Munzee Feed

So tired and stuff!

I am so tired. I haven't been sleeping well and then today, I have been busy!   I went on a quick errand earlier so I could Munzee. I came back and washed my hair. I put away the dishes I washed yesterday and had my bed linen in to wash.  I need to go and get the laundry I washed yesterday out and put it away so I can dry the bed linen. I put away most of the dishes I washed yesterday too.  I thought I had remembered where I had put that yoga mat, so I looked. Nope! I did clean up as I made a mess looking for it! lol, I am just stumped on ideas.   I can't imagine where I put it! The two places I looked today, I was sure it would be.  Either in one or the other and it wasn't!  At least I got those areas nice and clean.  Um.... guess what I JUST found?  Yeah, the yoga mat!  I was sitting here typing that and I remembered one other place and there it was! :D  I just... wow. lol It WAS in one of the two places I looked today.  It was at the opposite end of where I was looking.  D'oh!  I cut it down and now it's one my desk. I like it!  It gives me some nice padding on the desk, too.


I like it!  It's not cut perfectly, but it's not bad.  I then decided that I could put the mat I bought to good use.  My little metal organizer I have near my bed is now sporting it! I used the blue side and I think it looks nice. Here that is:


It's almost a perfect fit.  I might trim the corners in the future but for now, it's okay.  I think it looks nice and I had been wanting to put some kind of topper on it and this works.

Hello February!

Today was the first day of February in this new year of 2021.  I did my usual thing. I went to Starbucks! The line was pretty crazy, but I got my drink  I think I could have gone in, but I wasn't sure so I just hit the drive-thru.  I got my drink (the blond almond milk honey flat white). It is pretty good. I think I really like it.  I got that and went to do some Zeeops in Munzee since I didn't leave the house yesterday.  I got my daily Zeeops and then headed home.  I stayed in the rest of the day.

I got a nice bit of writing done just before I came here to post.  I stayed up too late last night and did not want to get up today, so I'm going to try to go to bed at a reasonable hour. If I actually do is up in the air! :p I'd like to as I was so tired this morning.  I don't know if I mentioned this, but when I was setting up this year's bullet journal, I added a two-page spread to the end of the month for 'memories'.  This one had some things I downloaded and printed off the internet.   I had a Biden / Harris 'sticker' for the inauguration.  I also had the picture of Bernie and his mittens because that was so funny and it was such fun seeing all the places people put him after President Biden's inauguration.  I also cut out a few other things to paste in including some coffee things and I cut the little 'fry man' from a package of Pete's Burgers and More fries.  They don't have branding on their stuff, but the small fry bag has a little potato man surrounded by fries.  We ate FIVE times at Pete's in January so I added him! :p  I think I'm going to like the memories page. It will be fun to add things to it.

As for now, I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to relax for a bit before bed.  I want to re-read what I wrote and see all the things I need to change! LOL! 


Crazy Munzee!

So, as I told you yesterday, I wasn't able to get my Daily Zeeops mission in Munzee. I was determined to get today's and I went to a park where there were supposed to be a bunch of Munzees.  The problem is, the map was showing them all like this one type and it wasn't showing ones I'd gotten or hadn't gotten. It was weird.  I couldn't find any and I walked all over looking for once. I finally gave up and then went to one that I had deployed. Today was capture five physical Munzees.  I magnetized one of mine that is at a picnic shelter in the park and caught the three specials that came to it. (It brings three in an hour's time.) I magnetized it again and got 3 more which put me over what I needed.  I was glad to accomplish my goal and I'll have to remember that.  If it's a Munzee you have already gotten, it doesn't count.  Your own Miunzees don't count either, but when you magnetize one it brings three random ones to the Munzee for an hour.  You can do it on virtual ones and physical ones. I've done it lots of times on virtual ones, but this was the first with a physical one. It was pretty fun!  I went to Dollar General while I was out to get a few things I needed. I found hand sanitizer!  I was trying to find one that was not stinky.  The brand they had was pretty stinky and then I noticed some bottles behind those that looked different.  I pulled a bottle out and it was the Germ-X brand. It wasn't stinky so I got a bottle of that. I'm not completely out of hand sanitizer, but I am getting low and I wanted to have some on hand in case we go into another lockdown and everything starts being hard to find again.  Another thing I found while browsing the store was a two-pack of fuzzy socks.  I live in fuzzy socks in the winter in my house.  I bought a two-pack of them before Christmas at Family Dollar and today, I got these.  One pair is my favorite blue shade and the other is polka dot. I adore things with polka dots! One of the pairs I got before Christmas was polka-dotted too! :p


The Monkees, again!

