North Myrtle Beach Feed

Friday evening post

We went out and visited three Goodwill stores, a Salvation Army store, Tuesday Morning and we ate at King's Famous Pizza in North Myrtle Beach.  It was delicious as always.  I got some cool things.  I found a Sak roots handbag at the Salvation Army store, three pair of shoes at the Goodwill in NMB plus an amazing pen/pencil zip-up case that hold over 100 pens!  It's awesome and it's my favorite color, too!  It was a good day of thrifting for sure.  I found some really cute stuff at Tuesday Morning.  Two packs of washi (like I needed more!), a odd sized TN, some Halloween stampers, and a little book with notes in it.  Very cute! I love everything.  The little TN has two inserts that are regular size TN ones so I can use them in something else if I want.

I took a few pictures while out, too.  Here are some to share:


The first picture is some military plane (I think).  We saw it quite a few places unless there were more of them.  


Friday afternoon post

My friend is currently getting ready and we are going out to North Myrtle Beach today.  He ordered something to be delivered up there and we are heading that way.  We should be going to Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores up that way. I'm hoping for us to eat at King's Famous Pizza, but I'm not sure yet.  I would also like to go to Tuesday Morning.  It's dangerous but it's so much fun to shop! lol

I was watching the ocean a bit ago and saw a banana boat that kept stopping.  The people on the banana boat kept falling and jumping into the water. I've never seen that before.  Drama at the beach. :p. I took some pictures of the sky just a moment ago because it was so pretty.  Enjoy.  




Isn't the sky in that first picture just gorgeous!  The clouds in the last one are cool too. It's a beautiful day here for sure. ^_^

Saturday evening...

Last nightly post from Myrtle Beach. :(   We went to North Myrtle Beach and went to King's Famous Pizza.  We haven't eaten there in quite a while.  It was delicious.  After eating, we went across the road to the Goodwill.  I found a few small things.  A set of binder divider pages, A little notepad thingee, and a cute fabric jack o lantern fridge magnet.  My friend carried me by Starbucks in Myrtle. Yay!  I got a grande Cascara latte and it was delicious as always.  I've been to this Starbucks location only once before. It's a cute little location.

We headed back here and I sat down to post this.  I'm going for a walk on the beach and then pack most of my stuff.  I have all the things I bought already packed except for one t-shirt and I'm planning on wearing that home tomorrow.  I bought it the day I went to the Gay Dolphin.  I've gotten several shirts on the last few trips from there and they seem to hold up nicely.  


Monday evening

We went out to eat at Victoria's and it was delicious as always.  I took a picture of my food to share. lol . I got the special.  Two pork chops, and three sides. I got mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  It was so good!  We left there and went to North Myrtle Beach to the Goodwill.  I got a cool Starbucks stainless tumbler, two coffee mugs, a puzzle, a nice purse (not a Fossil lol), a mini Jack o lantern bag, and a ceramic Jack o' lantern.  I also got to get to go to the new Starbucks that is at North Myrtle beach!  It was nice.  I took two pictures in there, but only one took, so I'm sharing it.  I am going to rest a bit and then I think I'm going for a beach walk.  Well, I know I'm going for one tonight, I'm just not sure exactly when. :P

OH! We also went to Tuesday Morning! I got a cool sticker book, three packages of washi and a package of notebooks. :P


A day of puzzling and relaxing

I started a new puzzle today and did a lot more on it than I had planned.  I was only going to do the outline and the sky.  I started on one of the buildings and ended up doing them all. I only have the tulips to do tomorrow.  I only have two more puzzles after this. Oh no! I have one left from my Dollar Tree trip and the new one I got yesterday at Dollar General.  I am hoping to find a bunch of puzzles on the beach trip next month!  I got 21 puzzles on the last trip, I'm hoping to get at least than many in September. lol

I ran out to do a quick errand this evening and my car was actually doing well.  I'm not saying it always will, but at least it was working well this afternoon. Of course my silly butt didn't go to Starbucks while I was out.  I figured that what money I have on my card, I can save for the beach trip.  My friend finally picked which place we are staying.  We are staying in Myrtle, so I'll be taking my daily walk to the ocean front Starbucks. ^_^ It's a nice little location.  The best view and the best coffee.

I also hope to go to a new Starbucks that I spotted last year near the end of our trip in North Myrtle.  When my friend and I go up to North Myrtle, I am going to ask him to take me to it so I can cross off another new Starbucks. ^_^


Hello again!

