NaNo Prep Feed

Welcome to April

I did get out today for just a brief bit. I ran to the post office and picked up my mail.  I got five pen pal letters so it was a good trip.  I didn't stay out or ride around any.  I just came right on home.   I had a few things I needed to do when I got back so I did those, and then I sat down to write for today's Camp NaNoWriMo.  I wrote 1667 words!  I could have gone on, too, but I made chapter one an entire day in the life of my main character. I'll go into more detail about the characters tomorrow.  I already have them sketched out in my head.  I think it's going to be good.  I planned to only do 20,000 words, but I may end up doing an entire book! We'll see how it goes.

I did not start a puzzle today. I was going to, but after going to the post office and then getting things done around here, I felt it was too late to start.  Plus, I wanted to get some words down for Camp NaNo.  I am going to do a bit more research tonight and have some notes for tomorrow's writing.  It should be fun.  

Poor little guy!

I needed to get a few things at Dollar General today and as I was shopping, I saw this snowman.  The poor thing was missing an eye.  I thought he was cute even with only one eye, so I bought him.  I figured no one else would give him a home.  I came home and was trying to find something to give him another eye.  I went through my bead box and found several potential ones.  I picked one and used it.  It isn't the exact same size as the other, but it works.  I think it gives him personality.  Here is his before and after:


So, what do you think?  I think he is cute!  I didn't do a lot today as it was cold and I was feeling sort of meh.  It is supposed to be freezing rain and yucky weather here tomorrow, so I'll probably be in all day. I'll try to do a few more things in my 2020 bullet journal.  Today, I created my NaNoWriMo word tracker and I did a spread for pen swabs.  I did my roll of Stabilo pens and then at the bottom, I did my Mildliner brush pens.  The page beside it, I did the five packs of Mildliners.  I like it!  I have referred to my pen pages in other bujos so I wanted to add this in. I may or may not do a Crayola super tips page. I'm not sure yet.  I really like the pages I just did!



Last Virtual Write in!

Tonight was the last virtual write in for NaNoWriMo.  I'm going to miss doing those.  It's fun and it inspires me to write.  I'm already looking forward to next years! I got 1748 words in this session so that was great.  I am pretty sure I'll be able to wrap up my story now.  I don't think I'll have to add to the beginning to get my word count in, but I plan to add at least a few words in here and there so I actually update my word count every day in November.  There isn't a badge for that anymore, but I want to do it.  Even if I just write four or five words a day after I get my 50,000 in, I want to update my word count.  After I finished NaNo, I plan to work on some other ideas of old stories I had.  I might write some stories for fun.  

I need to decide if I want to do another book with these characters or do something totally new next year.  I haven't made up my mind. I have a few more ideas that I worked on to do NaNo way back in the day.  I think I can take one and use it.  I would start over and add more things to it so it would work.  I have almost a whole year to decide! Let me finish this year's NaNo first. :)

I DO plan to order a winner shirt this year!  This will be my fourth year of winning NaNo.  I have never got a winners shirt, but I am hoping to get one this year.  I'll be ordering it in December since I won't have the money until then.  Unless anyone wants to send me a gift card that is. :p

Happy Halloween!

Hello and Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain to you!  It did NOT feel like Halloween here today.  We were under weather warnings and it was in the low 80's!  It was a pretty weird day.  My friend called last night about me keeping the dogs this weekend and I had that on my mind as they would have come tonight.  I totally forgot my tradition of going to a cemetery on Halloween! :(  I realized it when it was too late to go.  I did go in my yard and collect some pretty fall leaves and pick up a few pecans.