So, I watched all but one episode of the Monkees. AH!  I was looking through some information and heard about the television special they did in 1969.  33 and 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee.  That was trippy as hell.  That lead me to more information and there was an 'episode' of the Monkees in the 90's!  Mike Nesmith(MY FAVORITE MONKEE!!!!) wrote and directed it.  It was very cute and I loved watching it. I have no idea how I missed it when it aired!  I also found another clip of them talking about different things.  It was very cool!  I will have to go look for more weird things like that.  

I didn't do much today. I was waiting on a package to be delivered that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. My friend had it re-directed to be delivered here as he suspects me has porch pirates.  It came and he came to pick it up.  I only went out for a short time today to Munzee.  I couldn't find a special Munzee for the daily Zeeops on either choice.  If you deleted one thing, another will pop up.  Sadly, I couldn't do that one because there were no Munzee types that I needed in the area.  This has only happened to me once since I started Zeeops.  Luckily, it just skips the day and gives you a chance of a new option the next day and in the Ops, it's like you didn't miss a day.  I hope tomorrow's mission is one I can actually do!

I wrote a good idea last night and I added some and edited that part and then wrote another portion tonight.  I'm enjoying my story and it's got...79,197 words! Whoo!  That is more than my work during NaNoWriMo!  Of course this was an old story and I had some of it already.  A lot of that changed and things got added in.  I'm still enjoying writing on it so I will continue to do so. It's mainly for me and I am loving it.



So I was going to write some more today. I wrote a nice little bit yesterday and all.  So, I have been meaning to clean this one area of my room. It's the corner where the trash can is and it gets a little messy.  I decided to pull everything out, sweep, dust, and toss any garbage.  There was so much stuff back there that missed the trash can! lol. I got all that up and everything looks so much better.  I thought it would take me about half an hour.  It was several hours of work. D'oh!  It's done now and it looks so much better, so I'm happy to have it done.  I'll try to write more tomorrow to make up since it is too late to start on any writing tonight.  I have to clean off my bed and get settled in and relax a bit so I can sleep tonight.

I went out today to get my Zeeops mission on Munzee and since it was a little over 50˚, I went to the car wash! My Goontz needed it badly.  I did that and then did my Munzee and came home. I wasn't even tempted by Starbucks.  Go me! :p. Now I just have to sweep up the area where I moved everything to when I moved the stuff and I'll be ready to relax.  Oh, forgot to mention, while I was on the floor cleaning, a big spider came walking by.  I captured him and released him safely outside. He wasn't paying rent, after all! :p


It was right at 60˚ yesterday, today it was about 31˚ and the feel was about 20.  BRRR indeed.  I did my annual drive down the main drag to see everything close this evening.  Earlier in the day, I went to do my Zeeops.  I did that and then got another Munzee that I've been wanting to get for a while.  Today with everything closed, it was a great time to get it! (it was at a busy restaurant location) 

Also, when I completed the daily Zeeops, it gave me a special Munzee that 'scatters'. I was able to get all three of the scattered Munzees.  That gave me a lot of points.  That is always fun!  I finally hit level 100 recently and that was so cool! The only crazy thing is, that it took me 50,000 points to get to level 100.  To get to level 101 I need 50,000 more points. YIKES!!!!!!!! lol.  I can do it, though. It may take a while, though!  I've been enjoying playing Munzee more this year.  I hope to keep it up in 2021.  

