New Year Feed

Welcome 2020!

Welcome to 2020.  I watched the ball drop in New York last night via streaming.  I also watched the new year count down five hours earlier than that from a webcam in an Irish pub in Ireland.  That was pretty neat!  I thought I was going to be able to watch Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve just to see the ball drop.  I found out that my local channel wouldn't stream it here.  Luckily, Stirr, that I have on my Fire Stick had a stream from Times Square so I was able to watch the ball drop.  Yay! 

I ran out today and picked up one item I needed and while I was out, I started the year right by going to Starbucks! :P  I got a delicious cascara latte and a birthday cake pop. Oh yeah!  Yum!  They were both delicious and it was a nice way to start off the year.

I started a new puzzle today. It's going to be an interesting one. It's a picture of a bunch of lobster buoys from Maine.  All different colors.  I haven't gotten a lot done, but it feels like I have! LOL! I'm probably done with it for today.  I need to fix dinner soon and I have no idea what I want.  Hopefully something delicious.  Sadly, I am out of almost everything good.  On Friday I will be re-stocking. I'm ready now. :p


Welcome 2019

It is now 2019 and it was in the 60's today!  It was very nice outside for my walk.  Such a big change from the rain yesterday.  I enjoyed my walk quite a bit!  It was great to walk in short sleeves. ^_^

In other news, I ended 2018 by going to Starbucks and I started 2019 with the same. :P . My friend who never wants to go when I ask wanted to go tonight.  I hadn't really planned to go today, but when she agreed, I couldn't say no. lol 

I never found a way to watch ABC last night. :( . I had to watch a stream of NBC and I didn't know that they didn't show the ball drop.  The live stream was also a few minutes behind, so I actually saw it hit midnight before they showed it.  I was not happy.  Hopefully, ABC will get with the program and get local streaming in my area by next year!


Goodbye 2017!

Yes, in less than an hour this year will be finished and good riddance to it!  It wasn't as big of a dumpster fire as 2016 was, but it wasn't a lot better.  I'm hoping that 2018 is the best year ever!  I made the easiest resolution of all.  Drink more coffee. :P  Not a problem to fulfill this one. :D 

I am going to play Pocket Camp with ABC on mute so I can watch the ball drop. LOL  I don't care for the 'entertainment', I just want to see the ball drop in Times Square.  After that, I'll play more Animal Crossing before going to bed.  Here is hoping that 2018 is a good one.