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Almost 9000

Yes, I have almost 9000 words for NanoWriMo so far.  I might write more today, I'm not sure yet. I decided to take a break for a bit.  I hit 1879 for today and I had 1856 yesterday.  I would have had more yesterday, but I was interrupted by a friend's phone call.  I was at a good count, so I stopped.  I can't believe I'm so close to 10,000 words!  It's flowing easily.  The story to me seems a bit boring though.  I don't know.  It might not be that bad.  I'm just very critical of it.   Oh well!  

I had a cup of coffee during my writing session.  The Seattle's best coffee is GOOD.  I really like it a lot.  I will definitely buy it again!  It felt funny putting it in my Starbucks tumbler. :P  Shh!  Anyway, it was delicious.  I would like to try more varieties of their coffees.

I got in my walk today.  It was overcast and chilly for the entire walk, but it didn't rain at all.  I was glad about that!  It's such a pain to walk carrying an umbrella!  I came home from my walk and relaxed a little bit, I then did my workouts and had lunch.  I watched Friday's episode of Deadly Women while I still have PS Vue.  I will only have a for a few more days, so I wanted to watch that.  After that went off, I made my coffee and settled in with the Macbook  I am writing in a program called Bean.  It's what I used last year for Nano too.  It's a good little program and it's free!  I like it.

After I post this, I might get out my Kindle and read for a bit.  I am not sure yet.  I don't need to write anymore today, but I still might do that.  It's really early yet, so who know?  I do know I'm probably going to take a bath and soak in their a bit.  We turn our clocks back here tonight so I'll get an extra hour of sleep.  That is always good, but the time change always screws up my sleep schedule!  Let's hope it isn't too bad.

I am so broke!

I just sat down and paid all my monthly bills.  I also got groceries today and some household things I needed.  I am now broke until December.  I had to cancel PS Vue even though I've really enjoyed it.  If I had paid that, I would have been worse off this month than I already am.  I hope to re-subscribe to it in the future.  I'm going to miss it.  I got way more stuff at the grocery store than I should have, but I should have plenty to get me through the entire month.  I got two cans of coffee and one bag.  I wanted to try the Seattle's best coffee and I had a coupon, so I bought some of that.  I'm going to fix a cup after I finish this.  I need to get to Nano.  

I went for my usual walk today.  I came home and changed my shirt and shoes and headed to Family Dollar.  I got the things I needed there and headed for Food Lion.  I spent over $135 in there.  YIKES! LOL  I had a 10% off coupon which helped and I got a promo if you buy 5 of a certain product, you got $5.  The product?  Creamers. LOL!  My favorite creamers and the One touch latte were all in the deal, so I got three creamers and two of the one touch latte.  I won't be running out of creamer either. :p  

I had to renew my car tags and I wanted a change.  I've had many different personalized tags over the years,  here is what I've had:






I've had O GLOB for the past two years.  I wanted something Starbucks related so I tried SBUX  It was taken, but STARBUX wasn't!  My new tags will say STARBUX  :D  I think they should give me a discount on my coffee. :p  

I brought my groceries home and was putting them away when a friend texted and wanted to meet for lunch.  I put my cold stuff away and met him.  I went by Starbucks while I was out and got a Cascara latte.  They have the red cups out and the red sleeves. ^_^  I totally forgot that I needed to pick up my prescription!  I came home and organized my groceries and then went back out to get my script.  Unfortunately, my Kmart is closing soon. It's where I get my prescriptions.  I am going to have to decide where else to go!  I love my peeps at the Kmart pharmacy.  I don't want to go somewhere else!

Delicious errands!

I needed to take my book back to the library today and I wanted Starbucks.  I went out and my car started up okay, so I figured I would risk it.  I went and dropped the book in the book drop at the library and then went to Starbucks.  I got myself a cascara latte and a chocolate chip cookie.  It was so good!  It was a nice treat.  I had my cookie warmed and it was delicious.  I came home and my car did okay.  I am happy to have gotten my errand done and I was definitely happy to get Starbucks!

I took my walk earlier today and then came home and did my workouts.  I was getting back from my walk and there was a train completely blocking the track leading into my neighborhood.  I didn't want to stand there for who knows how long, so I walked down to the next crossing.  Unfortunately, that meant I had to walk on the side of the road for a bit.  I get to the other crossing and I'm walking up to it when I hear the gates coming down!  I had to wait for another train and then I finally was able to get into the neighborhood and head home.  I was so frustrated, but I had coffee when I got here, so that helped. :P  I had a little time to relax before starting my workouts, so that was good.  There were two on there that are not my favorites.  I was not happy, but I did them! ^_^

I'm watching Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield on HLN and then I'm going to fix some dinner.  I enjoy this show.  I found it not long after it debuted on HLN.  I hope it sticks around!