Roku Feed

Tuesday, right?

I swear I had to make sure what day it was. lol It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday.  I got in my walk today and when I came home, I noticed a package on my front porch.  It was a replacement modem from Comcast / Xfinity.  I don't know why they thought I needed to upgrade my modem, but okay!  I got it installed easily and pretty quickly.  I switch the network back to my own info so I wouldn't have to change my phone, Roku, computers, etc.  I got that done and then watched some crime shows on Amazon Prime.  I am almost done with the episodes of this last one I found.  I'll be looking for something else after that.

My friend texted me and told me not to eat that we'd go get something.  That sounded good to me as I was actually pondering what the heck I wanted to fix for lunch! lol . We went to Roma. It's a local Italian place that is so good! We split a pizza like we usually. I even had leftovers to eat for dinner.  When we got back in the car, he handed me a bag.  He got me a different Roku for the remote! LOL!  My remote is messed up and when you try to go to something it scrolls endlessly.  I plugged in the new Roku just to check it out and make sure it works.  I'll have it as a backup if mine dies.  This one is a bit different from mine and the remote is different too.  I like the remote on this one because it has a Hulu button. lol . I wish you could re-program the buttons.  I'd like to make one Prime.  It has a Hulu button, a Netflix button, a sling button, and a vudu button.  I only have Hulu of all of those.