Lip Balm Feed

I really love Softlips.

So, I found Softlips in the store I was working in way back in the 90's when they first came out.  I have used them every since.  My favorite flavor ever was the Coconut creme that was a limited time one.  My second favorite was the Mint.  I was down to my last package of those and was upset because I couldn't find them listed on their website anymore.  Anyone that had some was marking them way up.  I did a Google search and found that their parent company Mentholatum actually had them in the two pack on their website!  I ordered 8 packs of two. LOL!  They came today and I'm pretty happy!  I tend to keep a tube all over.  I have one on my desk, one on my nightstand, one in my messenger bag, one in my waist bag I walk with, one in my bujo bag, and several in my purse. I will always have some with me this way.  Now if they would just bring back the coconut creme I think I'd be the happiest girl around. I was very happy to see the Mint on the site because you can buy Softlips in a lot of stores, but it's usually just the vanilla flavor that everyone has. It's okay, but I prefer the mint.  The limited edition Birthday cake is good too!  Many, many years ago, this was the late nineties they had one that was lemon sorbet.  I wish they'd bring that back!

I am probably the only person that has so many tubes of Softlips! LOL I even have other flavors, pecan brownie, peach mango, watermelon, raspberry, wildberry, cherry, etc!  I still have two old tubes of the lemon sorbet that are mostly used.  Yes, I'm a total Softlips fan girl! :p .