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Thursday late afternoon post

I walked down to the Springmaid pier and back just a bit ago.  I came back here and took a quick shower and put on fresh clothes.  I was sweaty and hot!  That shower was nice.  The walk was great.  I had a nice time.  I hope my friend will get himself in gear soon.  We are planning to go to Victoria's again tonight.  Yummy!  I want some of those delicious pork chops.

I am so glad the weather cleared up today.  It makes it much nicer for doing things.  I am glad I waited until this afternoon to walk as it really is pretty toasty.  I will have a nighttime beach walk much later, but for now, I'm going to relax and wait until my friend is ready to go eat.  After I cool down a bit more and post this, I'll go sit on the balcony.  It's shady out there now and it should be a bit cooler with the breeze from the ocean coming in.





This last picture was taken on the little porch/deck on the back of the hotel.  I sat there for a bit and enjoyed the shade! :p   It's a peaceful place when there aren't a lot of people around and I had that advantage today. 


I just wanted to run out get a little gas in my can and come home. I need it because my mower is almost out and a few gallons will last me just about the whole season. 

So, I go to the station closest to my house. I get out, swipe my card and it says to pay inside, NOPE I am trying to avoid people and their germs! I go to another station, swipe my card and it asks for my zip code. I get, 'invalid zip code' I tried twice, same thing. By now I want to scream, but I drive to yet another gas station. 

This one only asked for my PIN. Success! I put the can up front with me. I usually sit it in the back behind my seat. I wish I had done that! 

As I am going home, it tips and starts to leak gas. Ahhhhh! I had to reach awkwardly and set it right while driving. I get home and the fumes are almost enough to kill me. I get out, wipe down the door where it spilled and get out. I was going to mow, but after that, I just said forget it! 😂 

I sanitized the hell out of my hands after pumping gas btw. I put the gas can away and go in the house and scrub my hands again. I hope my car airs out quickly. 

Yes, I wrote for Camp Nano today, too! 

Only me!

So, my floor lamp has been blinking on and off lately.  I thought the bulb was about to go.  I checked the bulb and it was okay.  It didn't do it for a while and then today, it was flashing off and on and I couldn't take it.  It was making me sick so I turned it off.  I figured that my lamp must have a short in it.  I look at and find they have a lamp that looks a lot like the one I have.  It was only $8.99 so I drove over to get it.  I got it and one other item I needed, did self-checkout and headed out.  I was right there near Starbucks, so I went to the drive-thru there.  I decided to try something new since they don't have my cascara any more.  I gave the smoked butterscotch latte a try.  OMG, It was delicious! It was sweet without being overly sweet. This is what I loved so much about the cascara latte. This is definitely a new favorite.  I only got a tall to make sure I liked it.  I did! Delicious!

It was after 4 am when I finally laid down and tried to sleep last night so I've been pretty tired and out of it all day.  I did get a puzzle done though. It's a pretty scene, too!  I enjoyed working it.  While I was in the process of working it, my shoes came.  I tried them on and they fit fine.  I was distracted then, so I didn't really walk around in them much.  I'll try them out soon and see how they are.  I think they'll be okay.  They come with a spare set of insoles and a pair set of laces.  Pretty nice for $10.  Now that I see them in person, they are more red than pink.  I think I'll like them, but that all depends on how they feel when I wear them.

My friend had plans tonight, so I knew he wouldn't want to walk.  I hope he wants to go tomorrow.  I'd like to give them a try.  Ah! I got distracted by Starbucks earlier and forgot to finish my thoughts about the lamp.  So, I get it put together and plugged in and guess what? It is doing the same thing as the old one!  I noticed when I bought this one that it is supposed to take a three-way bulb.  The old lamp did too, but I never had an issue.  Well, I turned it off and ran up to Family Dollar and bought a three-way bulb and put it in the lamp.  No blinking!  So, I didn't need a new lamp, just the correct bulb.  That is okay, I can definitely use the old lamp in another room.  I just need another 3-way bulb.  I only bought one to make sure that is what the problem is. 

At Family Dollar, I also got a small table lamp. It was marked down to $4.  I have two just like it. I put it away for a backup.  Couldn't pass it up at that price.  I also got a few other things I needed and I got a couple of bags of Cheez Doodles. :p I
love my Cheez Doodles!  

So, there is a novel for you.  Here is the pretty puzzle:


Weird and tired.

So, this morning, I was in a dream so intense that when my Fitbit alarm went off, I noticed it but it was in the dream so it didn't wake me up! LOL It went off again ten minutes later and that woke me up, sort of.  I was still so out of it and tired.  It took me another ten minutes to get up! Sheesh!  I finally did though.

