Sailor Moon Crystal Feed

Well then....

This hasn't been the most efficient day!  So, I get up and do my regular routine.  After breakfast, I settle in to watch a few episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. Still, so good!  I decide to take a break for a bit and re-read my book from last year and write some notes.  I wanted to have everything ready when November gets here.  I was working on that when my friend called.  She said that her pup was having issues and needed to take her to the vet.  I said I'd go with and got dressed and went up there.  We took Cocoa out there and there was no cars.  Weird for that place.  They are usually packed!  We went in and found out that Friday is the day they do surgeries and things so it would be after 4 before they could see Cocoa.  The vet's office is a bit out of town, so we didn't want to drive back here and go back later.  We left her and then went up the road a bit to a place where we love to eat.  We got lunch and then headed back.  We had to wait a while when we got back, but we finally got called back.  The vet thinks she has an ulcer and gave her the stuff to treat it. We took the little sweetie home.

I planned to just drop her off and stay at their house for just a few minutes.  I ended up staying several hours!  I finally headed home.  I had eaten lunch a lot earlier than usual. I didn't even have dinner!  It's almost 11pm and I haven't had dinner and at this point, I don't think I'm going to bother.  I haven't done my workouts either!   It's stretch day, so that isn't too bad to miss, but I love stretches.  I'll either do them after this or just do them tomorrow.  I also need to do my French lesson.  The reason I haven't done much since I came home, is that I got my book out and finished reading it and taking notes.  I got a few ideas for potential things for the new book, so I put those in my notes.  I want to have everything ready to go!  I also marked up my copy pretty good.  I found several typos that I missed last year on the edit. Oops! Gotta fix those.  Plus I saw a few things I wanted to change.  I'm really looking forward to continuing on with this story!

I set up a word count tracker in my bujo last night.  I'll share a picture of it later!

Well, Hell!

So much for getting on a roll with walking.  I didn't get to walk today.  I was planning on it after my lunch, too!  I did my usual morning routine and then had breakfast.  I started on Sailor Moon Crystal.  OMG it's SO GOOD.  It's SO much better than the old version of season 1.  I am in total love so far. I've watched 7 episodes.  It's so good!  

So, I was about to do my workouts, when I got a text from a friend.  He said that we'd eat around 5.  I knew this meant he was treating me to dinner, so I didn't have lunch at my regular time.  I just had a small snack to tide me over.  I usually eat 'lunch' at 4.  We went and ate and then he had a few errands to run.  I rode with and then he dropped me home.  It was around 8 by this point, so it was dark.  I wasn't going to walk in the dark!  While waiting on him earlier, I had gotten in my car to just see if I could crank it.  It actually cranked!  When I got back home, I decided to see if I could crank it again and drive it a short distance.  I was able to. YAY!  I didn't drive far, but it did fine for the entire trip.  I was glad to be able to do that.  I won't be driving it all willy nilly, but at least I CAN drive it if I need to!

I got my book from Nano out last night and started writing some notes. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a sequel to it for Nano this year.  Unless I come up with an entirely different story, that is the plan.  I need to do a Nano tracker in my bullet journal.  The one I used last year was so helpful!  I had the chart on one side where I put what I did each night and the other side was a blank page.  On that page, I kept up with my characters.  I'll probably do that again this year.  I had a printable last year for tracking my progress.  This year, I plan to draw mine own.  I just need to go look for some inspiration online.  I'll post a picture when I'm done.  

I'm looking forward to Nano.  Since I 'won' last year, I know I can do that this year.  I plan to re-read my entire book and take notes as I go along so I don't repeat anything and so it will all be fresh.  I am ready! Yes, I'll be drinking a lot of coffee during November! :P