My friend's mom is not going on the trip, so I am off the hook on pup sitting. Yay!  I love the pups, but NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and I don't want any distractions!  I want to get into my story.  I also have to take down all my Halloween decorations. :(  I am going to miss them.  I have plenty I keep out year around, but these will be stored until next year.  I really should count all the items as I put them away and report in on how many I have.  I have a LOT of jack o lanterns.  I mean a LOT. lol

I got my first order today from Paper Issues.  They have some cute stuff and good prices, too!  I got a three pack of washi, a single roll of washi, and some colorful cardstock (for making TN insert covers).  The three pack of washi is pretty,  I bought it just for the striped washi, but I really like them all.  The single roll is so adorable! It's travel washi and it's just so damn cute!  I put all four in my bujo to take a picture to share.  I will be ordering from Paper Issues again.  Go check them out! Paper Issues


NaNoWriMo Prep!

It's hard to believe that NaNo is almost here!  I went looking for more pictures for inspiration for this year's NaNo.  I made a Pinterest board just for that.  I'll also add the pictures in Scrivener and Evernote.  I think I like the ones I got tonight better than the ones I got on an earlier search. I also want to re-read the first three books or at least skim them to take more notes for using in this book.

I had to saved this post as a draft and re-open it on my iPad Mini.  The MBP was being terribly slow.  It’s been a long time since I restarted it, so I’m doing that now. Lol  There is only one problem.  The mini has a small screen and it’s hard to see what I am typing here. The sacrifices I make to blog. :p

I still mulling over how to start my book.  I know the story and what is going to happen (for the most part), but I’m not sure how to start it and if I want my villain to be eaten by zoms right away or get killed some other way.  I haven’t decided if she is going to make it back to the compound or get instant karma.  We’ll see!

Okay, let me close this.  I’m re-starting the MBP so hopefully it will be running faster.  I have NOT upgraded to the newest OS and I don’t plan to until they work out all the bugs.  My poor old MBP is in the models listed that are okay to upgrade, but I’m taking no chances this close to NaNo!


It's all there!

I finished the current puzzle today and all of  the pieces are there! Yay!  I also flipped it with no issues even though it was one of those that don't like to stay together well.  It's such a pretty picture, too!  That last bit at the bottom was slow going, but I got it done.

Today, I went ahead and took my window air conditioner out of the window.  I haven't had to use it in several days and I think I will be okay until the Spring.  I still have my fan in here.  It stays all year, so I always have a backup in case I need a little cool air.

I rearranged my desk area today too.  The desk sits in front of the window that the air conditioner is in.  I use the ledge of the window in the summer to put extra stuff on.  In the fall/winter, it doesn't work because the ledge is a lot smaller with the window down and the blinds in the way.  I really like how neat my desk looks. It's all ready for NaNoWriMo! Yay! 

Yesterday I mentioned the washi that got cancelled.  Well, after I posted to my blog, I went back on Etsy and found another roll that I liked.  It's not the same design, but it's cute.  I ordered it and it was sent today.  Well, she created the label today, so it might get sent Monday. lol

I got an unexpected win-fall.  What is weird, is I just saw something on Jetpens that I REALLY wanted but didn't have the money for.  Guess where I spent my money? :) . It was a payment from one of my survey sites and I didn't think I was going to get it.  I finished testing the stuff months ago and had figured it must not have been a payment included in testing the product.  Well, there was a payment and it came today.  I covered the item I wanted and an add on to it.  I was so happy! I'll share all that when it gets here.  For now, enjoy the puzzle.


NaNoPrep on Friday :p

I lead such an exciting life. LOL  I have been working on NaNo prep today.  My MC is going to be out of the compound and she is going to be hiding in an old barn near an abandoned farmhouse.  I went looking for pictures for inspiration and I found some good ones.  I have a picture of a house, a barn, and some interior pictures to use for reference and inspiration.  I put them in my Scrivener file for this year's NaNo.  My book is tentatively titled, "The Long Road Home".  

I finished the puzzle today.  It's a pretty one.  I'll share it below.  I just went to the NaNo site and was able to finally get the site to update my project.  It's a whole new site and it's been buggy.  I am hoping everything gets worked out before NaNo actually begins!  I am so happy to have the correct title up and the cover I created. Yay!

