Quest bars Feed

Welcome May

So, it was raining when I got up today.  It was forecast to rain all day and then we were supposed to have really bad thunderstorms in the afternoon.  I decided not to walk.  I felt bad since I missed yesterday's too.  I'll be back in action tomorrow.  I have to!  I decided since the weather was so yucky, to just relax.  I was doing that when a friend called.  She wanted me to ride with her to to make a pick up and a return at two different stores.  I went with her and noticed something.  The sun was out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so pissed.  If I HAD walked, we would have gotten the storms and I would have gotten soaked!

I went back to her house and stayed for a bit and then came home and mowed my entire lawn.  At least that way I got in a walk and got some steps in!  I usually mow the lawn in parts.  I'll do some one day and then some another. Today, I just did the whole thing.  I needed the exercise.  I came in and cooled off a bit and did my workouts.  I have my bed linen in the dryer, so as soon as that gets done, I can make the bed back up.  I need to wash my hair, too.  

I'm sorry I didn't post a decent post yesterday.  I was upset because I didn't walk and I was gone from home almost the whole day. When I got home, all I wanted to do was crash and relax!  

OH! Something good did happen yesterday.  I received two Quest bars in the mail.  I've wanted to try them for a long time.  I saw a promotion recently that if you were one of the first 1000 people to fill out a request would receive two of their new formula bars.  Since I've always wanted to try them, I tried.  I was one of the first 1000! :)  

I received the Double Chocolate chunk bar and the Chocolate brownie bar.  I can't wait to try them.  I'll do a post about them when I try them.  I've seen some delicious looking flavors from them.  If I like these, I'm going to try more flavors.  They aren't really high in calories and they are full of good stuff!