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That was me on today's walk!  It wasn't that it was that cold, but the wind was gusting and every time it did it was COLD.  I was very happy to get home and have a cup of coffee before doing my workouts.  Today was cardio day so that was something to get me warmed up!  I did those and then rested a bit before lunch. A friend brought me some things, so as soon as I got those, I fixed lunch and ate it.  I haven't done much since then except for playing Pocket Camp and reading Not Always Right! :P  Oh! I did work on Yule cards.  I got quite a few of those done and ready to go.  I'm sending some to some pen pals that I haven't heard from in a long time. I'm hoping they'll start writing again.

The others are to local people and some out of town family.  I also have some long time friends online that I usually send cards to.  I just need to get two of their new addresses.  I'll get those ready and send this whole stack out.  I usually send all my cards on the 15th of December.  That gives them 9 days to get there.  That should be enough.  I hope!


Phooey on yooey.....

Yeah, I'm not really wanting to post tonight either, but I didn't post yesterday, so I have to post at least a semi-decent post today.  I got in my walk.  It was a little colder, but not too bad, yet.  I got home and had time to relax a little bit before doing my workouts.  I did those and then cooled off and got dressed for going back out.  A friend picked me up and we went to eat.  We haven't been to this place in a long time, so that was nice.  We ate and then he needed to run by one other place and then he dropped me home.

I haven't done much of anything since I got home.  I have read on Not Always Right, I watched an episode or two of Unsolved Mysteries, and I played some Pocket Camp.  I'm really wanting to just go to bed.  I still have my French lesson to do.  After that, I might just crash.  Oh, I just remembered I have a load of clothes in the washer.  I need to toss those in the dryer. I  may not worry about actually getting them out of the dryer tonight.  As long as I get them dry, I can always fluff them tomorrow before getting them out.

My new 2018 Moleskine daily journal came today. It's Peanuts themed again  It's orange this year with blue trim.  The printing on the front and the comics inside the front and back cover are blue.  The ribbon and the elastic band are both blue, too.  It's pretty.  Here is a picture from the Moleskine website:


I like it.  Last years was yellow and instead of the smooth cover like this one is, it was rough.  This one is like every other Moleskine notebook I've ever had.  I prefer the smooth cover.  I love the blue trim on it!  

Saturday sabotage!

Okay, so maybe not that serious.  I got up and got ready for my walk today.  I heard a loud noise outside and thought to myself, what the heck was that!?  I looked out and didn't see anything so I turned around and then I noticed that the light was off.  I thought I had turned it on.  I looked around and noticed that none of my displays were lit.  Yup, something knocked the power out!

I went for my walk and hoped that it would be on when I got back. I wanted to get home, drink a cup of coffee and relax before doing my workouts.  The power was still out!  I texted a friend and he suggested we go eat since my power was out.  I couldn't fix coffee or do my workouts without power, so I said, yes!  We went to Reidsville, NC to a pizza place called Carmela's.  They have delicious pizza.  Afterwards, we wanted ice cream and I wanted coffee! LOL!  We went to the McDonald's.  He got ice cream and he got me one of their caramel macchiatos.  It wasn't bad!  

We came back to town and I came in and the lights were back. Yay!  I put my leftover pizza in the fridge and came to my room and did my workouts.  I got those done and then read some on Not Always Right.  I ate my leftovers for dinner and then did my NaNo for today. I got over 2000 words today and I am now past the 40,000 mark!  Yay!  All I have left to do is my French lesson on Duolingo and then I'm going to read with my Kindle until bed. ^_^

Almost at 35,000!

Yes, I'm only about three hundred words away and I'll hit the thirty five thousand mark on NaNo!  I just finished my writing for today.  I am actually doing it earlier tonight.  I had so wanted to go to Starbucks and write tonight, but I didn't go.  They were having double star day, and that would have been nice, but I just never got up and went!  Oh well.  I did have a lot of delicious coffee at home. :p

I went on my walk today and then did my workouts.  It was ab day.  That was painful, but it was a reprieve from the burpees of yesterday! LOL!  I am glad I didn't have to do any with any of today's workouts.  Tomorrow is total body torture day, so who knows there may be burpees. Yikes!

I actually did go to bed earlier last night, but I still feel like I didn't sleep much at all!  I am sleepy now.  I might have dinner and then climb in bed with the Kindle and read until time for bed.  I am not sure yet.  I don't have anything else I need to do today.  I have to decide on dinner.  I have no clue what I want to fix!  Oh well, I'll figure it out!  For now, I'm going to read more on Not Always Right and then worry about dinner!

No rolls today. :p

I actually was on one again earlier, but yeah.  I really need to start coming up with some snappy titles for my posts! lol  I took my walk before my workouts today.  I got home in plenty of time to cool off and relax before working out.  It was ab day. Ouch! LOL  I got through those and then relaxed a little bit before eating.   I didn't do a lot of anything else today.  Well, I read a lot of Not Always Right. :P  After I post this, I'm going to finish the book I'm reading.  I might walk to the library tomorrow to take it back.  Not sure yet.

I washed a load of clothes and put those away.  I have been sort of lazy today.  Except for my walk and workouts, I really haven't done much of anything. I love reading Not Always Right I get sucked right in.  I worked in retail so I totally can related to that site!  You can visit the site yourself by clicking on the the link above.