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Hoo boy am I tired!

I was up until around 3 am finishing my latest read (Zombie fiction). It was so good! I just found the second book in the series and loaded it to my Kindle to start tonight.  The first book was great, I'm hoping book two will be just as good.  

So, I got up at my regular time today and texted my friend.  He was in the middle of something but said he'd be on in a bit.  He got here around noon and we headed out.  We went first to Reidsville, NC to the Salvation Army store, the Goodwill store, and two pawn shops.  He went in those, I just thrifted.  In the SA store, I got a S'well bottle for .49¢!  Those things are expensive new!  I also found a Fossil purse!  It's the brown one you'll see in the pictures below.

We went to the Goodwill in Reidsville and I found a Starbucks mug, which I love, and a little table/container.  It was new in box.  The price new was $20 and I paid $8! I have a picture of it below too.  I put it together when I got home.  It will be a nice little storage unit.  

After leaving Reidsville, we went to Eden NC.  At the Goodwill there, I only got a little wicker Snowman basket.  He was cute and only .49¢.  We found a Salvation Army store that we'd never been to before and I got a ceramic jack o' lantern, a puzzle, and some watercolors.  The puzzle is the one with the fall trees. 

We ate while Eden at a little drive up place we love.  They have delicious cheeseburgers!  We left Eden and headed to Martinsville, VA.  We went to the Salvation Army store there that we found last trip.  I found another Fossil bag.  Last time I got a Fossil bag there I spent $1.50.  This one was $10!  It was red leather and I loved it. I kept debating on and finally just bought it.  $10 is not expensive and I actually love this bag. I'll carry it.

We went to two more Goodwills.  One is on the other side of Martinsville but not too far away and one is in Martinsville.  At one, I got a cute Jack o' lantern container and a pair of Ked like shoes.  The grand total? $3.50. Whoo hoo!  At the last Goodwill we went to, I found a cool tote bag that I loved, an Ipsy zipper pouch, and a cute Cake pop puzzle.  

All in all it was a good day! I got two 'new' Fossil bags, that little bin thingee, some puzzles, jack o' lantern goodies and more.  And now for the pictures!


Yay for the rain stopping!

It was supposed to rain all day today, but luckily when I got up today there was sunshine.  It did get overcast later, but it never rained.  I live in a river city as I've mentioned before and we had a LOT of flooding here in the city.  There are roads closed and underwater.  I was glad it stopped raining because I had to run to the bank today.  I wanted to get out a few dollars since my friend and I were doing our thrift store run tomorrow.  I probably won't get my new debit card until Monday or later, so I just wrote a check for cash and got $20.  I am sure if I run out of cash, my friend will front me until I can get my debit card and pay him back.

That crazy puzzle is driving me nuts!  I got a lot more done of it today, but I think some of the parts are not done correctly.  The raspberries are the hardest part and I'm working on them.  I finally just gave up for the evening and I thought I'd leave it until tomorrow.  I was just getting frustrating! I might take parts out and do it over.  I know the blueberries are right.  It's just those darn raspberries.

Here is the progress:


I am going to take out the majority of the raspberries tomorrow and start over on that part.  The puzzle wouldn't be so bad if the pieces were cut almost in exactly the same shapes.  Pieces fit where they don't do.  It's frustrating, but I'm determined to finish it!

I got a new wallet in the mail today from eBay. It's a Relic brand. I'm pretty sure they are also a Fossil brand, just the cheaper version of their stuff.  I had a Relic wallet a long time ago that I adored. I wore it just about out.  I looked recently to see if I could find a version of it and did. It's smaller than the one I had, but it's pretty similar.  It's blue and I love it.  Here is the new wallet:


It's a smaller wallet than my usual ones. It's a good size for my smaller purse.  I liked my Pink Fossil wallet, but it's really too tiny.  This is perfect. I can put my most used cards in it and my coupons and other things without it being overstuffed.  I don't like to overstuff my wallets.  This little wallet has a removable wrist strap and a shoulder strap that can be used.  I am not using either, but I have them stored in case I want to use them. The best thing? This is brand new and it still had the tags. I got it for a lot less than the list price. :)

I put a load of clothes in to wash last night and then forgot to move them to the dryer because I got caught up in my current read. I had to make myself stop reading so I could go to bed!  I am sure my clothes would have been okay to just toss in the dryer today, but just to be on the safe side, I rinsed them and spun them and then tossed them in the dryer.  I just need to get those out and put them away. I plan to do that after posting here.  

