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More Munzee!

My starter kit came today.  It was smaller than I was expecting, but I'm glad to finally get it.  I took a picture to share.  I blurred the Munzee tags as I haven't deployed them yet!

Point Blur_Jun132020_185233

Nifty, yes?  I can't wait to go deploy some.  I was going to do that today, but it's so hot and I had to mow.  I got the front lawn done and a big portion of the back that I haven't done since I started mowing for the season.  LOL! You can imagine how that looked. It's much better now.  I still have one more section to do, but it won't take long.  I would have done it today, but I was burning up and I was pooped! lol. 

25,000 words!

I got done writing just a few minutes ago and I was eight words from 25,000.  I fixed that immediately!  I added eight words and I hit the 25,000 mark.  I'm very happy with myself!  Go me! 

In other news, I went to the recycle bins today, finally!  I get to the parking lot where they are and there were THREE people there in THREE different cars recycling.  I waited until they all left and was able to go to the bins and get mine done without anyone being there.  People are so stupid! Not one of them had on a mask and they were all up on top of each other. UGH!

While I already out, I went to get some gas. It's so cheap now, I only got $12 worth but I should have just filled it as it was almost full when I got in the car!  I like cheap gas.  It should last me a while since I'm not really going anywhere.

When I got home, I realized that I needed to mow the back.  The front was looking just a bit shaggy, but not too bad. I went ahead and did it anyway.  I got a good part of the back yard done too. I still have a section that needs to be done, but it can wait.  It's not visible from the street and it's not too bad back there just yet.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so that will give me an excuse to wait an extra day! lol!

My Kindle is supposed to be here tomorrow! Yay!  The case JUST shipped today! LOL. I had a NookColor back in the day and I have a pink leather sleeve case for it, so I can use it for the Kindle until my hard case comes in. :)

Tuesday trials....

So, not really. lol I did have to mow the front lawn and that is a bit of a trial. :P I also needed to mail off one thing I forgot to mail last night.  Instead of going to the post office, I just went to a box that I usually use on my walk.  I drove to it. ^^; I really need to start walking again! 

I dropped that off and then decided to go to Starbucks to the drive thru since my car was behaving.  It did fine and I got a delicious beverage! After I drank it, I did the mowing.  I did another chore that I hate today.  I washed dishes!  When I have hot water, it's not as bad.  I just don't feel like my dishes get as clean in cold water.  I had a LOT of them as it's been awhile since I washed them.  While I was washing those, I was fixing a frozen pizza for dinner.  I have never found a frozen pizza that I like as much as the Palermo pizzas I used to get. The grocery store I go to stopped carrying them.  They were amazing.  They tasted like a fresh, pizza parlor, pizza.  I don't know why my store stopped stocking them.  I read that another local store had them, but I checked and no go. Boo!

I started a new puzzle today.  I didn't get a lot done. I got the outline and some of the candy apples done. It's a puzzle with colorful candy apples.  It looks like it would be really hard, but as i'm doing it, it seems to be easier than I expected.  It's not EASY, but it's not as hard as I expected which is nice!

I got something so cool in today's mail.  Well... from the FedEx truck, actually.  What is it, you ask?  Well, Evernote swag! ^_____^ . I messaged Evernote and asked about swag and they sent me some!  That was so cool! I got a very cool long sleeve shirt. It fits, but it's tight.  So now I have a motivation to get back to losing weight! :) . They also sent several cool Evernote stickers and a cool Evernote post-it pad.  I love all my goodies.  I am going to scan all my stickers in so I can make myself backups so I can use them on stuff. ^_^   There is one that is the coolest.  It has the Evernote elephant on a black background, it has two green arrows pointing at the elephant and it says, "Say hello to my little friend" LOL I LOVE IT!  

Before I post the puzzle picture, here is my "How I'm using Evernote today." So....

How I'm using Evernote today:  I have linked IFTTT with Evernote and I'm using that to add a lot of cool things to Evernote.  I love it!  If you have any suggestions for things to add in Evernote or IFTTT let me know! 

Another way I'm using Evernote today:  My bluetooth is being bitchy from my phone to my MBP so I send the picture to Evernote. :)


Walking at a different place and time....

So today I was getting ready to get up and get ready to go for my daily walk.  I got a text from a friend and he said that he was getting off of work at noon and if I could wait until 1 or 1:30, we'd walk on the Riverwalk trail.  I said that would be fine as I haven't been down there to see it since the hurricane and flooding damage.

