Pluto Feed

Rain, but no.

When I looked out today, the street was wet.  The weather apps all said it was supposed to rain and storm all day.  I decided to chance it and walk anyway.  Good thing I did! The sun came out and there was not a drop of rain!  So much for the weather forecast. :p . I got my walk in and came home and relaxed a bit before doing today's workouts.  I did those and did my French lesson and then relaxed a little before fixing lunch.  That was not great, but  what can you do!  I haven't done a lot since then.  I've mainly just been watching New Detectives on Pluto.  Pluto is a free tv channel that I have on Roku.  I'm sure it's on other platforms too.  It has a Crime network and a New Detectives network.  The ND network plays ND 24/7! lol . It's pretty cool.  I need to explore more on Pluto.  The only thing I don't like about Pluto is the commercials.  They play the same commercials over and over and some of them are annoying as hell!  UGH!  They really need new advertisers! lol

By the way, my blog background came back last night.  I re-applied it to the blog even though in the settings it was showing that it was there.  Weird.  It should still be there today.  At least it was before I started typing this up.  Who knows after I post it. lol