What a day! Again! lol

So, I woke up way early and heard dripping so I check my containers.  I poured out some and then went back to bed.  Later after I got up, I went to empty another container.  (I have leaks in a few places) So this one I emptied successfully but it's on a shelf.  I didn't put it back far enough and it started getting water in it and it crashed down scaring the crap out of me.  LOL!  I cleaned up the water, put it back and put a heavy rock towards the back to keep it from tipping if it got that full again.  So far it's not much in there so hopefully I won't have a repeat of that!

I started a crazy puzzle today and I didn't get a lot done.  I'll post a picture of my progress with a picture of the box so you can see why! :P   Also, I got a notification from my library today that a book I had put in a request for at the library was automatically loaned to me.  They didn't have the book so I put in a recommendation for it and they got it.  I went to put it on my Kindle since I finished my latest read last night and was excited to read it.  Queue all day of me trying to get it where I could read it.  They didn't have a Kindle version and I was trying to send it to my Kindle anyway and that wasn't working.  I could read it with Overdrive on my phone but the screen is so small.  I downloaded Overdrive on my iPad Mini and I have it there.  In the process of me trying to get it where I could read it easily, I picked out a book so I'll read it as soon as I'm done with the current one.  



Ah ha!

So, I went out to get the mail in today and notice it's a bit warmer than it has been. That is good.  The bad thing is it's raining now.  It's supposed to rain hard later. I'll have to check all my containers later.  I wouldn't mind rain if my damn roof didn't leak! 

I finished my puzzle today.  Whoo boy was it intense.  I'm glad I got it done though! It looks pretty cool put together.  Here it is:


Now all my Dollar Tree puzzles are done.  I'll probably do one of the 1000 pieces ones tomorrow or take one of the ones from the variety box I mentioned.  I also have the round one too.  I do have a Dollar Tree puzzle that I've worked already. It was one that fell apart when I tried to flip it.  I will save that one for when I have no 'new' puzzles.  

I only went out once today and that was to make sure my car was going to start.  It did, so I drove around a little while.  I didn't want to tax the battery by starting it up and turning it off.  I was tempted to stop at one place, but I didn't want to turn it off and take the chance it wouldn't turn back on. It's rainy and nasty and I totally didn't want to mess with it.

I finished the book I was reading this afternoon. It was apocalyptic, but not a zombie book.  The character s were great.  It was a good read.  I went looking for a new book to read. I was looking up free zombie books on Amazon and went to 'buy' one. It said I had it, but it wasn't on my Kindle. I checked and then delivered it to my Kindle and it's my next read. I'll start it before bed. I love being able to download free reads!

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but with Amazon Prime, they do have some free books, but I've only found one or two I would be interested in.  BUT they also have a 'first read' thing.  They send you a list of books at the beginning of the month and you can pick one to 'buy' for free.  This past montn, you could choose two.  I have already read one.  It was fiction and it was pretty good. The other is a non-fiction book.  


On a roll!

My reading is on a roll.  The only problem is, I'm staying up late to do it. I finished another book last night.  I looked up any apocalyptic fiction.  I was looking for zombie fiction, but I only found ones I've read or didn't look very interesting. I found another dystopian kind so I figured I'd give it a chance and borrowed the ebook.  I"ll be starting it when I finish this post!