I needed to run out and mail a card and I wanted to get some milk.  The one month I go grocery shopping and don't get milk with my groceries is, of course, going to be when I need some! I went to a local store that is old fashioned and pretty much like a step back in time.  It's a neat store.  They have a butcher on-site and they have great meats.  I was able to get a couple of slice of country ham.  They sell the big smoked hams and they sell small packs of one or two or sometimes three slices.  I can't eat a whole ham myself. Well, I could, but... LOL!   Anyway!  I like to get the ham slices.  I got those and a few other things I needed and there is a post office drop box at the edge of their parking lot, so I was able to mail my card too! 

I wanted to go to the post office downtown today and check my box, but when I realized I had planned to go get milk and ham at the store, I knew I could mail my card so I just did that instead.  Sometimes this store has Little Debbie Devil squares. (MY FAVORITE!!!!!) but they didn't have any today. Phooey!

I finished my puzzle today and I'm sad to say that one of the pieces was missing! :(  I am hoping that I just dropped it and I will spot it, but I don't think so.  It's a cute puzzle. It makes me sad to be missing a piece!  Anyway, here is the 'completed' puzzle:


Cooler weather ....

Well, for a bit anyway. I know it will be back up to 90 in a day or two. lol . I took advantage of the cooler weather today and finally put up my Halloween stuff.  It usually goes up on September 1st, but that was the day I went to the beach and came home from the beach. lol

It's been way too hot here.  It felt like July last week!  It was a bit cooler today, so I figured I'd get my Halloween stuff out.  I realized when I was done that I was missing one thing.  That lead me to remember another two things and then one more.  That means there is a box o' Halloween still missing. I have no clue where to look for it as I always keep all the boxes together and it's not with the others. :(

Aha! I just found two of the four items.  That means only two things are unaccounted for and I'm sure I'll find those. I sort of remember that I didn't pack them up with the rest of the stuff last year and did something else with them. I just have to remember what it was I did with them. LOL 

The main thing I missed first was broken last year and I put in a box to keep it safe. I don't know why I didn't fix it then, but I've glued it together now and I have it sitting until the glue sets. Hopefully that will fix it. :) It has a matching friend and I didn't want to separate them.

I didn't start a puzzle today.  I planned to.  I got out the board, the puzzle, and had it ready to go, but I never got around to it.  Maybe tomorrow.  I might just wait until I get back.  Then I'll have more than enough puzzles. :p


Happy Birthday? Yeah, right!

The only good thing about today was that I did get to go to Starbucks.  My friend carried me over there when the other one bailed.  I went in because he doesn't like to go through the drive-thru and order my 'weird drinks' lol   I'm glad I did go in because I got one of the cards I was missing from a set AND several cards I didn't have. Yay! I'm always happy to get new cards to add to my collection.

My friend took me for a ride for an errand he had to run and since we were out, he got me a beef and cheddar from Arby's. Yay!  That was delicious! After that, we ran his errand and then we rode around a bit as it was storming off in the distance.  We drove that way to see it. After we circled back around, I found out that the friend I was depending on to go to Starbucks wasn't going to take me, so he offered.  I got my cascara latte and brought it home to enjoy.

I worked on my puzzle today, too, but I didn't finish it yet.  I will finish it tomorrow.  It's busy.  I have a headache that is not helping matters any. I didn't sleep well at all last night and I've felt like hell all day.  I hope to sleep well tonight.  I really need a good night's sleep!  

So, it's my birthday and it pretty much sucked.  If you want to make it up to me, you can join Evernote by following my referral link. You'll get a free month of premium and so will I! ^_^ . Here is the puzzle and I'll link the referral after that.


Join Evernote and get a free month of Premium!!!

Camp NaNoWriMo is almost over

Well for me at least! I only have two more character profiles to create.  It's funny how much I'm learning about my characters as I go along.  I did some editing of characters last night instead of adding any.  I gave everyone a last name that didn't have one. I found a very useful tool in this website.

I was able to come up with the last names of several characters.  I also realized tonight that when I was doing a few of the profiles I haven't done, that it would be a good idea to go through and say who shares a room with whom.  The compound my characters are in has a lot of rooms.  I think it would be good to know who stays with who.  I'm going to add that on tomorrow or the next day.  I went aheaad and did it for the characters I wrote up tonight.  

I started a 'new' puzzle today.  It's one of the ones I got from Goodwill at the beach that were old.  So far, the outline is done except for two pieces.  I'm hoping they are in the box and I keep over looking them. I did get a small section of the puzzle done today.  It's slow going, but the pieces fit really well, so that part is nice! I don't think this is going to be a two day puzzle. :P 


Hopefully on the mend.