The River is always nice

I did my daily Zeeops mission today in Munzee and it was to capture a jewel Munzee.  I looked on the map to find some and there were several at the YMCA.  I went and looked and found one of four that were supposed to be there! I was happy to find the one since the other ones seem to be gone.  I walked down to the river and took a few pictures while I was down that way.  I thought it was a pretty day for it.  here are a few of the pictures I took.


This is the old Dan River 'White Mill' building.


This is from the YMCA building looking down at the river.


This is the river from the Riverwalk trail.


This last one is the huge rock formation that is in the parking lot near the street.  You can see the street light above it. I thought it looked pretty neat and I took a picture of the rocks.

I enjoyed going down and taking pictures.  I was also glad to get my Munzee.  After this, I went to get gas and filled up my car.  Goontz is full of gas and ready to roll. :p

Starbucks on a Sunday!

Yes, you know where I went today! :p. I went to Starbucks and I went inside to see if I could get a few more cards. I got some and then found a mug I liked.  There was a tumbler the other day that I wanted, but of course, it was long gone! The other one like it that I was considering was gone too!  Their stuff is 30% off so people probably bought them for gifts. I did pick out a cute mug (no handle) with a lid.  It says it's 8oz, but it looks like it would hold more. I think it will without the lid.  I'll test it out by brewing some coffee later!  I got a grande peppermint mocha.  I ordered a grande peppermint white mocha.  This is the third time I've gotten a PW instead of a PWM. :(. They were BUSY and there were a lot of people waiting to order and a lot of people waiting on their drinks, so I wasn't going to mess that up by asking for a re-do. I drank it. I didn't enjoy it as I should have, but I wasn't going to inconvenience a whole store of people!  Oh well, hopefully, next time it will be right! The mug is very cute and I love it.  Here is a picture I took:


I should have put the mug up there too. Oh well!  I am currently sitting under the hair bonnet dryer.  I got my dishes washed, my hair washed, my bed linen washed, and I'm now relaxing for a few minutes.  My bed linen is currently in the dryer.  It was too cold for me to sit with a wet head even in my turby thingee.  I decided to get out the dryer.  I already did my weekly backup too.  Oh! I ran by Office Max while I was out and picked up a package of the card sleeves that I use to keep my cards in.  I also did my daily Zeeops mission for Munzee while out.  Now, I'm just going to sit and relax for a while.  I just put the bed linen in to dry before I came to start drying my hair, so that is going to be awhile.  I want to get a few more things done in my 2021 bujo and I want to write some on my story. I did write a few words before posting this. 411 words to be exact. I'd like to get more done.  

About to do it again!

I have been busy all day and I was about to forget to post to my blog. Oops!  I went out to do my daily zeeops mission with Munzee.  That was fun and then I came back here and washed my hair, washed dishes, washed my bed linen, took out the trash, put away the laundry from yesterday, put my bed linen back on the bed, wrote a little bit, and now I'm tired! :p

I wrote a little bit today but it was pretty bad. I hope to work with it tomorrow and make it better. I had to do this with another scene in this story so I can do it with this one! All I want to do now is cool down and relax. I got overheated running around doing everything and I had to turn off my heater and I'm tempted to get out my box fan! 

OH! Add to the list above, I did my weekly backup on my MacBookPro!


So, my friend texted me today and asked if I'd like to go to Reidsville and eat at Carmela's or Pete's. I said, YES!  He came over and we went and we ate at Carmela's. They are an Italian place that is great.  I got fettuccine alfredo. I have been wanting some good alfredo for quite a while now, so I was so happy to get this.  It was delicious.  Just look at it:



Makes me hungry all over again! :p. After we ate, we went to the Salvation Army store and the Goodwill over there.  We didn't go to Eden and on to Martinsville, this was a Reidsville only trip.  I found a 16 oz Starbucks holiday mug from 2013 in the SA store. I also got a case for my iPad Mini for $1 and I got a little scrapbook 'kit'.  It's the scrapbook and inside it has stickers and papers to use in it.  I looked it up online and found the same thing at Amazon for $24. I paid $2 so I think that is a great score! I think I'll save it and use it after the next beach trip.