I finished my puzzle today.  It was a fun puzzle to work.  It wasn't too hard even though it looked like it might be complicated in parts.  I will be sharing a picture of it here:


I've been 'watching' YouTube Reddit videos while working on my puzzle and doing other things. I'm mainly listening to most of them, but there are some you actually need to watch. (Facepalm, mildly irritating, etc) but the I don't work here, entitled parents, etc,  I can just listen. I have found a few other videos of other content I'm enjoying too.  One is TheWolfePit This guy buys cheap, Dollar Store items and tries them.  He also tries other weird stuff. It's pretty cool.  He cracks me up when he says he spit out whatever he was trying as soon as he bites into it. It's cool to see the products reviewed so I don't waste my money on something gross. I've actually tried one of the things he tried and didn't care for and it's something I have in my freezer right now. I actually like it.  To each his own. :)

I had some of my leftover pizza for lunch and saved the last two pieces for tomorrow's lunch. I could have eaten them for dinner, but I thought they'd make a great lunch for tomorrow and I had some other stuff I like, so it wasn't hard to save it.  It will be a nice treat tomorrow!  Speaking of tomorrow, my 'new' Fossil bag is coming.  I can't wait to see it. I hope it is scent free and I'm able to use it immediately.  Of course, I'll take pictures of it!



I've had a killer headache all day today.  I started a puzzle, but because of my headache, I didn't get very far.  I've only got the outline done.  I'll get more done tomorrow. Hopefully my head won't hurt tomorrow or at least not as bad. 

I was up until after 4am the last two nights. Why? I was reading the new Stephen King book! lol  I finished it last night and it was excellent!  I'll go back to the other book I put on hold to read it. I don't know if I will do it tonight or not. It depends on how my head feels.  Right now it's hard to just type this post!  I'll share a picture of the small bit of puzzle I've done and I'll see you tomorrow! 


Recycle and more!

So I loaded up my recycling today to carry it to the containers.  My car did just fine. ~_~;  I only at to drive a short distance at the speed limit is 25, but the car was doing fine and actually got above 25 mph.  Figures! I just did my recycling and then went to the grocery store to pick up a few items that I needed before they went off sale.  I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I just headed home.  It figures the day I didn't need my car to go fast, it worked okay.  Oh well!  

It has been a really long day and I didn't do much of anything.  I'm going to get some more reading done on my book.  The new King book comes out tomorrow and you know I want it! I put my name on the wait list of ebooks at the library.  I wish I had thought of that sooner!  Oh well, maybe if I go down there, I'll see a copy on the shelf. It happened once with one of his books, but I can't remember which one, now.  I went in, looked at the new releases, saw it, and snatched it up! 

On time today!

I got my walk it at the regular time today.  It was a bit cooler earlier so that was nice.  I forgot to carry any change with me and I couldn't get a drink at my half way point.  I was going to use Google or Samsung pay but I hadn't set up one with the right card, and they one I did set up I needed the number on the back of the card.  I was only off one number. In other words, I didn't get a drink!  Oh well, at least it wasn't as hot as it has been.

After I came home, I did my usual things.  I had lunch and then was relaxing a bit. I remembered that I had planned to go to the recycle center, so I loaded up my car and went.  I got that done and then went over to Food Lion to recycle my bags.  The recycling bins have "no plastic bags" on them, so I save those separately.  Food Lion has bins outside just for those, so I got those recycled too!  I left my car running at both places.  I was able to get down there and back with no issues, so that was good.

I picked up my book again last night and I actually read more on it than I have since I started it. lol It's getting a lot better and there have been some new characters added that I like.  One of them is a pup!  i love dogs, so I love books with dogs in them.  Heck, my Zombie books are full of dogs. LOL . We have... let's see, two grown Corgis, many Corg pups, a Jack Russell, a mini Doxie, a terrier mix, a poodle mix, a lab, a golden mix, lab and golden puppies, and ... I think that is all? Yeah, we have a lot of dogs.  There are three cats, too! :P The dog in this book is a Viszla.  Very cute pooches!  They better not kill the dog.  That will ruin the entire book.

I am going to read some more on that after I post this.  I have all my other chores done for today, so I can spent some time reading.  I would like to finish it tonight, but I don't know if I'll have time.  OH! I forgot to mention that I DID get the Goodreads widget to work!  It's on the blog now so you can check it out. :)

Spring Fling!