I have felt a little better today, but I'm not where near back to normal.  I mainly stayed around the house and didn't do a lot.  I did some work on organizing my Starbucks cards.  I got some new ones at the beach so I wanted to get those all sorted and put in my binder.  I also went through and found that I had some ones with pin intact.  I changed all the ones that I had in my collection that weren't like that.  I also had some 'special' cards and I put them in the other binder.  I was glad to get one task done today! 

I finished one of the books I was reading too.  I just have to finish the one I started on the Kindle waaay back in May.  It's sort of meh, so it's been slow going.  I might skip it and start something else. I haven't decided yet.  I'm just not getting into the story.  I'll give it a few more pages tonight and see if it picks up.

I do have a picture to share.  On the night of the storm at the beach, I walked to the SkyWheel/Pavilion area on the beach like I had been doing and went up on the boardwalk to the Gay Dolphin. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that, but just in case. :P . When I left the boardwalk and got back on the beach, I took this picture of the Skywheel.  I think it's my favorite picture I took of it while there:



Hello again!

I'm back again.  After I'd been here a while, my friend wanted to go out. First he was going down to the beach, but then he changed his mind and we went out. lol We went up to North Myrtle Beach and he went to the pawn shop and then we went to Goodwill.  I found some pajama bottoms, (three pair) and two vintage 750 piece puzzles.  I hope all the pieces are there!  I really liked the pictures on them.  They were not sealed, so I was taking a chance, but I think it will be worth it.  The puzzles are Guild puzzles made by Whitman! That is a brand I remember seeing a lot when I was young.  I think having them for that alone is pretty cool.  I hope they are complete!

The Goodwill at NMB is right next door to a Dollar General and we went over there.  I needed some batteries for my camera and a compact.  I also bought a cute bath sponge shaped like a popsicle! :p . After we left there, we headed for Victoria's to eat.  That was delicious and filling.  I got the special.  Pork chops and three sides!  They brought me two delicious pork chops and I got two mashed potatoes and one Mac and cheese as my sides.  It was delicious!  Sooo much food and only 7.99!  My friend got a breakfast platter that had 3 eggs, 3 pancakes, 3 sausage patties, and 3 strips of bacon!  6.99!!!!  Wow.  Good food for a great price.  We were both stuffed. lol . My pork chops were delicious.  

After we left there, we headed back here.  It was still light when we got here, but it's dark now.  I'm sitting on the balcony looking out at the ocean and towards the 2nd ave. pier.  It's lit up and pretty at night.  I would like to walk out on it at night.  I should check their hours.  I would love to go out during the day and then go back at night.  Some piers will stamp your hand so you can come and go all day.  I'll look into that.

I want to visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum that is at the Pavilion area.  It's 19.99 a ticket, but I found a coupon for $3.00 off.  I'll decide in the next few days and see what I decided to do.  I'm not sure yet.  I do plan to go out on at least one of the piers.  I just haven't decided which one, yet!


So, it's just a bit after 2pm and I've already done quite a bit.  I slept pretty well. That was a relief. I did wake up several times in the night like I usually do, but it wasn't too bad.  I got up before my Fitbit went off and fixed some pizza that was leftover from last night.  I had a piece on the balcony and then I had to come in because of how hot it is out there!

I finished up in here and relaxed for a bit.  I then dressed and headed out.  I decided to hit the Boardwalk as it starts right next to our hotel. Yay!  I got on it and walked to the Sky Wheel / Old Pavilion area.  I went in the Gay Dolphin as is tradition.  I bought a couple of shirts in there.  A MB one and a Gay Dolphin one!  I got some stickers and a grab bag, too.  I went across the street to I Love Sugar, but I didn't buy anything.  I went back across and hit the boardwalk and walked down to the ocean front Starbucks.  They didn't look too busy, so I headed in.  I was able to get hte same little table I got when I discovered it in September.  I got a caramel ribbon crunch frappuccion and a trenta sized ice water.  I stayed in there and cooled off and relaxed.  I wrote in my trip journal and drank my frappuccion.  I carried my water with me. 

I walked back along the boardwalk and went in a small beachwear store and then went back out and across the street to check out a Bargain Beachwear.  After that, I went back to the boardwalk and headed back to the room. Oh wait! Before Starbucks, I went up on Pier 14 and got a smooshed penny and got to meet a cute dog.  When I was coming back to the room, I stopped at 2nd Ave Pier and got a a smooshed penny there too.  Oh, and I went in Peaches Corner and got a penny but it came out badly. Boo!

I came back to the hotel and got to meet another cute doggie (they are allowed here) and came up to the room.  I was totally roasting, so I took a cool shower and put on some fresh clothes.  That was nice.  Here are a few pictures I took today to share with you:


I'll probably do another post this evening.  Until then, enjoy these pictures. :)