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What's in a name....

So, why am I "AnnDroidGirl".  Well, I'll tell you.  I got my first smartphone in 2011 and it was an Android.  I absolutely LOVE the whole Android experience.  Yes, I use a Macbook, no, I never wanted an iPhone.  So, my first phone was a LG Phoenix.  I upgraded a year or so later to an LG Escape.  I accidentally bricked that. OOPS.  So I went and did a bit of an early upgrade and got a Motorola X. I loved this phone so much.  I upgraded to the Moto X second generation in February.  It's such an awesome phone.  When I upgrade this, it will be for the newest Moto.

So, back to the name!  I love all things Android.  I wanted to get a new user name to use all over social media.  I tried androidgirl but it was taken and then I thought... hmm... AnnDroidGirl. My name is Ann and I love my Droids, so why not?  I am anndroidgirl on most every social media.  Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and here.  I did have the name at Snapchat, but I couldn't get my password reset so I had to sign up for a new account.  I'm xAnnDroidGirlx there. In any case, if you were wondering, that is how I got my online handle. ^_^