Spring Fling, you ask?  That is the name of the design on the blog at the moment.  I always loved this one a lot and was able to get it to show up correctly.  Typepad support was able to get to display when I couldn't.  I went and changed something and then went back to it and it wouldn't display correctly. D'oh! I went in and did some more work and got it to display.  I'm not sure why my blog is giving me so many issues.  Boo on that!  Oh well, it's up.  I didn't realize that when I had the Macaroons, I didn't have my link list.  It is now back.  I might even try again with the GoodNotes widget.  Maybe it will work now? Who knows! :P

So today, when I was supposed to walk, it was raining off and on.  My weather apps all said different things!  I decided to not walk at my usual time and hope it was okay later.  I was able to get a walk in a bit after 5pm. It's a good thing I went when I did!  It rained and stormed off and on after that!  I was glad to have my walk completed.  I was home well before the storms hit. I even stopped off at CVS on my way back and picked up a few essentials that I needed.  One was buy one get one half off but they only had the one. The nice cashier gave me 25% off the item so that worked out well. I also had a $5.00 coupon for $5.00 in Extra bucks and used that.  I had over $10 worth of items and I ended up paying $3.00 and some change.  Nice!

I couldn't wash my hair when I came home because I need to cool down and relax for a moment.  Then, it was lightning, so I had to wait.  I just got that done and I'm sitting here with my hair up in a turby twist thingee.  I did not want to sit under the hair bonnet dryer.  I just hope it dries before bedtime. I don't usually wait this late to wash it!  My bed linen is in the dryer and I just need to get that and put it back on the bed.

I am in serious need of a snack.  Too bad I don't have any snacks in the house.  I do have some popsicles though.  They can be a nice cool snack. :p . I have been working on my packing list for the beach trip as I go along.  I already have a ton of shirts to carry.  I carry more than I need because when I walk during the day, I come back to the room all hot and sweaty and I don't want to wear that shirt if we go out in the evening.  I'm going to pack enough so I'll have at least two shirts a day.  I also figured I could wash some in the sink and toss them on the balcony to dry and re-wear them.  

Speaking of shirts, I was looking on eBay and I came across a really cute Finn one.  It was a Loot Crate exclusive.  It will shock anyone who knows me.  It doesn't have Jake on it anywhere! LOL . It was just too cute to pass up and since it was in a Loot Crate, I wouldn't have been able to get it any other way.  I paid less than $10 for it shipped, so I'm pretty happy about that!  

I wanted to order myself a Dead Dog Saloon shirt from DD at Murrell's Inlet, but they don't have any of their shirts on their site for sale at the moment.  Weird!  I am hoping we'll go to the Dead Dog while we are down there, but there is no guarantee.  If we do, I'm probably going to get a shirt.  

I have filled up my Beach Trip Bingo completely now except for one space!  I still need to figure out what to put in that space.  I made sure to only put things in there that I knew we'd do or things I could get to on my own.  My friend sometimes gets cranky and doesn't want to do certain things, so I only put things on there that I know I can accomplish.  Examples include: Visit the Gay Dolphin, Starbucks, Walk on beach, etc.  It's going to be fun to fill my bingo card. ^_^

Okay, I think I've rambled on enough for one day!  I need to get a few more things done and then I'm going to relax for a bit.  I'm currently reading a zombie book that is pretty boring. LOL . It's not that it's boring, really, I just don't care for the characters.  I'm going to try to finish it so I can get on to something else!  Wish me luck!  I also plan to try the Goodreads widget again. If you don't see a Goodreads widget on my blog by Monday, I failed again. :P

Cooler, but nice!

Today's walk was a bit cooler than it has been being, but it was still nice to walk.  The wind got a little crazy.  I made it home and relaxed a bit.  I was supposed to go to the recycle center when I got home and forgot.  I got to it after I ate lunch.  I can't turn my car off for fear it won't start, so I was hoping to get a clear shot at the recycle center.  No luck.  There was a car at it that parked exactly where i usually park.  I had to wait FOREVER for this girl to finish.  I don't know what in the hell she was doing and what was taking so long.  Another lady pulled up, recylced her stuff in less than two minutes and left.  Then, another slow one came.  I swear she was standing there taking each piece of her recycled stuff and putting in the bin ONE at a time. UGH! She finally left and I went over there.  It took me maybe four minutes.  I had three bags of plastics, two bags of cans, and a huge tote full of mixed papers. 

