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Monday early evening post

I meant to do this earlier, but time got away from me. We were up and out pretty early. We went to all of the Goodwills except the one at North Myrtle Beach, we got there last night.  We even went back to Conway and got that Goodwill and the Salvation Army store there.  I found a few goodies today.  A pencil pouch, an old vintage address thingee, a cute tote bag, and a bunch of other small things. We also made it to a Tuesday Morning and I got a two-pack of notebooks and a bamboo tabletop /board that fits on a rolling craft cart. I have been thinking of buying one of those carts for a while now. Even if I don't, I can use the board I got as a lap desk or similar. My friend got himself some inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds yesterday and said he'd buy me a pair like his today. We found some similar ones in Tuesday Morning and he got me them. I'm happy because the case is blue. :P. They work well, too. I paired them with the M1 and it was a go! 

Right now, I'm sitting on the balcony of our room. This is the first day it's been cool enough to stay out here for any length of time. It's been so muggy. Today, it was muggy and humid, but there is a nice breeze blowing out here so it's nice. I plan to stay out here and write. My writing has suffered greatly here. Not being able to get away and write has been stressful. I have written every day though Even if it's only 200 or so words! Here are a few pictures I took right before typing this up!



That was me falling on the floor. :p I didn't actually fall on the floor, but I felt like it! I got two chores done today before lunch! I went out and mowed. That is never fun. I got that done and came in and got my writing for today done. Another great day of writing. I then decided to get the other chore I needed to do done. I went to the grocery store. That wasn't as bad as I was thinking. It wasn't too busy, so that part was nice. I needed to get a few things and I got them and a lot more. I'm fully stocked for a bit, so that is great.  

After I got home, put things away, ate lunch, and relaxed a bit, I wrote more! Yes, I added to my word count. I went in to just tweak a few things and ended up adding more words. I'm not complaining one bit!  It was nice to get more done. Now, I'm going to get off the M1 and relax a bit before doing my nightly Shortwave listening. I just ordered a different kind of antenna on eBay last night. I'm hoping it will help me pull in more channels. We'll see. I'll update you about how it is when I receive it. The best thing about it is that I can use it with my current radio or any future ones I get because of the way it's made. :)

Sunday slowness

I am sitting here on the bed with the MBP relaxing a bit and typing this up. I found out today that my link to crossposting to Tumblr is down. I re-connected it, so hopefully, it will work. I do a manual post to WordPress each time. It's used as a mirror to this blog. That way I have either one in case anything happens.  I also liked having posts on my Tumblr to keep it alive. Hopefully, it's working now, if now, I'll work on a solution. For now, I'm going to get in a bit more relaxing. My chores are done for the day. I did need to wash dishes, but they can wait. :p

Well, here we are again. I guess it must be fate

Yes, I know I didn't post yesterday. I actually was going to last night but then I didn't feel like typing up a post, copying it for my mirror blog, and doing all that so I just skipped the entire ordeal! :P

Today, I did typical Sunday things. I also decided to download an FTP program for my Mac to log onto the files on my website. I haven't logged into the FTP in a while and it's throwing up error messages. I'm not sure what is going on. I will look into it further tomorrow. It's too late to get involved in that. It's already taken up too much of my time this evening. I was able to get in on my web host's site, but that is a lot more clunky and I prefer an FTP client. Oh well, tomorrow! It's probably a simple fix that I'm just too tired to do at the moment!


I got my writing for Camp done today. That was easy compared to what I did before that! I had started mowing parts of the backyard. I have been putting it off because it's a lot harder than the front. I had to pick up a ton of branches and sticks before I could even get started. I finally got those up and started mowing. Of course, I missed a bunch of sticks, but luckily, they were smaller ones and didn't make my mower stop working. There were a few bigger ones, but I was able to see those and avoid them. I was about to die when I was done. I was wiped out, I was hot, I was dripping with sweat. I came in and stripped down and saw that my package had been delivered. D'OH, So I had to put some clothes on and go out and get my package. Then I was able to wipe of with a cold wet washcloth and then sit at my desk with both the air conditioner and the fan blowing on me!  I finally got cooled off and breathed a sigh of relief!

I got my writing for Camp done after opening my package. What was in the package? Well, I was searching things in the Amazon Warehouse and found a pretty snap-on case for my M1 MBP. It was only $10 and it came with a keyboard cover AND a padded zipper sleeve! The 'brand new' one in this same design was $32 so I was happy to get all if it for $10. It came today and the snap-on case was brand new and still shrink-wrapped. The padded zipper case was brand new too, it was just re-packaged. No big deal. I got a great deal. 

Another cool thing is, that the pictures showed the case without a cut-out for the Apple logo. I noticed in people's reviews of this set (in this color and others) that they had an Apple logo cut out. I was hoping I'd get that too, and I did! Yay! So, I have another case for my M1 and it's so pretty and colorful. So much so that I put it on! lol. Here is the case/cover with the nice padded zipper sleeve:


I love it! It's so pretty, the sleeve is perfect. The MBP fits in there perfectly. 