How I'm using Evernote today:  I have all my character descriptions backed up in Evernote since it was an Evernote template that I used.  I also used the search feature in Evernote to see which one of my character I made a seamstress. Seems I didn't make any of them one, so I fixed that.  Thanks for the search feature Evernote! You saved me a lot of time. :)



Low-fat loft?

What am I talking about? Well, I'll tell you.  I couldn't sleep last night and I was working over the story for my NaNo book in November.  I got up and got out the iPad as my phone was off and charging.  I got one of my little wireless keyboards and was typing the things I had thought of into Evernote.  The only thing is, the screen is small and I could't see the words.  I go back to edit after I type everything in and noticed that my character was going to spend the night in the 'low-fat' instead of the loft! LOL!  It cracked me up so I put low-fat in parenthesis because I figured I would forget by today. I have a good idea of how the story is going to go and the notes I wrote last night will help.  

I didn't start a puzzle today.  Why? Well, for one thing, I'm coming down with a damn cold! I'm so pissed.  Why do I have to deal with this right before a beach trip?  So frustrating!  I went out and bought some store brand Dayquil, so hopefully I'll feel better by Sunday!  I am going to try to sleep tonight and I plan to take a nap tomorrow if  we are going to leave for the beach in the early, early am! 

How I'm using Evernote today:  See above! :P


I finished the puzzle today.  Well, almost.  I'm missing a piece.  I'm hoping it's just misplaced as this was a brand new puzzle sealed in the box and sealed in a bag.So far I haven't found the missing piece.  The puzzle was so crazy at times.  As I mentioned yesterday, there were pieces that were shaped pretty much exactly the same and the colors were similar. It made for some interesting working!  I had to take pieces out a few times and put them in different places. lol  I finally got it all done except that one piece. I hope to find that one piece eventually.

I'm working on ideas for my next book for NaNo in November.  I am going on with my series as I'm not quite done with the characters yet.  I have an idea of a storyline, but I need to work out the details.  I also want to do a character sketch ahead of time for the new character that is going to cause a lot of problems.  I want to get that done and I also want to get exactly how I am going to have it play out.  I'm going to go into Evernote and grab that template I use for characters and then open Scrivener and put that in there to flesh out my new character. I'll also put any notes in there / and in Evernote as I go along.  Evernote is great for that because I always have my phone with me.  Scrivener would be portable if I had the iOS version, but I have the desktop version.  If there was an Android version, I'd probably get that to have.  Yes, I have an iPad mini, but I don't carry it with me unless I'm going on a trip.  It mainly stays at home. Anyway! Enjoy the mostly finished puzzle!



I got everything on my list done today!  I was able to get two of my books and my DVD back to the library.  I recycled my plastic and paper, too.  I then came back home and did some things around here.  I finished the puzzle.  I also sat down and wrote fourteen letters!  That took several hours, but I did it.  After I finished those, I got them all stamped and ready to mail and headed to the gas station.  My gas light came on as I was coming back from the library today.

I got some gas and then headed to the post office.  I mailed that huge stack of letters and then checked my box.  I had some ads, some junk mail, and six letters! Yay!  I am going to set aside a day of the week to answer any letters I get that way I won't get behind again.  I'm go glad to get that huge stack answered.  Whew!  I felt so bad for letting them get so behind.

Now I just need to get my but up and walking again! Hopefully soon.  I need to get back to it before the beach trip in September or I am going to be so out of shape.  I walk a lot of places in Myrtle, so I really need to get back to that.  We are either staying at Myrtle at a new place or a North Myrtle at a place we've stayed before. My friend hasn't decided on which yet.  Both are in decent walking distance of a Starbucks. :p


Isn't this puzzle pretty?  It had all the pieces, too! Yay! Thank you to whomever donated this puzzle.  They put the pieces in a Ziploc bag inside the box.  I was so glad to have all the pieces. Whee!

How I am using Evernote today:  I am making templates to use!  I made a template for my word count for NaNoWriMo the other day and today, I made a penpal letter tracker.  Cool, yes? :) I love my Evernote!