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Ooh shiny!!!!

Guess who got a new case for her phone today? Did you guess me? Well you guessed right! :p   I love the case I had, but it got ink stains on it and I cannot get them out. I was going to order another one just like the one I had, but I thought I'd look and see what else I found. I haven't looked up cases since I first got the phone. I found some with the movable sparkly stuff and it was my color!  It's a teal blue and clear and it's so pretty!  It was pretty inexpensive, so I ordered it and it came today.  I love getting Sunday deliveries from Amazon! :D 

So, it came today and I opened it and I fell in love. It's so pretty! I tried to take a good picture of it, but I had to use things other than my Pixel and it has the best camera.  I took about 49028493284902 pictures and came up with two that I'll share. lol Here we are:


Neither picture does it justice.  You get the idea, though, right? :p  I am glad I did get the white Pixel since the top part of the case is clear. It looks so nice with the blue at the bottom of the case. I am extra, so I went in and changed the keyboard in Swiftkey from a pink one to a blue one. :p I'm silly, I know, but it looks nice.  The first picture was taken with my iPod touch and the second one was with my camera.   Neither would be as good as if I could take it with my Pixel's camera.  It's hard to take a picture of your phone in a case with the case on! :P Maybe I'll do a bathroom selfie with it tomorrow! lol


I went out today and took a few pictures down on this side of the River at the Riverwalk.  I took pictures on the trail there and the little dock that is where the Worsham Street bridge used to be. I created a photo album of the pictures I took and uploaded it to Google photos to share.  I figured it would be the best way to share a lot of photos.  I'll try to do this from now on when I have a lot of photos. :) I hope you enjoy! I also deployed a Munzee while out. I would have gone more but it was HOT!!!


11 new photos ยท Album by Ann Thornton (AnnDroidGirl)


It's my birthday!

What did I do to celebrate?  I went to mail back my old phone.  I checked my box and had some letters.  I washed my car because it needed it and I was too lazy to do it at home! I left there and went to Starbucks.  I got my birthday drink.  I sipped on it and went to the park to sit by my favorite tree for a bit. I hung out in the park a bit and then went and got gas for my car.  I filled it up / topped it off and it was only $8 so that was nice.  I did take some pictures.  Two in the post office and one of the darkening sky when I was sitting in the park.




I thought it was going to rain, but it never did. The sky was pretty though!  My friend texted me from work and said he was bringing by a hoagie from a local place.  Steak and cheese. It was delicious!  It was a good birthday lunch.  What's for dinner?  My favorite, hash brown casserole! :D. Yum.  That is too delicious meals today.  The Starbucks was pretty darn good, too! :p


I like my Pixel.  I also like the cases I got today.  I didn't think the mailman was EVER going to come.  He finally did and I was able to put a case on my new phone.  I didn't want to go out with it until I did.  Well, I went to take a few pictures. I plan to do a better job and take more pictures later, but I did get a few for today:




Pixel for me!

I have wanted a Pixel phone since they first came out, but I was not a Verizon customer.  They finally released them to other carriers.  I ordered myself the Pixel 4 and it arrived today.  I love it so far. I've gotten it set up and ready to go.  I first want to share a picture comparison.  I took the left picture on my new phone and the right picture of the old one.  I would have taken outside photos, but I'll get to that.  Here are the pictures:


Look at how much better the color is on the new phone! I can't wait to take some outside shots tomorrow.  I didn't get to do that today because the phone didn't come until almost 5pm.  I ran out and got food and came back and ate, then I mowed the front lawn.  After that, I sat down to set up the phone.  It was hard to wait, but I knew it would make more sense to get stuff done and then I'd have the rest of the evening to set it up and play.  I connected the two phones via the cord that I was sent with the new phone and was able to transfer all my text messages, photos, apps, etc.  I had to download some via the Play store but it was pretty seamless.  I only had to add a few things that I had backed up elsewhere.  (backup files from a few apps)

I love the new phone.  I ordered it and two cases for it on the same day.  The estimated arrival of the phone was to be the 19th-22nd. The cases were due to arrive on the 19th too, so I thought that is perfect!  The phone came a lot sooner than the estimate! :P. I'm not upset in the slightest, I just will be very careful with it until I get the cases.  I do have some things to keep it in to protect it until I can get those, so it's all good.  Here are a few pictures I took of it with the old phone.  I can't very well take photos of it with it. LOL!


