Printables Feed

Good things!

It has been a really long day and I'm about to get on my bed and relax for the rest of the evening.  Before I do, I wanted to do a post.  I had a checkup today at the doctor.  My appointment was at 1 pm, but I didn't actually see her until 2:15!  I was annoyed that I had to wait so long, but I got through and came home.  I did my workouts and then ate lunch.  I haven't done a lot since then.  I have done more work on my Moleskine bujo!  I added some new pages.  Also, I went in and took out some of the printables an re-did them with pen!  I will take a new video soon of the update.  So far I'm loving it.  I can't wait to move into it.   I have two more two page spreads that I want to do.  I am not sure what I'll use them for.  Probably collections.  I just have to decide what!  I am going to look at some bujo inspiration sites while relaxing on the bed.  I'm hoping to find something cool.  I have some idea, but I'm not sure exactly how I want to use them.  I will do an updated video and share it soon!

Let's talk stationery!

So, who loves pretty stationery?  I know I do!  When I started pen palling again, I was able to find some of my old store bought stationery.  I went online looking for free printable stationery and found a lot!  I took a picture of a few of the different ones I downloaded:


Just Google 'free printable stationery' and you'll find a lot of pretty ones to choose from.  I always download the file to save for later downloading when I run out of my initial printings.  It's a cheap and easy way to get great stationery!  All you need is some paper and a printer.  Some even have cute printable matching envelopes!  I love having a variety of stationery to use to write to my pals.  It's so much more fun than regular notebook paper!