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Late Monday afternoon

I've spent a lot of today just sitting on the balcony and enjoying the ocean.  It's beautiful today.  Instead of going out to eat, we ordered food from Ubereats.  This time we got Dairy Queen.  It was pretty tasty. I ate mine on the balcony and enjoyed it.  I have a little leftover for later, too!  Now I'm sitting here with the MacBook Pro and a bottle of Coke and some Cheetos. LOL. I am not sure if we are leaving the hotel tonight or not.  I know I'll go walk on the beach later, but I'm not sure about anything else.  We'll see how it goes! Here are a few pictures to share:







Thursday morning post

Hello there!  It is nice and hot today at Myrtle Beach! The weather last night said it was supposed to be raining this morning, but it is definitely NOT raining!  I am not complaining one bit.  I was going to post this from the balcony, but it's hot as hell out there and I could barely see the screen. :p

I came in and I am not in airconditioned comfort but I can still see that beautiful ocean! It's definitely a lovely day and a big contrast to yesterday!  I am not sure exactly what I'm going to do today.  Walk or relax or...?  We'll see!  Right now I'm cooling off.  

I took three pictures today to share. Two of the ocean and one of my chair with my Macbook Pro and Starbucks tumbler of coffee.  Sadly it's room coffee and not Starbucks coffee, but you make do! :P




Monday evening post from the beach.

Okay, I'm sitting on the balcony with my Macbook Pro and I'm posting to my blog.  It is quite nice out here. There is a good breeze blowing and feels lovely.  I took a few pictures to share.  My friend and I went out and got some food.  We ate at Dairy Queen and it was delicious!  We were going to bring it back to the room, but we ended up pulling in a lot and eating it.  We had planned to get some drinks and things for the room, but he was really tired as he didn't sleep well the night before.  I didn't either so I was not opposed to going back to the room.

We stopped in the lobby where they have a little room with drink machines and such.  We both got a snack for later and two drinks each.  We'll go pick up more sodas tomorrow to have for the week.  Ah!  By the way.  I said we were checking out of here to go home Sunday as usual, right?  Well, my friend sprung a surprise on me.  He booked two more days!  We are staying here until Tuesday!  We have to check out on Sunday and check right back in. They fixed it so we didn't have to worry about changing rooms.  Cool, yes?  I was shocked.

There is one bad thing about it.  I didn't pack enough sleep shorts for the extra days!  I have more underwear than I'd wear in forever, but I only had enough sleep shorts to get through.  Luckily, this hotel has a laundry, so I will just wash some of my sleep shorts and possibly some shirts and things and be able to have fresh ones to last.  I'm quite pleased that I get two extra days!  Total shocker!

The room we were in at the other place was a lot bigger than this one, but it's still oceanfront so that is all that matters.  It has a great view in either direction.  At the other place, we were very close to 2nd Ave. Pier.  Here, we are a bit further from the Springmaid pier.  It was destroyed in a hurricane a few years back and I was very happy to see today that they are rebuilding!!  I am hoping it's rebuilt and ready to go by the time we come back in September. I've never been to it while it was standing.  The progress is looking great.

I'll try to get a few pictures closer to it in a day or so and I'll see if I can find any on here of it like it was after the hurricane. I took some, but I'm not sure if I have them on here or not. I'll check and if I do, you'll be able to see how far they have progressed with it.

So, let me share a few pictures, and then I'm going to relax and enjoy this lovely ocean breeze and the sounds of the ocean. Total Bliss!




More RAM? Yes!

My RAM came today and I installed it very quickly and easily.  I DO notice a difference.  My computer is working better.  Things that took forever to load before open right up. It was money well spent!  I'm very happy with the faster laptop!  It woke from sleep quite quickly when I just opened it to post here.  Very satisfied!  Now I don't have to wait forever for things to load.  While I was here, I did a quick test and opened Pages.  I use it to write penpal letters when I type them.  It usually takes a while to open. Not now!  Yay!

I did not sleep well at all last night and I've felt it all day.  I'm hoping to crash hard tonight and sleep well.  My lack of sleep lead to a nasty headache and I've been dealing with that all day too.  Boo on that! I finished my current read last night and I've started another.  I'm on book two of the ones I got from Kindle Unlimited.  The one I finished last night (or this morning) was a zombie book.  This one is a true crime book.  I have to explore more at Kindle Unlimited and see what else I can find!