He eventually got here about 2 and we headed down.  Well, we park and go across the bridge and everything looks okay.  Then I noticed that it looks like the trail is blocked off a little further down.  We walk to see what it is, and yes, it's blocked.  They had a barrier up and it said 'this part of the trail is closed'.  So, we turned and went the other way.  The trail, which used to be one continuous trail is now divided into three!  They have portions that are messed up, bridges washed out, etc.  I hope they get it back to normal soon.  The part we walked on isn't my favorite part, but at least I got to the trail!

It was nice out there, too!  I came home and my steps were lacking.  My friend didn't want to walk a lot since it was his first time in a while.  I usually walk right at 6 miles.  We only walked close to four.  I pulled out my lawn mower to get part of the back yard done as the weeds are bad. (Still no significant grass! LOL!)  The mower WOULD NOT start.  I was getting frustrated.  I figure it might just need some gas, but I didn't feel like driving to get some and risking car problems, so I pulled out the electric mower my friend got me as a backup some time back.  That was a pain in the butt! lol . It started fine, that part was great.  It was just that the mower is quite small so it only does a little patch at a time and I had to keep watching out for the cord.  It isn't rechargeable. :p . So, I get a small part done and I think, that is all of that I'm going to do! I put that mower back in and was about to put the other one in when I decided to try it one more time.

Guess what started on the first try!  Seriously! I decided since it started, I would go ahead and do the front.  It isn't too bad yet, but it was starting to need mowing so I got that done.  That helped quite a bit to add to my step count for today.

I came in and relaxed.  I had to turn the air on for a bit to cool off!  I worked on my puzzle and finished it! Yay!  I went to turn it over to tape it and part of it fell apart. D'oh!  I got it turned back over and re-did the parts that came out and it's now taped and hanging on my wall.  The picture was so pretty I wanted to display it.  Here is the completed puzzle:


Isn't that pretty!  I will probably start the other one tomorrow or the next day.  It all depends on how my day goes tomorrow if I start it or not.  I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store, so I might just pick them up on my walk tomorrow . It isn't anything heavy or cold so picking it up on the way home won't be a problem.  Now if my friend gets off early tomorrow and wants to walk, I'll have to get him to run me by there!

Oh, if you are wondering, I'm still writing every night for Camp NaNo!  I have 8120 words! I'm almost half way there.  I set a goal of 20,000 words for myself.  I'm off to get today's part done.  Good old Scrivener is helping me again!

Way too soon!

For what, you ask?  For mowing the lawn!  The weeds were getting out of hand. The grass itself wasn't bad, but the weeds were, so I had to mow the front lawn today.  Luckily, I still had some gas in my can from the last time I mowed.  I got the front done and then decided to go ahead and put my air conditioner back in the window.  I don't need it yet, but it won't be long.  I got that done and then I was ready to relax! lol   I was glad to get it done though.  This way, when it heats up, it will already be in there and I won't have to worry about doing it when it's already hot outside.  It was in the 70's today!  It's only supposed to get to 59˚ tomorrow!  Oh well.  That is still good walking weather.

I have completed a little over half of the puzzle now.  I stopped to come to post to my blog and to do my French lesson.  After I do this, I will probably work on it a little more and then stop for the night.  I'm at a good place to stop.  I will have it done tomorrow and then I'll decide which one to do next!


Goodness, is it Friday?

Yeah, I guess it is.  I had the stretch videos on today's calendar.  That was nice.  I did those and ate and then I cooled down for a bit before going out and mowing my front lawn.  It's in the 90's here and it's extremely hot. I should have waited until later in the day to mow, but I wanted to get it done.  Plus, it looks like there is a storm coming up now.  So, if I had waited, the grass would have been too wet to mow.  I'm glad it's done.  The neighbor across the street lets his go for weeks without mowing it.  He finally did it yesterday and I swear there were about five inches of grass clippings in the damn street.  He really needs to mow more often.  It's so annoying!

So, I'm sitting in my room with the air conditioner and the fan going.  I've cooled down quite a bit from being outside.  When I came in, I had to take off every piece of clothing I had on as I was soaked to the skin.  I'm now in nice dry clothes and I just heard thunder! I love storms, so that makes me happy.  As long as the power doesn't go out when I need to fix dinner. lol  I might go out and sit on the porch and enjoy the storm.  I love to sit out there and see the lightning and rain.  It also smells so nice when it rains in the summer!

I am pretty comfy here in my room at the moment, so I might not make it out there :P  I really wanted to go to Starbucks earlier, but my friend didn't want to go. It was way too hot for me to drive my car over there as I didn't plan to stay.  I was just going to get a cascara latte and come back.  In her car with air, this would have been fine.  In my car without air, it would have not! :P