I considered getting a snack from a drive thru while out, but I was good and headed back home.  I worked on the puzzle some more.  I have to say that it is SO frustrating!  I might have gotten 15 pieces in the puzzle today.  20 tops.  I finally was able to get all the pieces out of the box and put them on the whiteboard.  Some of them I put on completed parts of the puzzle, but there are all there now.  I found the majority of the pieces today by being able to glance around at all the pieces.  It helps.  I just know that I'll be very glad when this puzzle is done! :p

All I have left to do today is do my words for NaNo.  I'm not sure what to write tonight. I've been doing short stories based on my books.  I'm doing them from other characters POV.  I am trying to decide who I want to do next.  I had a big event in my last book that my main character wasn't there for. She came in in the aftermath.  I might tell that tale from one of the people that were there.  I'm not sure yet.

I'm not going to share a puzzle picture tonight because I don't have much more done.  Plus it looks weird with all the pieces all over the place. lol!  Okay, I changed my mind:


Look at the bottom part of the puzzle.  All those pieces that are shaped almost identical? THAT is one of the reasons this puzzle is so hard.  They are all about the same size, mostly the same colors.  It's insane!  I might work on it a bit more tonight, and I might not.

I downloaded a bunch of free zombie Kindle books to my Kindle last night.  I started one before bed last night.  I have read anything this year. Well, that isn't entirely true. I've been listening to audiobooks on my walks everyday, but I haven't read anything.  I am in the mood for zombie fiction since I'm working on stories from my books.  They are all zombie fiction. :p

Post titles are hard! :p

Well, I got in my walk today. It was a bit cooler than yesterday.  I wore my warmer hoodie and I needed it!  It was mostly overcast with some clear spots in the sky.  The sky was so pretty and blue behind those clouds.  As of now, they are calling for snow here this weekend.  Sunday is supposed to be a snowy day.  I don't know if it will, but if it does, I have the treadmill if I want to use it and I have plenty to read.  I finished my last book last night and started on the next.  After that, I'll go back to the one I was reading before all three of my holds came through. lol

According to the tracking, my iPad is in Roanoke VA. That is usually the last stop before it gets to Danville.  It still says it might be Saturday before it gets here, but I'm hoping that will update and it will be here tomorrow.  It would be cool to have it to play with this weekend.  Especially if we do get the snow.

I can also use the time to get more done on my 2019 bullet journal.  I am trying to think of more trackers to add. I have a few listed that I want to add that I haven't yet.  I did a 'welcome January' page and it's pretty cute. I drew a snowman and put some 'snowflakes' falling around him with a stamper.  It looks pretty neat.  Not artistic as most people, but I like it! ^_^ 


Hello again....

So, it was warmer today than it has been.  It was warm enough on my walk that I had to take my jacket off!  I had it on to begin with.  I got in my walk and then came home and relaxed for a while.  I have to get back in to doing my workouts!  I've slacked off on them so terribly.  I will get back on track with them soon.

I wanted a hot bath today as I was tired and achy, but sadly, I haven't gone down in the basement to check the water level.  I figured there was probably no need for it today.  I hasn't had time to go down much.  I'll try again on Wednesday.  

I was on a roll tonight for NaNo! I wrote over 2000 words.  It was a live chat/virtual write in.  That was fun and I enjoyed it.  I had some idea floating around that I want to add to my story.  I have one major plot item that I'm going to add soon.  I am just trying to figure out how to throw it in there and where it should come in at.

Now, I'm going to pick up my current read and get back into that for a while.  It's pretty good.  I have three books on hold at the library.  I'm hoping they come due soon.  I'm not too far from finishing this one.

