NaNoWriMo Feed

Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo

I didn't go out to anyone's house for Thanksgiving this year.  I did do my tradition and drove down the main 'drag' in my city to see everything closed. I do this twice a year, Thanksgiving night and Christmas night.  It's just something I've been doing for years.  I did that and I came home and wrote 1000 more words for NaNoWriMo.  I am close to the end of this book, I still have some words to go.  It's supposed to be the summer session at the academy where my skaters go. It's late August now so it won't be much more.  I would like to write at least a little bit every day leading up to the 3oth as I want to get the update everyday badge! :P  I may or may not work on my other story tonight. I'm not sure. I'm really tired so I might just relax for a bit.  I've been doing more recovery work and I think I have just about 99.8% of my stuff back so I'm happy about that.  I just need to get a new hard drive cable, install that and clone my drive.  That is going to be fun. @_@;

266 words.

That is the number of words I need to fulfill my goal of 50,000 words for this year's NaNoWriMo! I'm so happy!  I could probably get those in tonight but I was struggling to write today's portion because I started so late.  I will be well over 50,000 with tomorrow's word count.  I still have a bit of the story to tell, so it's going to be longer than 50,000 words but that is okay. It will still be finished by November 30th, though.  Then, I can devote myself full time to the story I started before NaNo. I have discovered a few other old fics that I would like to pull out and revise and continue on with so that is great. :) 

I am going to post this, get in my daily French lesson, and then just relax the rest of the evening. I didn't sleep well last night so I'm hoping to crash hard tonight!



That is my current word count on NaNoWriMo!  I'm only 2,272 words from 50,000!  My story won't be done in the next 2,272 words, but that is okay. I can write some each day until the end of NaNoWriMo!  I worked on my other story today too.  I was able to work on it first because I had a Write-in to go to tonight.  I can't believe my NaNoWrimo has progressed so well. I've hit at least 2000 words every day except one.  That day was 1928 words.  I don't know why I kept pushing myself to get 2,000 each day but I'm sort of glad I did.  I now can relax a little as I'm so far ahead and there is another week to go! The last day is Monday and there will be one last write-in that night. 

Sunday stuff

Bed linen is in the dryer waiting to be put back on the bed.  Laundry from yesterday is put away, hair is clean, a few groceries are purchased!  It's been a day.  I knew going to the grocery store the weekend before Thanksgiving would be chancy, but I did it.  It wasn't too bad and I only needed a few things.  I got those and got out of there! lol

I got my word count today for NaNo but I didn't write on my other story. I meant to!  I hope to get some done on it tomorrow. I'm waaaay ahead on Nano at the moment!  I am at 45,680 words!  The main trouble I had for my character hasn't even happened yet. D'oh! That was not going to be the main issue in any case. I may have it happen right near the end to make a cliffhanger for the third book.  I might not even have this drama and go with something else. We'll see.  Right now, it's still undecided.


No excuses.

I'm sorry for not posting for two days. I meant to post every day but you know how that goes!  I am glad I remembered to post tonight! :p  I am now over 41,000 words on NaNo and I wrote a bunch on my other fic last night too.  I am hoping to get some written on it tonight, too.  I always make sure to get my NaNo words in first.  I am very tired, so if I get any words at all on my other work I'll be happy.  

By the way, just out of curiosity, I downloaded another recovery software and it finds the parts on my drive that the one I was using won't find anymore. It only lets you recover 1Gb so I was able to get a few more things.  I am thinking if I download every recovery software that lets you get back so much stuff, eventually, I'll get it all back! lol, I would like to have it all.  The next bi thing on my work list is a new hard drive cable and I should be back in business with the internal drive I bought and I'll keep the 2 TB one for backups and such.

I washed a ridiculous amount of dishes today and I need to fix dinner but I am damned if I am going to dirty up any more plates or dishes tonight.  :p

Writing done!

Well for today it is.  I got my NaNo work done and a little on my other work.  I was glad to get them both done. I am getting there on my NaNo work and I'm still loving my other story.  I will definitely continue it after I finish NaNo.  There is another old story that I pulled out not too long ago and I think I might just work on it too after NaNo and I've completed the one I am doing. I had actually done a little on it in Scrivener and I realized that it was the one work I didn't get back. I hadn't done a lot on it so it's not too bad, but I would like to re-read what I had done. Oh well.  The old drive will let me load it on the case when I plug it in externally, but the part of the drive that the stuff is on that I can't get it not working. It's there but it's acting like it's not there.  I still don't know what to do about that, but I'm not going to delete anything just in case I might be able to get that portion back.  I wish there was some magic fix!

Sorry again!

I forgot to post again last night. I don't know what happened.. Oh well! I got my NaNo word count for yesterday and today done. Tonight's was in a virtual write-in.  They are always fun.  I also got a few words for my other story written.  A lot is happening in it and it's killing me not to be able to write on it! The NaNo stuff is coming along nicely. Today I hit 33364 words! 

Guess what I forgot to do, though? I forgot to eat dinner! So, I'm going to find at least a little something now to eat or I'll not be able to sleep tonight from being hungry.  I had a very bad night's sleep last night so I do not want a repeat of that!

Hoo boy!

I have been writing today, boi! I wrote over 2400 words for NaNoWriMo and then I went to my other story and wrote almost 2000!  I'm tired now.  I spend all day and part of the night trying to clone my drive.  I should have known something was off when it took so long.  It was a mess today.  I looked and found that it probably WAS the hard drive cable after all!  I am getting that adapter box tomorrow and I'll put the old hard drive in it.  If it recognizes it and reads it as a functioning drive, I know the next step is to replace the hard drive cable.  That should be fun! If that is the issue, it will be good to know.  Since I bought the little adapter thing, I can now use it as an extra backup drive.  It's 500 gb.  I am anxious to see it the drive it recognized. If it is I'm going to be irritated but happy if that makes any sense! Happy it works but irritated that I only needed an inexpensive cable.  Oh well, live and learn!  I'll update you tomorrow.  The package is coming via Amazon by USPS. It still makes me giddy when I get a package on a Sunday. I'm such a nerd. :P