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What day is this again?

So, I was sitting in my room relaxing and thought about the fact that I needed to mow the back lawn.  I didn't really want to mow, but I needed to.  I went out and did the entire backyard.  I was happy to have that done.  I enjoyed listening to Welcome to Night Vale while mowing.  That at least made it more fun!  I came in and relaxed a bit and then did my workouts.

I am not sure what the rest of the evening holds in store for me.   I might run out to the park for a bit, and I might not.  I'm really tired.  A friend of mine got a jeep and she picked me up in it yesterday.  I still have a headache and backache from riding in that damn thing.  I don't see the appeal of them at all.  She says "they are fun!"  I say, they suck and are painful! LOL