National Novel Writing Month Feed

So much to say, so little sleep!

Yup, still running on fumes. I hope to get some sleep tonight. I have some things in the works for me to move (I hope!). I took another load to the storage unit today and just about killed myself. My poor back. Ah! But another load out of the house. I just finished up today's NaNo writing. I had done most of it earlier and then had to leave to go out, so I came home and wrote the rest of the words to meet my goal. I've been doing no less than 2000 words a day every day through it all and I wasn't going to stop today! Go me!  Now, if I can just get some sleep tonight, please!

Friday thrift makes me tired!

My friend and I went on the Greensboro thrift trip today because he was off for the holiday. We ate a place we found on a previous trip. They were sooooooooo slooooooow. We finally got our food, ate, and then got to thrift. We went to all the Goodwill stores over there. I got a good amount of things. I found seasons 2-6 of LOST. I have the first season and I think a few more, but I couldn't remember when I was in there. They were $4 each, so I just got them. I also found some Starbucks tumblers (older ones) and a few nice reusable cold cups. One with the original price tag on it AND it still has the Starbucks branded straw. Nice! I also got some odds and ends, a few books, a little pouch just for the cute Eiffel Tower charm on it, and a cool vintage board game called Aggravation It has marbles! I love old board games and especially ones that I don't have or have never seen before! I got a cool Monopoly-themed mug in one Goodwill. I collect Monopoly sets and I also collect Monopoly-themed merchandise when I find it. It was a decent trip, but I spent too much! LOL 

Oh and YES I did write today! I wrote the majority of my word count while I was waiting for him to get ready this morning and wrote the rest when I got home to get my word count to where I wanted it for the day. I've been doing a bit over 2000 words each day for NaNo and I wanted to keep the momentum going. I'm glad I wrote before because I'm so tired after the trip, my writing would have been pretty bleah tonight. I'm posting this and then I'm going to relax and listen to the shortwave!

Here are all my finds:



Mmm pizza!

My friend and I went out of town to one of our favorite restaurants. They have great pizza. I got a small one while in the restaurant. Their small is pretty much a bit larger than a personal pizza so easy to eat in one go.  He got baked spaghetti which also looked great.  He even went back and ordered us both a small pizza to go. :) Now I have lunch and dinner tomorrow. Yay! We also went to the Goodwill there. I got a few small things there. :)

Before we went, I got my daily NaNoWriMo writing done. I am at 18,686 words! :) Tomorrow I am participating in the weekly write-in, so that will be fun. I like doing those. It's fun to participate in a virtual write-in!

Meh Monday!

Ha ha, how is that for a title? So, it's Monday. I was supposed to go to the recycling center today and get that done, but I haven't left the house. Oops. I did realize that I was going out tomorrow to vote, so I figured why not just wait and go do that and recycle? I wrote for NaNo, and that is going well. It's a slow build right now, but it's the way I think it should go.  

If you are wondering about the food incident yesterday, I'll tell you! I always get a pizza when I hit 10,000 words during NaNoWriMo. I decided this year to change it up and order myself some delicious Chinese. So, I get on Grubhub and make an order. Over an HOUR after I placed the order there was still no driver! I had to contact GrubHub.  I got two different credits for future orders. I do appreciate that, but I was still upset as I still didn't have a driver. They must have alerted one because as I chatted with them, they said one was assigned to me. It wasn't showing that on my end!  Soon after, one did show up that they were near the restaurant and they brought the food. It took waaaay too long, but I did eventually get my food. So frustrating!  

The most frustrating thing is, I always order well in advance in case there are delays, but I didn't yesterday! Ugh! The food was good and mostly still warm. It threw my day off and I didn't get a few things done I had planned. At least the food was tasty!

Saturday status...

I am glad I posted early yesterday because I wouldn't have had time last night! Why? Well, my friend and I did our Friday thrift trip, but with a twist! At the second to last Goodwill, we looked to see if there was Goodwill in the city we weren't far from. There was, so we decided to go. We found a new one. Well, new to us. We headed from there to the last Goodwill we go to on this trip and drove past another. We turned back and went to that one too. So, we went to five Goodwill stores on this trip.  The 'new' stores were a nice change. I might do a list of items tomorrow. For now, I'm going to relax a bit. I also want to tune in a bit early on the Shortwave as there are more broadcasts to find on Saturday.

Did I write today for NaNoWriMo? Yes, indeed! I went over the 10,000 mark today, too! You know what that means, I treat myself to a pizza. It won't be tonight, but I will do it in the next few days. I thought about going out tonight to Starbucks, but I just don't feel like leaving the house. 

Three and Four done, too!

Sorry about yesterday. My friend had a package delivered here yesterday. He came by with food for both of us. We ate and he ended up staying for several hours. After he left, I had to get ready for a NaNoWriMo virtual write-in. I did that and got my day's writing done. I only added a couple of words after that.  Then, I got caught up in watching a Livestream from Hawaii. After that, I listened to the Shortwave. By that time, it was well after eleven. I figured today I would go ahead and blog since I'm finished with today's writing. I'm at 8190 words on day four! :D

Day Two Done

I just finished writing for today's NaNoWriMo and it's much better than day one! The two main characters had their first conversation and they are getting along great. It's going to be fun to develop them more as I go along.  I need to add my word count to the NaNo site and then I might run to the grocery store. I've been putting off doing forever now. I am out of a lot of things. I also would like to see if they have any leftover Halloween candy for me to snatch up at a discount! lol

Day One done!

I have completed the first day of NaNoWriMo! I wrote earlier today and then realized that part of its sucked. I knew there was going to be a kick off write-in / meet up tonight with the group I do the weekly write. Ins with during NaNo. Sadly, I found out that it was on Zoom and not Facebook. I don’t have Zoom and don’t want it, so I will just wait and go to the first write in on Thursday night. :). By the way, I cut a huge portion of today’s writing, edited, rewrote a part and ended up with 21 more words than my first total. I also found some cute digital stickers on Etsy that are NaNoWriMo inspired. 

I totally forgot that I always go to Starbucks on the first. Guess who didn’t get any Starbucks today? D’oh!!!!!!!

NaNoWriMo Prep

I think I have decided on my story for this year's NaNoWriMo. It's a story I started a long time ago and didn't go anywhere with. I am going to revamp it and start over. The basic premise is good and I can definitely work with it. I just need to do a bit of research, not a lot. These are characters I've used over and over in my own personal stories.  This is a totally new direction for them. I think it will be pretty fun to do. I'm actually pretty anxious to get started. It's going to be a fun one to write. 

I already have it ready to go in Scrivener. I have all the old footage to review before I start anew. I also have ideas and things in there. I love Scrivener and couldn't imagine writing without it now. It's so great to have everything right there.  It's just the best!

Boring midweek

Yeah, nothing exciting to report today. Just a lazy day at home. I really should have mowed the front lawn today, but it was pretty nasty out there. I was going to wait until the evening when it cooled off and then forgot. lol. Maybe tomorrow.  Oh well, it's not horrible yet.

I stayed in my room with the air conditioning! I did write a good bit on my current work. July is not that far away and that means Camp NaNoWriMo. I am undecided if I am participating. I WILL be doing NaNoWriMo in November, but I haven't decided on Camp.  I could just add words to my current work, but I could also get part two of the book I did for April's camp. I'll decide later.  If I do the second part of book three of my Olympic skater story, I need something new for NaNo in November. I am pretty much written out on my zombie epic. Plus, I wrapped that up pretty well last year.  Of course, every book in the series has had a complete ending, so..... I really need a new idea!  I'll ponder it and decide later.


I tried the spaghetti today that I fixed yesterday. It's delicious!  I will definitely do it like this again. It was so easy and it was all done in one pot! I love my Instant Pot!  I don't know how my friend liked his portion yet. He was supposed to eat when he got home from work this afternoon and got involved in working on something.  I'm still waiting to hear what he thought. As for me, I like it. I had my portion for lunch and dinner. I gave him a lot more than I saved out for myself, so I really hope he likes it!

I finally got my butt out of the house today to do my recycling. I've been meaning to do it for weeks.  I did that and then ran Goontz to the car wash. I really need a car cover. The pollen and bird dropping are getting out of hand! :p  In other news did write for Camp today. I'm doing well to write every day and I'm consistent with my word count. The only thing is, I'm not sure I'm going to finish the book by the end of April. I WILL have 50,000 words, but I will not be at the end of my work. I think I might just get to my 50,000 words and continue until April 30. Then, I'll pick the story back up in July for the second Camp. Then, I have to find something totally new for November. We'll see how it goes.



A small thrift

My friend and I went to Goodwill today. It's a bit far so we went to eat first at a place we like along the way.  I didn't get a lot, but I did get a few things. I got another small ceramic jack o' lantern, a cute retro mug, and a strap for an Apple pencil.  It is elastic with a 'pocket' to fit the pencil. I'm not sure I'll use it, but it was just $2 so I bought it just in case. Not a huge haul, but not bad.  He works tomorrow but will be off until after the New Year so we may go on a thrift trip or two between now and then, or not. Who knows? I didn't get to write today so I want to do that, but it's a bit late. I think I'll just get comfy and relax before bed.  hope to not have to leave the house again for a while. I do need to write and mail out pen pal letters. I hope to get those written soon so I can send my pen pals holiday cards.  There is one pen pal I haven't heard from in quite a while, so I'll send a card to them in hopes they are okay.   I also realized I hadn't put my winner banner in the sidebar for this year's NaNoWriMo so that is now up!

I did it again!

Yup, I haven't posted since Saturday. Sorry about that, I meant to! Guess what happened on Sunday? I hit 50,000 words on NaNoWriMo. Yes, two days early! I still wrote yesterday and today and was able to bring it to a close. I'm pretty sure I'm done with my zombie 'epic' now.  I do need to write book three of my figure skating couple's journey. Maybe for Camp in or next year's NaNo. Tomorrow, I get to go back to the story I've been writing for over a year now. :) I had an idea pop in my head recently that I may have mentioned.  I wrote out some of it just to get it out. Not sure where it's going yet or if it's going at all! lol, It's pretty good though so I do want to use it. We'll see how that goes!  I'm happy to have NaNoWriMo completed for yet another year. ^_____^ OH! Also, I ordered myself a very nice present this weekend. I"ll update you on that when it comes.