Recycling Feed

Good grief!

I decided to flatten boxes today to recycle.  When my friend gets me to pick up guitars or has them sent here, he leaves the boxes here sometimes.  I had a bunch and they were taking up a lot of room. I had to empty all the packing in them and flatten them.  That took a lot longer than I would have thought.  It took many trips to get them all out to my car. I had to put the back seat down to fit them all then there.  I piled all the paper packing on top.  I went to the recycle center and luckily it wasn't full. I dumped all of that and then went back to get the plastic packing.  I went back to the recycle center an had to wait for one guy who, I swear, looked like he was putting the recycling in one thing at a time. ~_~;;;; He finally left and I found out that the plastic bin was pretty full. I was lucky enough to be able to get my plastic in there and then headed out.

I went to the car wash and gave Goontz a much-needed wash!  I also went and got gas while out.  Now I have a clean car and a full tank of gas. :) I thought about getting Starbucks while out, but I ended up not going by there.  Maybe this weekend.  Who knows?  I might get crazy this weekend and clean more at home.  Stranger things have happened. :p

Recycle and more!

So I loaded up my recycling today to carry it to the containers.  My car did just fine. ~_~;  I only at to drive a short distance at the speed limit is 25, but the car was doing fine and actually got above 25 mph.  Figures! I just did my recycling and then went to the grocery store to pick up a few items that I needed before they went off sale.  I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I just headed home.  It figures the day I didn't need my car to go fast, it worked okay.  Oh well!  

It has been a really long day and I didn't do much of anything.  I'm going to get some more reading done on my book.  The new King book comes out tomorrow and you know I want it! I put my name on the wait list of ebooks at the library.  I wish I had thought of that sooner!  Oh well, maybe if I go down there, I'll see a copy on the shelf. It happened once with one of his books, but I can't remember which one, now.  I went in, looked at the new releases, saw it, and snatched it up! 

On time today!

I got my walk it at the regular time today.  It was a bit cooler earlier so that was nice.  I forgot to carry any change with me and I couldn't get a drink at my half way point.  I was going to use Google or Samsung pay but I hadn't set up one with the right card, and they one I did set up I needed the number on the back of the card.  I was only off one number. In other words, I didn't get a drink!  Oh well, at least it wasn't as hot as it has been.

After I came home, I did my usual things.  I had lunch and then was relaxing a bit. I remembered that I had planned to go to the recycle center, so I loaded up my car and went.  I got that done and then went over to Food Lion to recycle my bags.  The recycling bins have "no plastic bags" on them, so I save those separately.  Food Lion has bins outside just for those, so I got those recycled too!  I left my car running at both places.  I was able to get down there and back with no issues, so that was good.

I picked up my book again last night and I actually read more on it than I have since I started it. lol It's getting a lot better and there have been some new characters added that I like.  One of them is a pup!  i love dogs, so I love books with dogs in them.  Heck, my Zombie books are full of dogs. LOL . We have... let's see, two grown Corgis, many Corg pups, a Jack Russell, a mini Doxie, a terrier mix, a poodle mix, a lab, a golden mix, lab and golden puppies, and ... I think that is all? Yeah, we have a lot of dogs.  There are three cats, too! :P The dog in this book is a Viszla.  Very cute pooches!  They better not kill the dog.  That will ruin the entire book.

I am going to read some more on that after I post this.  I have all my other chores done for today, so I can spent some time reading.  I would like to finish it tonight, but I don't know if I'll have time.  OH! I forgot to mention that I DID get the Goodreads widget to work!  It's on the blog now so you can check it out. :)

Cooler, but nice!

Today's walk was a bit cooler than it has been being, but it was still nice to walk.  The wind got a little crazy.  I made it home and relaxed a bit.  I was supposed to go to the recycle center when I got home and forgot.  I got to it after I ate lunch.  I can't turn my car off for fear it won't start, so I was hoping to get a clear shot at the recycle center.  No luck.  There was a car at it that parked exactly where i usually park.  I had to wait FOREVER for this girl to finish.  I don't know what in the hell she was doing and what was taking so long.  Another lady pulled up, recylced her stuff in less than two minutes and left.  Then, another slow one came.  I swear she was standing there taking each piece of her recycled stuff and putting in the bin ONE at a time. UGH! She finally left and I went over there.  It took me maybe four minutes.  I had three bags of plastics, two bags of cans, and a huge tote full of mixed papers. 