I'll do a another post tomorrow after I've played with it more.  I think I'm really going to like it a lot.  It took a bit for me to get used to certain things on it, but now I have the just and I'm going strong.  I'm definitely a "AnnDroidGirl" :P Love my Google.



I have a bad habit of letting my dishes pile up to crazy amounts.  Well, I finally washed a ton of dishes last night.  Hoo boy that was crazy.  I had more coffee cups/tumblers than anything else. LOL. Of course six of them were new purchases.  I had so many dishes that I had to use both of my dish drainers and I had dishes stacked on other dishes.  I will try to keep them washed as I go. Of course, I say that every time and I never follow through!  Today's lunch I bought out so I only have a dirty fork to wash and I'm skipping dinner because I ate my lunch later than usual and there was a lot of it.  I may have a snack later before bed, but maybe not.

I was going out today to wash my car because some kind of tree junk had gotten on it.  I meant to go out with the hose and do it here this afternoon and got to doing other things.  So, I figured I'd just run out and wash it.  Well, I went out and it rained almost the entire time I was out, so I just didn't wash it today.  Hopefully, the rain will get those spots, if not, I'll get out the bucket and hose and do it myself tomorrow. That is twice lately when I've been going out to wash it that it starts to rain! lol


Stuff and more stuff!

So, yesterday at Goodwill I got a lot of stuff.  I got a Starbucks cold cup tumbler.  It is missing it's straw, but I can get replacement ones. I found another 'Starbucks' tumbler.  I say it like that because it DOES have a Starbucks logo on it, I'm just not sure it's a legit Starbucks tumbler.  I am still searching to see if I can find one like it.  I also found a really cool Starbucks cup from the Barista line! ^_^. First time finding anything like that.  I also got some stretch sting (for crafting), two pumpkin buckets, the Pokeball, a snowman ornament, a mug with a red crocheted cozy, a Gap purse (.99!), some graph paper, and a letter-size pad holder.  Whoever donated it left a cute Harry Potter pen in there so that was an extra score! I think that was all I got.  I got all of that for $16. Not bad at all!  

Today, I only went out once.  I had planned to go and wash Goontz and then vacuum too.  As I left the house, it was a bit cloudy, but no rain.  As I started driving it began to sprinkle and then the bottom fell out! LOL! It rained a LOT.  I decided to give up on the car wash since I was getting a free one!  I went to Dairy Queen and had a cotton candy Blizzard.  I had forgotten just how good they are.  It was delicious.  I turned on Munzee while there and noticed that the parking lot I was sitting in to eat had quite a few Munzees.  I was only able to find two and capture one.  One was faded too much to scan.  The others were in other parts of the lot, but it was still drizzling a bit and it began to thunder, so I headed home. Most of the Munzee stickers were on light poles and I didn't want to be scanning and become a possible target for a lightning strike! :P I'll go get the other ones at another time.  

PS Blizzards are EXPENSIVE! Sheesh!


PPS The Starbucks tumbler IS legit.  It's an old Thermoseve one.  I can find many of them that are the same type as mine but with different designs. I haven't been able to find a picture of my design, but they are legit.  I am just so used to all Starbucks cups having Starbucks on the bottom.  I guess these were before they changed.  


Midweek fun

Actually, I didn't really have fun today. I did wash my car.  I thought my friend and I were going to get a few things done on it but we didn't. They will get done later on.  It's nothing major just a few things.  So, since we didn't do that, we went to eat at Sonic and then went to Ollie's.   Not an exciting trip, but it was nice to go in my car. :)

Other than that, it's just too hot and sticky to live.  Right now the air in his car is out so it's not ideal for going around in.  I guess it's a good thing he got me the 'new' car, eh? :p. Anyway, sorry this is so boring and disjointed.  I should have more fun things to write about tomorrow. Or now! 

Clean car and goodies

I went looking for a small trash bin for my car last night on Amazon.  I found this cute little ones that are basically a plastic cup with a push open top.  It fits in the cup holder and it's perfect.  I wanted that, but I thought I would check one place here locally to see if I could find something similar.  I found the exact same one!  It was $3 and it's a perfect fit.  I wanted it mainly for straw wrappers.  If I get food and eat it in the car, I carry that trash in with me, but if I just get a drink somewhere (often!) I will be able to put the little wrappers in there.  It's cute, it's handy, and it's out of the way.

While I was there, I looked at the electronic section before leaving and found a dash mount for my phone.  It was only $6 so I got that.  I used both coming home and they are perfect.  I took a picture:


Isn't that little trash can cute? The phone holder stuck quite securely to the dash so I think that will work well.  I didn't want to use the air vent one I used in my old car because the air actually works in my new car and I didn't want to block it!

So, I had planned to wash my car here at home today, but I never got around to it. I remembered that one of the car wash places had a sign recently that all touchless car washes were $5.  Their most expensive one is $10, so if that was true, it was a good deal. It was true! I got the best wash for $5.  Very cool.  A new place opened in the fall nearby that has the 'pay monthly go anytime' plan and I guess this little place it struggling.  I was glad to help them out today.  I love the premium wash but I can't usually afford it.  I will definitely go there the next time I need a wash!

By the way, the trash can will be kept in a cup holder, not on the dash! :p  Oh, one more thing.  I opened the Starbucks app today and realized I was in a star dash and I only need to go once more and I would get 50 bonus stars.  My car somehow made it to Starbucks while I was out. :p

Inspection done!

I went back to my place today and I was able to get my inspection.  After that, I went over to Starbucks and got a Frappuccino and a cake pop! Yum.  I didn't stay out, but I did go back out this evening.  I haven't driven the car at night yet and was curious about how well the headlights worked.  They are amazing.  I could see SO much better than I could on my old car.  It was a huge difference.  I'm quite happy!  It was so much easier to drive at night when I can see properly!

I ordered a vinyl Gunter decal for the car and it came today.  I'm going to figure out where I want to put it on the car tomorrow.  I want to wash the car first.  I plan to do that tomorrow afternoon.  I went out this evening and got the weed eater out and got the majority of the front lawn done. It looks so much better.  I still have a small area to go over tomorrow.  I'm glad it's mainly done.  

I took the bag the cake pop came in and glued it to one of my inserts I bought for my Foxy Fix. Looks nice.  I like to decorate the inserts when possible. :)




Well, I didn't get my inspection sticker today.  I went but he was really busy and said if I came back tomorrow he'd work me in.  I will head back up there tomorrow and get it done.  I did get by the post office while I was out though.  I picked up a stack of mail and was able to get a 'book' of stamps.  It was actually a sheet of stamps, but there you go!  Now I can get my letters written and mail them out.

I should have worked on them today, but I didn't get around to it.  I had to go back out for a quick errand this weekend and ended up riding around a bit. I couldn't help myself. :) It's nice to not worry about the car cutting off, overheating, etc!

In other news, I need to get one of my mowers going so I can get the front lawn mown.  The back doesn't really need it and even if it did, I'm not worried about it as no one can see it.  The front is still not horrible, but it's getting shaggy and I don't like that! I'll see what I can do tomorrow after I get my sticker.  

Whoo Hoo!

No, I didn't get the mower going, I didn't get the lawn mown either.  What did I do?  Well, I got my car registered and the tags transferred from the old car to the new car. Yay! My car is now street legal.  I was going to get a Virginia inspection sticker, (I have a NC inspection but they don't give stickers) but the place I go to was closed for the week. I have a backup place but by the time we got to the first place, the other would be closed. My friend got off early today and we drove an hour away to a DMV express location that took 'walk-ins'.  They did everything from inside, but I was able to get. my business taken care of. I'm so glad!  I, of course, had to take it out for a bit this evening.  So smooth!  I love it.

While I was out, I took it through the car wash and got some food.  I'm going to have to get used to the new interior.  My cup holder is not in the same place, my window buttons are in a different place too.  I love that it has the controls for the radio on the steering wheel!  I listened to my iPod while driving and that was fun. :)

I stopped by the park and my favorite tree and deployed a virtual Munzee. I also got a Pokestop while out.  I was going by the post office, but I figured that I could do that tomorrow when I went to get the inspection sticker.  I need to get a book of stamps, too!  I want to get my letters caught up.  I might even go to Starbucks and hit and the drive-thru. Who knows? :)

By the way, the DMV Express office that we went to is in a VERY rural area.  These are pictures from where we were in line.  We thought the GPS was tricking us. lol