NaNoWriMoWinner Feed

Pretty and useful

I received my new cover/case for my MacBook Pro today.  I was looking for a new case to snap on it to protect it.  I have taken great care of my MBP since I got it, but whoever had it before me didn't.  They let it get banged up a bit.  I have been using a blue case on it but I wanted a change.  I went looking and found a black one with flowers on it.  I thought it was just black with off white flowers.  It's black and the flowers are a more silver color and it's got a bit of shine to it.  I wasn't sure I liked it when I opened it as it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but after putting it on and looking at it a bit, I actually love it!  It gives is a nice new look.

I took a few pictures to share before I went out and mowed the front lawn. I really should have mowed yesterday before all the rain last night, but oh well. I did get the front done and it looks so much better.  I didn't do it yesterday because I really didn't feel well.  I'm glad to have done it today.

I did a little going back over my CampNaNo project.  There was one part where I thought I had made two buildings into one, but I looked and I did it right. Yay! I didn't have to change it.  I have a lot o editing to do but it's pretty well done.  I am not sure if I'm going to do a sequel.  It's very possible!

As for the cover for my MacBook Pro, here are a few pictures I took. It's a lot prettier in person!


So sorry

Yes, I'm sorry about yesterday's post.  I almost didn't post today either because I've had a bad headache/migraine all day. I spent most of the day in my room in the semi-dark.  I didn't get much done today either. I did get a few pages in my 2020 bujo done, though.  I hope to get more done tomorrow. I have my habit tracker for January mostly done and I have the first weekly for January done.  I need to put in my habits. I need to decide if I am going to add or remove any for the new year.  I am not sure yet.  I'm also going to try to limit my use of washi in this year's bujo.  I love my washi, but it makes the poor journal so bulky by the end of the year.  I will use some washi, but not as much as I usually do.  We'll see how long I keep to that! :p

My NaNoWriMo winners shirt finally shipped! YAY!  I am so happy.  I can't wait to get it.  I am thinking of adding it to my sad little pile of gifts under my tree.  So far I have four $1 items under there.  If my shirt comes in time, I just might wrap it and have that under there. ^_^



None of the Starbucks cards I ordered came today!  The one set that I had tracking on said it was delayed. BOO!  I got an image from informed delivery that was one of the single cards.  I didn't get anything in today's mail. PHOOEY!  So frustrating. Hopefully, they will both come tomorrow with the other one that was sent at the same time.  

I went to the grocery store today and bought my months worth of groceries. I spent WAY too much.  I still need to get some soda.  I also have a few little things I need to pick up.  I haven't gotten gas yet either.  I'm very low on cash because I sat and paid all my bills.  It's going to be a long month!  Before I totally ran out and before I even added up how much I would have left, I ordered my NaNoWriMo winner shirt! :D . This is my fourth NaNoWriMo win and my first winner shirt.

By the way, I finished the puzzle today.  It's really pretty!  I'll have to pick out another to start tomorrow. :)


NaNoWriMo is at an end!

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of November and it's also the end of NaNoWriMo!  I am happy to have another NaNo win!  It was a good month of writing.

Today, I sat down and finished my letters.  I started them at Starbucks but I hadn't taken the actual letters with me so I finally got those done today.  The past few days I've had bad migraines and I was not in the mood to finish any of them.  I got those done today and plan to mail them out tomorrow.  I would have mailed them out today, but my friend wanted to go eat so I went with him and it was too late when I got home to run to the post office so I will go tomorrow.

I got my Yule tree up tonight.  I almost didn't put it up this year.  I will share pictures of it below along with my stack of pen pal letters.  I am planning to make myself go to Starbucks once a week again and get my letters done there.  If I have a dedicated day each week, I'll get them written in a timely manner AND I'll get to get Starbucks every week. It works for me! :P

Here is the pretty stack of letters ready to go tomorrow: