McDonald's Feed

Tuesday Afternoon post

I went for a short walk out to Hwy 17.  It's overcast and it was drizzling just a bit on me. Not enough to have to use my umbrella, but enough where I decided not to stay out too long.  I went to two beachwear stores, Eagles and Beach Life.  I picked up a pair of marked down flip flops at Eagles.  The floor of the room isn't carpet, so it's pretty dirty and my feet are getting dirty.  I can't abide dirty feet!  I saw these flip flops and they were actually cute, so I got them to wear in the room.  I didn't buy anything at Beach Life.  I browsed for a while and then I walked to the McDonald's.  They are not letting you eat in yet, but they are letting you come in and get your food. I got a fry and Coke and went out front.  They have outside tables.  Luckilly for me, they have a couple of them under an over hang so I could eat without getting wet.  A Sparrow came and landed on the table in front of me and I gave him a fry.  I wish I could have gotten a picture.  He was there until a truck pulled up that was waiting on an order and they had pooches.  One of the dogs barked and scared my little friend away. Boo!

I am now back at the room sitting on the balcony.  It's nice and cool out here with the ocean breeze.  I was a bit overheated when I got back here but I'm feeling nice and cool now.  I will probably sit out here a while.  I hope my friend wants to go out and eat soon.  A single order of fries isn't going to last me long at all! lol. I took a few pictures while out.  I'll share some!



Thursday thoughts

Hoo boy, this puzzle was crazy hard.  The colors are so similar and it's so muted, it was something else finishing it.  I did finish it though and it's very pretty.  I will do the last of the 500 pieces ones tomorrow. It's got a lot of bright colors in it so it should be a lot easier.  I'm going to miss the nice think pieces of these puzzles, though!

Last night I was looking for something and I came across a puzzle in a box.  I have no idea when or where I bought this puzzle.  The box is open so I must have worked it before.  It's Encore brand and it's pretty.  I hope it's all there!  I'll probably do that after I do this next one.  I really have no idea where it came from. It's so weird!  Oh well, I'll enjoy working it anyway!

My friend wanted to eat, so we went to a local place we like.  It's a walk up and order and then wait in your car until your number is called.  You then go back up and pick up the food. It's delicious food and we love it.  We did that instead of bothering with going in anywhere.  Afterward, he went to get himself a shake and then asked if I'd like a Frappe from McD's.  I did, and we went, but the machine was down. ~_~;  He offered to run me to Starbucks, but I didn't want to make him do all that, so I just came home.

I was working on the puzzle before he picked me up and I finished it after I got home. It took longer than I had planned, too! LOL!


Power outage in the city!

This afternoon, my lights blinked.  They didn't do it again and I thought nothing of it.  My friend that lives nearby texted me that his power was out.  Someone hit a pole and knocked it down and knocked out power for parts of the city. Luckily my power never went out.  I planned to go to the grocery store.  I heard that the power was out up to the place where it is.  I wasn't sure if they had power or not.  I drove down there and was getting disappointed.  The lights were all out all along the way and I noticed that the Subway and McDonald's just before you get to the shopping center were dark.  I drove on and saw that Food Lion was open!  It was so weird.  Part of the shopping center had power, and the other part did not!  I was able to go and get my groceries.  I was glad to get that done.  I now have plenty of goodies in the house.  Luckily they weren't too busy either.  They were when I got there, but by the time I got through and went to the checkout, it had cleared out a lot.

I came home and put away all the groceries. I spent way more than I meant to.  Oops! Oh well, I'll have plenty to eat for a while.  I went ahead and paid all my bills.  I also went ahead and ordered the stylus I've been wanting.  I hope I love it.  I do love the color. I got the light blue!  I have been researching these styluses and everything I see for them, the one I'm getting on Amazon is a good price.  I just hope I love it!