Pretty and useful

I received my new cover/case for my MacBook Pro today.  I was looking for a new case to snap on it to protect it.  I have taken great care of my MBP since I got it, but whoever had it before me didn't.  They let it get banged up a bit.  I have been using a blue case on it but I wanted a change.  I went looking and found a black one with flowers on it.  I thought it was just black with off white flowers.  It's black and the flowers are a more silver color and it's got a bit of shine to it.  I wasn't sure I liked it when I opened it as it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but after putting it on and looking at it a bit, I actually love it!  It gives is a nice new look.

I took a few pictures to share before I went out and mowed the front lawn. I really should have mowed yesterday before all the rain last night, but oh well. I did get the front done and it looks so much better.  I didn't do it yesterday because I really didn't feel well.  I'm glad to have done it today.

I did a little going back over my CampNaNo project.  There was one part where I thought I had made two buildings into one, but I looked and I did it right. Yay! I didn't have to change it.  I have a lot o editing to do but it's pretty well done.  I am not sure if I'm going to do a sequel.  It's very possible!

As for the cover for my MacBook Pro, here are a few pictures I took. It's a lot prettier in person!


If It Bleeds

I finished If It Bleeds today and it was great!  I just searched at the e-library and found a new book to try. It's post-apocalyptic and it looks interesting. It will be a possible new series as this is the first of several.  We'll see how I like it! It's got good reviews and the blurb looked interesting so we'll see.

I just realized that I was posting this and got distracted! lol. I was watching a video about the best and worst MacBooks of the past decade.  This little guy was on the best five list. Yay!  I then looked up RAM and found that I can upgrade the RAM in this guy to 4x what it is now.  That should make it run so much better.  I'm definitely going to look into upgrading my RAM!

Reading marathon!

I finished my current read today and started on my next read.  Why? It's the new Stephen King! It's got several novellas in it.  I have already read the first one. It was good!  Classic King.  I am ready to get back to it!

I also got my words in for Camp.  I'm getting there.  I am now at almost 38,000 words! Yay!  Sorry this is so short, but I have to run an update on my MBP and I'm trying to type this before the computer reboots. lol

All in One! (Happy Leap Day!)

I opened the puzzle I got yesterday while thrifting and worked it today. The whole thing!  It was only 300 pieces and it had huge pieces.  I couldn't get the pieces on the board all at the same time because of the puzzle's size and the pieces. I worked in sections until I got the last of the pieces on the board.  At that point, I kept going along and finished it! It's very pretty.  I wish it was 'plain' like the other Thomas Kincade puzzles I worked.  This one has a verse on it. It isn't too noticeable, but I'd rather just have the picture. There were brighter colors on this one than the other ones I'd worked so it wasn't as hard to do.  I enjoyed working it and the big pieces were fun although they were shaped weird and fit weird, but that makes it more challenging.


I was playing with Evernote and Journey today.  I was wondering if there were a way to link the two.  I think I can, but I need to upgrade my plan with Journey and I might do that as it's not too much annually.  I love the app and I use it on all my different devices.  I have it on my Android, my iPad Mini, my MacBookPro, and my Linux computers! Just like Evernote. I have it everywhere too! :)

Evernote, I love you! :)

So, I was checking my mail last night near bedtime and found that I got into the Evernote beta for Mac!  I immediately pulled out the laptop and downloaded it to test it out.  It's great!  I already love it.  I can't wait until it's the regular version.  It's so cool.  Yeah, as you can tell, I love my Evernote!  

So, I get a 'new' version of Evernote and have been enjoying using it, but the one email app that I wanted to try for Mac was listed as free today in an app deals email that I get every day.  It's Airmail.  I love it!  I was able to get the mobile version sometime back through the same program.  I have it on my iPad mini and I knew it would probably be just as nice on the Mac, and it is! It's usually about $27 so getting it for free was great.  

With all this going on I still started a new puzzle today!  I got a good deal of it done, too.  It's a train going through pretty countryside.  I've enjoyed working on it so far. Here is the current progress: