New Balance Feed

Another walk?

Yes, I went for another walk today.  It was fun, but it was a lot harder than yesterday.  I was sore from the walk yesterday.  Plus my abs were feeling the #1000abchallenge I did yesterday!  My friend has other plans tomorrow, so we probably won't walk tomorrow.  I might try and go myself. I'm not sure yet.  It was nice to be walking again!

I did my workouts today and except for the cardio video, they were all upper body.  That was good because everything else was sore. lol  I need to do some work on my bullet journal, and then I think I'm going to soak in a hot tub of water and then relax for the rest of the evening.  I ate dinner a bit early tonight because I was really hungry after walking.  I'll probably snack on a Luna bar later.  I have a few of the white chocolate macadamia ones left.  They are so GOOD!

Pink on Wednesday? Of course!

Yes, I wear pink on Wednesdays! :p  I got in my walk today and it was hot.  It wasn't as bad as it was yesterday though, so that was nice.  I didn't get any mail, though.  That sucked!  I got my walk done on time, too!  I came home and did four workouts.  I ate and did one last one.  I got my things together and went to Starbucks for my weekly thing.

I was able to get my favorite chair immediately! YAY!  There was an older gentleman in the other comfy chair.  I asked if he minded if I took the other and he said not at all. ^_^  I wrote all my letters and then relaxed for the rest of the time.  I only had five pen pal letters and one letter to my friend that I write often.  After that, my hand was cramped!  I caught up on my Insta feed on my phone.  I follow so many people, if I don't check it at least once a day it takes forever to get caught up!

I retired my Ryka shoes after today's walk.  The lining on the inside back has worn off and the plastic underneath was rubbing my foot.  I put a tissue in my sock to cushion it so I wouldn't get a blister.  The bottoms are still in great shape.  They really held up well.  Six months and almost two weeks.  Not bad at all!  I have a pair of New Balance that I got at the beach that I will wear tomorrow.  They are so pretty!  Light blue.  I'll be posting a picture to my Insta after this if you want to see them.

I finished The Gunslinger last night. I didn't immediately start The Drawing of Three although I wanted to.  I felt sleep would be a good idea! :p  I will probably start on it tonight.  I