Prep? Nope!

Yeah, I didn't get any prep done today.  I meant to re-read my books, but I downloaded a book on my Kindle and I got to reading it and now I'm almost done with it. LOL . It just drew me right in.  I only have a little bit left, but I needed to post to my blog and to do my French lesson, so I took a quick break.  

It was rainy and cold all day so I did skip my walk.  I went out briefly in my car this afternoon to hit a Pokestop and catch a Pokemon.  It was day six of a streak, so I didn't want to lost out on that.  I just stayed out long enough to do that and then headed back.  It was pretty yucky out there.  I have spent the day either in, on, or near my bed.  I also took an extremely long hot bath the afternoon.  I loaded the book to the Kindle app on my phone and was going to read a little of it.  Well, that didn't end so well.  Several hours later, the water was getting cold and I was still reading. lol . I finally got out of the tub and then got my Kindle and synced the book to where I'd left off in the app.  Technology is such a cool thing! I picked up where I left off and even read through dinner.  I can't wait to get back to it as it's near the end and exciting things are going on.  

I am hoping to get back to walking tomorrow.  I don't like to miss too many days in a row.  I only got 6000 steps today.  I try for 15,000 every day.  If it hadn't been for the book, I had planned to do some time on the treadmill.  Oh well! LOL . It was a nice day for a book and some coffee. ^_^

Sunny today!

Yes, it was sunny today.  No problems with my walk at all.  I was happy that it didn't rain on me again.  I wouldn't have minded the overcast sky, though! :P . Even though it was sunny, it wasn't too bad out there.  I'm hoping that Fall weather if finally going to show up around here.  That would be so nice. I'm ready to wear all my hoodies. ^_^

I have been watching a good true crime show on Amazon Prime on my Roku.  It's called Crime Stories and it's based in Canada.  I've enjoyed all the episodes so far and there are still some on there to watch.  After I finish this, I'll see what else in on there.  I love that on streaming you can get shows from other countries that you might not get to see here.  I watched a show from France on TubiTv recently.  I was loving TubiTV until the commercials came.  BOO! lol I watched it for a few weeks before I saw the first commercial.  That was cool.  I was watching a show called The Prosecutors on there and hadn't finished when the commercials started. I found the show on Prime so I finished watching it there.  The Prosecutors is done by the same people behind FBI Files and New Detectives.  Both shows that I love.  I see quite a few shows that look like true crime on the Prime channel, so after I finish this series, I'll check those out.

I finished book four the Dan Wells books.  I'm ready to start on book five.  It's ready to go on my Kindle.  I finished Doctor Sleep on today's walk, so I went to the library and got The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.  I've read it, just like Dr. Sleep, but this will be my first listen.  After I finish that, I'll see what else the library has. I might see if they have some books by other authors I like.  There are a LOT of Stephen King ebooks, but not as many audiobooks.  I'll find something to 'read' after Bazaar, I'm sure!


I am in the midst of a migraine and it's not fun.  It came out of nowhere, too.  I hate migraines.  I want it to go away so I can read more on The Outsider.  I started it last night and it's good!

I walked today and it was hot.  I was so glad to get home and get to the air conditioning!  I did my workouts at the usual time today and then my French lesson.  I was a bit late fixing lunch because I got distracted online.  I really haven't done much else today.  I did do a sink full of dishes. The majority of the dishes were coffee cups. :p

Speaking of coffee.  I bought a bag of Eight O'Clock coffee beans at the beginning of the month.  I just finished up the other bag of coffee I had and opened it.  It's so good! I'd never had this brand before, but it was on sale, they sell it whole bean, and it smelled delicious!  It was!  I like it quite well.  It's definitely a keeper.  I would like to get to Starbucks and get a bag of whole bean Pike Place roast.  I haven't been over there still! The grocery store sells Starbucks coffee, but it's ground. I want the beans.  I'm addicted to grinding my own. It makes the kitchen smell so good!

Yes, this is a short post, but like I said, I have a migraine and I really need to relax a bit before getting the Kindle out to read more of the new Stephen King book.