At Goodwill, I found a Kate Spade wallet! It's in perfect condition. It's only missing the clip-on wrist strap which I wouldn't use in any case.  It's nice and I was happy to find it.  I only have one Kate Spade thing and this just made my day.  I also got two mugs. One with a penguin and one that is a jack o lantern! :) Both are adorable and for display, not drinking.  The Starbucks mug I found at SA is for drinking. It's in excellent condition. It was a small thrift run and a small thrift haul, but it was a good one.  I enjoyed getting out for a bit and I love the things I found. I tried my phone in the Kate Spade wallet and it fits fine! I love that I can just toss my debit card, license, and phone in it and go.  Good for when I don't want to carry a purse.  

By the way, Big Sur is no longer laggy. In fact, it's pretty damn fast! I love it.  Everything is so neat. I have read some sites and watched a few videos on it to get tips and tricks.  I want to do more of that tomorrow.  While we were in Reidsville, I was capturing a lot of virtual Munzees as we came to them.  That was fun! I was able to get some unique stuff that isn't around here so that was even better.  There are a LOT of virtual over there.  A zillion times more than are here in Danville.  

Well that didn't work!

My laptop bag came today and although it's lovely and sturdy, it's not wide enough.  If I have my laptop in it alone, it's fine, but if I add my charger and Anything else, it's bulky and looks bad. I decided that I would look around town for something else. I found a few options on clearance on the Office Max website. I was debating on two.  I decided to go over and see what I could find.  The one I had looked at that I thought I was going to get was way too small. It was marked as a lot bigger on the website.  It took forever for me to find it, too since I was looking for a bigger bag.  I saw another bag that I REALLY liked while looking for that one.  It was a bit more than the one I had been there to look at, and a few dollars more than the other one I had looked at, but it was perfect. It's grey and aqua and aqua is my color!  It has several zipper pockets.  The other bag had one on the outside and the inside had the laptop pocket on one side and two little pockets on the other.  Not great for organization. 

The new bag has a big section with the padded laptop 'sleeve' area.  There is a zipper pocket in front of that with some organizer parts and the front has a slip pocket and a small zipper pocket. It also has two pockets on either side for a water bottle or coffee tumbler. :p It's very sturdy and I love it.  It has a top handle which is a feature I love on backpacks and it's a sturdy handle, too.  I really like this bag.  I can load up everything I need to go to Starbucks! :p Or the beach, or wherever.  I did think to take a picture of it in my car when I came out of Office Max. I knew I would probably be later getting home and wanted a picture in natural light.  Here is that picture:


I love it!  Now, after I got that, I went to grab some lunch since it was way past my lunchtime.  I got a burger and ate in my car.  I headed home and as SOON as I pulled down my street to pull into my driveway, I got a text message from Munzee.  Their system has been down ALL day.  There was a special Munzee that I had wanted to try and cap but Munzee was completely 'broken' all day. Of course, the minute I get home, it is up! I figured that the special Munzee would be gone, but I checked the app.  It was going to be there for another hour.  I backed up and went right back out and got it! lol. I got one more that I hadn't gotten on that side of town and headed home.  That completed my Zeeops mission for today, too!  I was quite happy that the special was still there. I just knew it was going to be gone by the time it came back up.  I just checked and I got a badge for catching it.  The "Over The Rainbow" badge.  I LOVE the Wizard of Oz, so that made me doubly happy. :)

Starbucks to start off the month right.

Well, the drink was good, but the ordeal I had getting it.  Let me tell you.  They were busy as usual so I drove around the building to get in line.  Some old hag in a truck came and pulled up from the other side and got right in front of me.  I was not amused but I went ahead and got behind her.  Of course she was smoking. ~_~: I'm glad I didn't have to run the vent.  I kept my window up until I could get to the order box.