Sunday rain

It rained today for a while and it was intense! I didn't know it was supposed to. I looked out earlier and it was sunny and nice. Later, I looked and thought it looked like it might be starting to rain. As the street looked as if it were. Then, I look a few minutes later and there was no doubt. It was pouring buckets! It didn't last a long time, but it was a good drenching. No loud music from the neighbors today. The rain must have put a stop to that. :p

I wrote a bunch! Over 4,000 words! Whoo-hoo! It's been a while since I had a good day of writing like that. I got an idea and was on a roll! I went back just a bit ago to edit one part and added a bit more. That is always fun. I did my usual Sunday things, washing bed linen, my hair, and putting away yesterday's laundry.  I did a backup to Time machine on my MBP too. It took.... seven minutes. LOL!  That is so crazy. I love actually having a newer Mac that doesn't take forever to do things. :) I actually got up to put away the laundry from yesterday while the Time machine was doing its thing and it was done before I was! :p


I forgot to post yesterday, not sure why. It wasn’t a very busy day.  Oh well, I’m posting today, so that is good. My friend and I thrifted today. Our usual Reidsville Tuesday trip since we haven’t in a while. I scored! I found a portable / travel size NeatScan scanner in this store some time ago, not sure when, but I’ve had it a while. So, today, I found a full sized one. I looked them up and found one like it on Amazon for almost $400. Very nice find. This one scans really well and does it fast and well. I am pleased with this find. My cost? $9.99! Nice! I love a good bargain! I have it set up and and ready to use when I need it. I will only have to plug it in to the MBP when I need to scan. Here is what it looks like:


Setup for so easy as I already have the other little one hooked up. I just plugged this in, went in system preferences on the MBP and added it. No muss, no fuss! :D


Sunday, Sunday!

So, it's Sunday so I got my usual stuff done. I got everything done early too! I only need to get in my clean bed and relax until time to sleep. I wrote a bunch today, too so that is good! I forgot to mention one thing yesterday as I was so tired. I was watching some YouTube videos and I watched one where a girl showed how she set up her Mac and I got a few ideas. I made a cute picture collage wallpaper for my Mac from her idea. I just went to Canva and made a blank background and then found cute pictures on Pinterest. I went for a pink theme as the first picture I found was pink. I think I'm going to do more of these as the one I did yesterday came out so well. :)  


I finally got my trip stuff put away. I also put away the laundry I washed last night from the trip. I'm sitting at my desk now typing this up before I forget and don't post later. lol I received a few items today from Amazon for my M1 MBP. I got a USB C mouse, a keyboard skin, and a SD card reader (USB c, of course.). I was upset when I opened the mouse as it had a regular USB A connector with an adapter. I didn't want to use an adapter, that was the whole point of buying a USB C mouse. THEN, I realized that this mouse actually works with the dongle OR as a Bluetooth mouse. YAY!!!!!  So, now both ports on my MBP are free! :D The SD reader works well, too.  I moved over the few pictures from my digital camera that I didn't do at the beach. The ones I did there, I just put them on the old MBP and I have Photos saved in iCloud so it moves across devices. I didn't want to have to do that every time I used my digital camera, so I got the little adapter. It works well. The skin is pretty and I'm saving it. I'm using the one now that matches the case I got, I'll use the blue one that came with the case I found at the beach next, and then I'll have this one for after those both wear out.  I like using them to protect my keyboard from crumbs, stains, or whatever.  

I was thinking about doing a post about my M1, but I think I'm going to wait a bit longer. I'm really tired and I need to write a good amount tonight to make up for being at the beach! I DID write every day while there, but some days it was just a few paragraphs. I want to get a good amount done today. I have written some, but I had to get going on getting my things put away. 

Sadly, tomorrow I need to mow the front lawn, but I'll worry about that then! Oh! Did I mention my mouse has holes in it and it lights up from the inside with different colors? It's pretty cool. Okay, enough for today. I need to get a few more things done (like writing!) and I want to relax.  I hope to be back to my normal self tomorrow.

Here is the mouse and the dongle and adapter in case you want to see them!


Friday evening post

Again, we were out this afternoon.  We went to the Amazon locker to pick up the case I ordered for my M1 MBP.  It's so pretty. I'm in absolute love with it!  We also went to three of the Goodwills we've already visited and he visited a few pawn shops. We ate at Victoria's while out. I had yummy breakfast food!  My thrifting was a bit unfulfilling. All I found was a mug. It's a cute one. It's Snoopy and it has a jack o lantern on it. So, two loves in one. :). The sky was pretty ominous tonight after we got back. It rained off and on a lot of the day.  Here are some pictures:


It looked a lot darker and more ominous in person. :p. Here is the laptop case and the matching keyboard skin:


It looks so nice on there!

Friday morning post

Here are a few morning beach pictures to start your day. :p. It's gorgeous again here and it's HOT. I'm not sure what we are doing today beyond one errand. I ordered a case for this similar to the one I found in Goodwill and it's being delivered to an Amazon locker down here. We will be picking that up at some point.  I think we might be eating at Victoria's, too. We'll see. I'll check in later.  Here are the pictures.


Beach standard time!

Sorry for the simple post earlier. Yes, I'm here at Myrtle Beach! :D. We got in around 1 ish.  We were able to check-in immediately, but the room had issues.  We went out while they fixed them because they said they didn't have anymore more rooms. Riiiight. Anyway! He fixed the issues, mostly, and we are here.  While we waited, we went to a Goodwill and my friend went to a Pawnshop. I told him to look for MacBook Pros while he was in there. He got done, came out and said there were three, two Airs and a Pro. Of course, I asked what kind and he said he didn't know. LOL. He told me to go in and look, so I did! The MacBook Pro was a 2020 M1 in Space Grey. OMG, I wanted it but it was a bit too much for me. It was a great deal, but I didn't want to spend that much.  Well, we left and came back to the room, we ordered food, and. I kept thinking about that damn M1 MBP!  He told me about some deals for that place and I found a 10% coupon. I called to see if they would do a coupon like that. THEY WOULD. Guess what I now own? :D Still more than I should have spent, but I'm going to try to sell some Fossil bags to pay it off faster. He drove me back down there, I made sure there was a charger for it before I bought it, there was.  I also checked to make sure everything worked, it did. :)  I've already gotten it set up; with my important apps. Scrivener, Evernote, and Chrome. It's so pretty! :D


Luckily, I brought my USB a to USB c converter plug so i can use my mouse. :)