then relaxed a bit before fixing lunch.  I also washed and dried a load of clothes today, but I haven't gotten those out of the dryer yet!

I decided to go to Target just to walk around for a bit.  I did, but they were so crowded, it got on my nerves so I left!  I had thought about getting Starbucks, but my friend had texted and asked if I'd bring him a shake.  I did that and then I drove around a little more and then headed home.  I watched more Olympic coverage today.  I saw some the the Curling event and I have to say that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.  How is that even considered a sport?!  So weird!

Anyway!  I did find two true crime books last night on Amazon and loaded them to my Kindle.  One is a book about Ted Bundy that I haven't read.  I am fascinated with Ted Bundy and I've read all the books I could get on him.  The reviews say this one is good.  My favorite will always be The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule.  Not only did she write about him, she actually KNEW him personally.  I loved all her books.  It was sad when she died.  Her writing style was excellent.

I decided to try a different version of Linux on one of my old Win laptops.  The laptop that I was trying to burn the iso to a usb drive was being snarky, so I restarted it and now I'm waiting for 15342432234 updates. ~_~; Stupid windows and their stupid updates.  I wish it would hurry.  At this point, I am probably not going to be installing Linux tonight!  I've always (well mainly) used version of Linux Mint, but I wanted to try something different.  We'll see how it goes!