This is when the next bit of drama happened.  I ordered a Venti peppermint white mocha with caramel brulee sprinkles instead of the chocolate sprinkles.  This caused some confusion.  I think the girl taking the order was new.  I've ordered this before with no issues. I'm not one to get mad at the baristas, so I just patiently waited while she sorted it out.  She finally got it straight (she asked if I had said frappuccino, no I had not) and I went up in line.  Of course, the old hag in front of me had to order something that took forever.  

I finally get to the window and the girl takes my Starbucks card and I tell her it's with stars. That goes smoothly and she hands me my drink.  It's a peppermint white mocha all right. Only, she gave me a grande instead of a venti! :(. After everything that had happened, I just took it with a smile and went on my way.  It was delicious in any case.  I did not want the line to get any longer.  When I left, they were back further than they had been when I got in line so I was doubly glad I didn't get it fixed. I deployed a Munzee while I was out and then headed home.  

I wrote some on my other story tonight. I have some ideas of some other stories running around in my head.  These are old and much-loved characters so I am happy to get back to them.  

Day one complete!

I actually got a great start to this year's NaNoWriMo.  I have 2230 words!  It was easy to get back into the story and the characters.  I thought it would be harder since I've been working on my other story, but I jumped right in.  I am going to write some on the other story tonight, too. I have been busy today.  I went to Starbucks in the early afternoon and then came back here and wrote.  I put away the laundry I washed yesterday and washed my bed linen. It's in the dryer now.  I washed my hair and I'm currently posting this while sitting under the hair bonnet dryer.  I washed dishes, too.  I am extremely tired today.  My sleep last night was horrendous.  I woke up around 7 and had so much pain I couldn't go right back to sleep. I got up for a little bit and walked around and came back to bed and laid down.  I was finally able to get back to sleep, but I kept waking up.  It was not the best night.  

My day would have been great after getting Starbucks, but they gave me the wrong thing! :( I was so disappointed.  They were extremely busy so I didn't want to have to go in or go back through the line so I just came home with it.  They never and I mean, never get my order wrong. This was just not the day for that!  I am still doing daily Zeeops via Munzee and I was able to take care of today's mission while I was in line at Starbucks! lol My mission was to get 200 points by deploying or captured Munzees.  I have a virtual at Starbucks and I magnetized it for an hour.  It will bring Munzzess to the Munzee you magnetize and you can capture them.  They will be random ones so I can capture my own Munzee because it's not 'mine' for the times the random ones come.  It lasts for an hour or until three Munzzees are captured.  I was able to do that while in line. That was easy peasy and I'm glad because after getting the wrong drink, I was just ready to be home!

I am going to sit here until my hair is dry and then I'll worry about what I'm going to fix for dinner.  I'm very hungry, but I don't have anything I want.  I might break down and make a hash brown casserole, but I'm a bit reluctant since I JUST washed dishes! 

Munzee and stuff....

Sorry about last night.  It was late and I was feeling pretty cruddy so I didn't post. I even went to bed a bit early, too!  Today, I had to run to my friend's house to pick up a package he had arriving today.  I did that and while I was out, I did my daily Zeeops mission for Munzee.  I went to the parking lot of the 'new' YMCA and captured a Munzee.  I took a few pictures while there, too:


The YMCA is right by the Riverwalk trail! I have walked past it many times, but I've never driven into their parking lot. It's a nice area.  I had to take a few pictures while I was there! My friend came to pick up his package and told me he had to drive to Greensboro to pick up an item there. I tagged along for the ride.  That was fun and now I'm back home relaxing a bit before bedtime.  I wrote very little today, but I wrote quite a bit yesterday so it all evens out. Besides, this isn't my NaNo work, it's just a story I'm working on. :)

Munzee in the park in the fall

I went out today to find a Munzee in Ballou park that I somehow missed all this time!  I found it and while I was there, I took a picture of these two cute little trees in their autumn glory. (click on them to see them full size)

I thought they were just so cute.  I was able to finish up this weekly mission of the Zeeops and found out that there is yet another week! Hopefully I can complete that too.  It's fun and I'm getting more points and badges and things in Munzee.  Lots of fun for me and it was a perfect day for it. Sunny and just plain nice out there.