I considered getting a snack from a drive thru while out, but I was good and headed back home.  I worked on the puzzle some more.  I have to say that it is SO frustrating!  I might have gotten 15 pieces in the puzzle today.  20 tops.  I finally was able to get all the pieces out of the box and put them on the whiteboard.  Some of them I put on completed parts of the puzzle, but there are all there now.  I found the majority of the pieces today by being able to glance around at all the pieces.  It helps.  I just know that I'll be very glad when this puzzle is done! :p

All I have left to do today is do my words for NaNo.  I'm not sure what to write tonight. I've been doing short stories based on my books.  I'm doing them from other characters POV.  I am trying to decide who I want to do next.  I had a big event in my last book that my main character wasn't there for. She came in in the aftermath.  I might tell that tale from one of the people that were there.  I'm not sure yet.

I'm not going to share a puzzle picture tonight because I don't have much more done.  Plus it looks weird with all the pieces all over the place. lol!  Okay, I changed my mind:


Look at the bottom part of the puzzle.  All those pieces that are shaped almost identical? THAT is one of the reasons this puzzle is so hard.  They are all about the same size, mostly the same colors.  It's insane!  I might work on it a bit more tonight, and I might not.

I downloaded a bunch of free zombie Kindle books to my Kindle last night.  I started one before bed last night.  I have read anything this year. Well, that isn't entirely true. I've been listening to audiobooks on my walks everyday, but I haven't read anything.  I am in the mood for zombie fiction since I'm working on stories from my books.  They are all zombie fiction. :p

Lazy day for sure!

I didn't walk or do my workouts today!  I took the day off of everything.  I need to take a break every now and then!  I will get right back to my normal schedule tomorrow.  I just didn't feel great when I got up today so I decided to take a break.  I did and it was pretty nice.  I might have gone for a walk later this afternoon, but my friend was going to come and look at my car.  He was able to put a brake on where mine fell off a few weeks ago.  After he did that, we drove it for a short distance to make sure it was okay.  He said it would be okay for me to drive it. YAY!  I can go get some things done tomorrow evening. ^_^

I would have gotten a few things done tonight, but it was after 9 when we got back from testing the car.  I was low on gas, so I got $5.00 worth while we were out.  That way I'll be able to go to the grocery store and the recycle center soon!  I usually go to the recycle center on Monday because it's empty then.  I'll try to remember to walk past the containers on my walk tomorrow.  If it's stuffed, I'll wait, but if it's not too bad, I'll go ahead and go.  My recycling it piling up like crazy.  

I'm so glad to be able to drive my car again.  I hate not being able to go and get things when I need them.  It's so much easier to run to the store for myself and not have to ask someone else to carry me!

What a good day!

Why?  Well, I got in a good walk.  My Fitbit still doesn't count as many steps as my old one, but that is okay.  I'll just have to work harder to get in my steps!  I came home and did my workouts.  After those, I did my French lessons.  I had lunch and waited for the mail man. He dropped off my Fitbit bands.  The teal is gorgeous. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same shade as the Fitbit branded band.  The black is nice too.  I installed the Teal to see how well it fit.  It went on easily.  It looks good and feels good too.  I didn't even mind the regular band. I thought it was comfy.  I took a few pictures to share of the new bands and then what the back looks like on my arm:


They are really soft and flexible.  I like them.  I'll order more.   It will be nice to have bands in all colors for different outfits. :p

In other news, I went to the recycle center tonight. I've waited way too long to do that.  While I was out, I got some gas in my car and put some air in my tires.  They were all lower than I thought they were. I'm glad I did it.  After getting the gas, I decided to head to Starbucks.  I got in the drive-thru and asked if they had the cascara syrup.  They did! :D  I guess you know what I got.  I was so happy.  The barista said they'd had it for a little while now.  I'm so glad. I just love the cascara lattes. Yummy!

I left Starbucks and headed home.   I didn't have anywhere else to go, and I didn't get a lot of gas and it has to last until next month.  I don't have a lot, so hopefully it will get me through. I remembered that when I went to the grocery store that they had given me a coupon for up to 3 lbs of bananas.  I got those on my walk today.  I will be eating banana sammiches soon. The bananas are almost ripe.  I love it when they give me coupons for free goodies.



Yeah, this post has nothing to do with Starbucks.  I really wanted to go over there today but I didn't.  Okay, on to the post. :p  I am drinking coffee as I post this, though. It's coffee made at home and it's good, but it's not a latte and it isn't Starbucks.

Today was cool and overcast.  It rained some too.  When did it rain the most?  When I was walking, of course!  I had to hold my umbrella during my whole walk. It was so annoying.  It hurts my back to hold the umbrella when I walk.  If I hadn't skipped my walk yesterday, I would have skipped this one.  I got home and had some coffee and a chocolate chip cookie as a treat before doing my workouts.  There was six on today's calendar.  Yikes!  I did those and then did my French and then had a few minutes to relax before fixing lunch. 

I loaded my car up after that and headed to the recycle center.  I've been meaning to do it for the past few weeks.  I always go on Monday's because they have emptied them on Monday and I can put my stuff in without a lot of trouble.  It wasn't raining when I recycled!  I got that done and thought about going to Starbucks, but then decided to just head home.  I might go later this week with my letters.  