I'm back again.  After I'd been here a while, my friend wanted to go out. First he was going down to the beach, but then he changed his mind and we went out. lol We went up to North Myrtle Beach and he went to the pawn shop and then we went to Goodwill.  I found some pajama bottoms, (three pair) and two vintage 750 piece puzzles.  I hope all the pieces are there!  I really liked the pictures on them.  They were not sealed, so I was taking a chance, but I think it will be worth it.  The puzzles are Guild puzzles made by Whitman! That is a brand I remember seeing a lot when I was young.  I think having them for that alone is pretty cool.  I hope they are complete!

The Goodwill at NMB is right next door to a Dollar General and we went over there.  I needed some batteries for my camera and a compact.  I also bought a cute bath sponge shaped like a popsicle! :p . After we left there, we headed for Victoria's to eat.  That was delicious and filling.  I got the special.  Pork chops and three sides!  They brought me two delicious pork chops and I got two mashed potatoes and one Mac and cheese as my sides.  It was delicious!  Sooo much food and only 7.99!  My friend got a breakfast platter that had 3 eggs, 3 pancakes, 3 sausage patties, and 3 strips of bacon!  6.99!!!!  Wow.  Good food for a great price.  We were both stuffed. lol . My pork chops were delicious.  

After we left there, we headed back here.  It was still light when we got here, but it's dark now.  I'm sitting on the balcony looking out at the ocean and towards the 2nd ave. pier.  It's lit up and pretty at night.  I would like to walk out on it at night.  I should check their hours.  I would love to go out during the day and then go back at night.  Some piers will stamp your hand so you can come and go all day.  I'll look into that.

I want to visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum that is at the Pavilion area.  It's 19.99 a ticket, but I found a coupon for $3.00 off.  I'll decide in the next few days and see what I decided to do.  I'm not sure yet.  I do plan to go out on at least one of the piers.  I just haven't decided which one, yet!

Yes, I am aware!

Yes, I know I didn't post yesterday. Sorry about that.  I didn't do much of anything yesterday!  I skipped my walk because I thought my friend and I might walk.  He was off from yesterday until Monday.  He didn't want to walk, so I missed out on my walk.  Oops!  It was made worse by the fact that I couldn't walk today because of rain and the threat of bad weather.  Oh well! I'll walk tomorrow and it will be okay.

To show you how lazy I was yesterday, I didn't even do anything for Camp NaNo!  I made up for it tonight.  I wrote over 1000 words.  I'm almost to 15,000 now and I only set the goal for myself of 20,000 so I'm doing quite well.

I went out this evening to hit a Pokestop as I was on a streak and I didn't want to break it.  I went out yesterday long enough to do that too.  While I was out today, it had started clearing off, so I headed to Starbucks. :P . I went through the drive-thru and got my favorite, a cascara latte.  It was delicious as usual and I had a nice convo with the barista at the drive-thru about he new award program. (No one was behind me and we were waiting on my drink!)

My puzzle is not going very well.  I got ONE piece in yesterday and today? Two. ^^; Seriously.  It's so frustrating!  When I get one, it takes so long to get it that I get tired of looking and give up. lolI told my friend tonight that I was tempted to toss it back in the box again! :P

I've been looking up old puzzles on eBay. I've found a bunch I really like but with shipping, the price is too high!  Just about every puzzle I see that like has a price tag of at least $8 and the shipping is usually $10 or more.  Plus, I am always looking for sealed boxes.  I don't want to do one and find a piece missing!  That is so frustrating.   I love that people have some really cool older puzzles on there that are still sealed.  I see many I want, but with shipping, I just can't afford it.  It's funny, I saw one puzzle that I bought at Dollar General for $5.  They only wanted $3 for theirs but the shipping was at least $10.  Oh well, I'll keep looking.  I prefer puzzles with actual pictures instead of illustrations.  There are some gorgeous ones in the Big Ben brand on eBay.  Big Ben is the brand of the puzzle I did earlier this month with the white bark trees.  I know they make good quality puzzles.

I'm sort of down in the dumps this weekend.  Why?  Well, for the past two years, my friend and I have gone to North Myrtle Beach on Easter weekend.  We didn't go this year.  I would so love to be there!  Well, the trip at the end of May, beginning of June isn't too far off.  It just seems like forever!  I am working on a packing list for the trip in my bujo and I already have the majority of my beach fun bingo set up. I just need to pick three more things to add to the board for it to be complete.