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Monday Madness!!!!

Well, not really. lol  I walked today and it was pretty nice.  I saw where the weather tonight and tomorrow is sort of iffy.  We might get rain and snow.  With our weather, who knows?  I figured that I would be sure to walk today just in case I didn't get to tomorrow.  It wasn't too bad weather wise out there.  It wasn't warm, but it wasn't cold either.  I was layered quite nicely!

I finally called eBay.  I contacted the seller yesterday to give her another chance to respond and she never did.  I reported everything to eBay.  They said they would refund the original money I paid to her for the item.  I didn't get the money back for sending it back, though.  I left negative feedback for her.  I really wanted this whole situation to work out.  Oh well.  

I downloaded the 2019 Passion Planner PDF to my iPad mini today.  I put it in GoodNotes.  It's very cool.  I can use it as a planner.  I still want to learn to design a bullet journal in GoodNotes.  I'm going to be watching tutorials and such.  I really enjoy GoodNotes.  I just want a fine tip stylus. I found out that I can't use an Apple pencil after all!  I found the stylus I want but it's a bit expensive.

I'm hoping to keep an eye on it and get it for less.  I ordered a cheap stylus in the meantime to try.  It's one with the little plastic disc on it.  I got suggestions on how good they are.  I didn't think I'd like one of these, but I found one cheap on Amazon and thought I'd give it a try. We will see how it goes.

A little something....

that I created for this blog:


That is just some of my pen pal letters that I've gotten since I re-started pen palling in January.  I am going to use it at some point as a banner for the site.  

I actually got a letter in my box today. It's another potential new pal.  I went back in my planner and noticed that I really haven't gotten a lot of letters lately!  I hope that everyone writes soon.  I have some pals I haven't heard from since May.  I also have some that wrote once and never again.  That is always sad.  I love hearing from my pen pals.


My Pen pal planner!

I use a downloadable version of #PassionPlanner for my pen pal planner.  I put it in my A5 purple planner.  That is it in the first picture on the right of this blog.  I carry it when I do my weekly letters.  I keep track of everything.  I have it color coded.  Example:

Pink: Received letter

Blue: Wrote letter

Purple: Mailed letter

Other colors for other stuff.  I also keep track of how many letters I get a day.  Since it was  slow week, I took a picture of a week when there was actually some activity:


I also have my pen roll that I carry all my highlighters in and many different pens to choose from when writing:



I need witty subject lines.  Oh well!

So, I got in my walk today.  I didn't feel like walking, but I did it anyway.  When I was done, I was happy to be finished! :)  I came in and did my workouts.  I had lunch and then relaxed for a bit.  A friend invited me up for dinner.  There was grilled chicken again, so I had to go! :P  I stayed at their house for a while and then headed home.

I washed my hair in between workouts and going to their house.  Since I've been home, I've been relaxing in front of the computer and watching Forensic Files on Hulu. I found some old address labels that I can't use anymore.  They had cute pictures on them, so I just snipped off the address part.  I can use the picture part for stickers on my pen pal letters. I didn't get any mail today at the post office, but I did get some at home.  I told you about my Passion Planner that I download the A5 version of recently.  Well, a few days ago, they had a sale of their academic year Passion Planners for $1.00 each.  They are only good through August of this year.  I wanted to see what the quality was of the actual Passion Planners themselves, so I figured this would be an easy and cheap way to do it.  They are actually really nice.  I will probably order one in 2017.  Not the academic one, but the regular year calendar.  There stuff seems to be of good quality and I love it.  

Pen pal planner?

I decided it would be cool to have a planner just for mail and especially pen pal related things.  I looked up free printable journals and came across Passion Planner.  I downloaded the A5 version for a old planner binder I had.  I LOVE it.  If they offer free downloads every year, I'll probably have one for pen palling and one for regular planning.  You can download it in several different sizes.  If you want to learn more, check them out:

Passion Planner

They also have pre-made ones you can purchase.  I am in love with the blue undated one that they have.  It's SO pretty!  Check out their site.  I love the layout of the planner.  It's perfect for anything you need a planner for. :)