I didn't sleep well at all last night.  I didn't have enough coffee yesterday.  I know what you are thinking.  Coffee is supposed to wake you up.  Well, I'm totally backwards.  Things that are supposed to put you to sleep wake me up.  Things that are supposed to wake you up put me to sleep! LOL  I am going to sleep well tonight.  I just had my fifth cup of coffee. :p  



So, I'm actually posting three days in a row. Yay! I got in a good walk today.  I was really feeling pretty good while walking.  I got home and did four of my five workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more.  The 100 burpee burnout was on today's workout calendar. YIKES!  That makes twice this month.  I did it, though! :)

I have been working on laundry today.  I am finishing up the bed linens that my friend gave me.  I'm also working on a load of my clothes.  I need to get those out of the dryer as soon as they are done.  I had a huge load of clothes.  I shouldn't wait so long. :p I got to drive my car again today. It started up just fine.  I had to inflate the tire on the front passenger side.  It goes flat easily.  I need to replace it as soon as I can.  

I got the tire inflated and loaded 12 bags of recyclables into my car.  I finally got all my recycling done! Yay!  Now that my car seems to be doing okay, hopefully I can get to the center once a month like I used to.  Funny thing happened when I was at the center today.  I was dropping my papers into the container and I dropped the bag in too.  The bins were emptied today so the bag fell all the way down.  It was a reusable grocery bag, so I wanted it!   I did some interesting moves to get up on the side of the bin and fish out my bag.  There were other people at the bins too. ^^; Oh well, I have my bag and I'm so happy to have 7 months of recycling out of my house!

I got a letter from a pen pal today.  It was one of the people that I wrote to hoping to become pals. She wrote me back and wants to be pals, so that is great!  I am currently printing out some really pretty stationary.  I looked up free printables and found a site with a lot of different printables.  Lined or unlined.  My favorite is a pansy print with lines. I am printing out 15 copies for use on my pen pal letters.  I've been wanting to get more stationary for letters.  Since it's a while before I can buy some, I figured I'd print some cool stuff in the meantime.  Now if I could just find some really cool Adventure Time printable stationary!  That would rock! Speaking of Adventure Time, my new pal drew an adorable picture of Jake on my envelope! :D  I thought that was so cool.  Okay, enough rambling.  I'll go for now.  I hope to post again tomorrow. :)


I got in my walk today.  I came home and did three of my workouts.  I ate lunch and did the other two.  I then got ready and went to my car.  With fingers crossed, I started it.  It started right up! YAY!  My friend suggested that since the battery had been so low that if I drove it, to drive it for a while.  I drove around for about 35 minutes.  It seems to be doing fine.  I was a happy camper!  If it seems okay tomorrow, I'll drive to the recycle center and finish what I started yesterday.  

I would have done that today, but the bins are full.  They usually pick up and empty them on Monday, so I should be able to go. It's been nice today so I've been getting things done.  It's nice to be able to run all over my house getting my chores done while not freezing! :p  I have my bed linen in the dryer and another load of linens in the wash.  My friend gave me a huge bag of sheets and pillowcases.  They are all old and extremely soft.  I'm in love!  I've always gone to thrift stores when I needed new pillowcases because old ones are really soft. After I finish this, I need to get a few more things done.  


Well, there I go again!

Today, I got in my walk.  It was in the 60's and it was NICE out there!!!  A friend was coming over to work on my car, but he didn't get here until after my walk.  I came home and did four of my five workouts.  I ate lunch and then went out to see how he was doing.  He did a few things on the car and then got it running.  I asked if he'd consider driving it for a bit and I could drop off some of my piles of recycling I've been needing to recycle.  The last time I got to the recycle center was July!  I took a LOT of bags today.  As many as the car would hold.  I still quite a few bags left, but at least a lot of them are taken care of.  

Hopefully I'll be able to get my car going again tomorrow. The car had been overheating and that is why I stopped driving it last year.  He did a few things on it and I don't know what he did, but it didn't overheat once while we were out driving it around.  He actually drove around a bit too.  He even went through a drive thru and it didn't overheat.  I'm hoping that the battery is still good.  We tried to charge it up a lot today.  If if cranks tomorrow, I might try to drive it for a bit.  I hope he fixed whatever the problem was.  It would be SO NICE to be able to drive again!

I'm a bit behind on everything today.  I did my last workout after he left and got in my picture for the challenge I'm doing on Insta.  Now, I'm sitting at the computer typing this and catching up on all things interwebs. :p  I got two new penpal letters today, too! :)  I need to take tomorrow evening to catch up on writing some letters. I need to eat some dinner, wash my hair, and post my pictures to Insta.  I'm all off schedule. HALP!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol