Sak bag Feed

Quick thrift!

So, my friend and I went to Reidsville, we were going to thrift in Salvation Army, Goodwill, and then walk on a trail we found there. We get there and go to Bojangles to eat first.  They took a very long time and by the time we got our food and ate, it was too late to go to Salvation Army. They close at 5.  We went to Goodwill and I found some fuzzy socks (yay!), a light-up snowman (for the holidays), some candy, (new not used! LOL!), and a very cute SakRoots bag!  It has an Owl patch and the charm still on it. Very, very cute! Look:


It's just so cute! I don't usually like the SakRoots bags because a lot of them have that slick coating, this one is just fabric. I love it! We didn't get to walk because it started raining and it was storming a bit so we will do that another day.

New Sak bag...

Considering that Sak is the French word for bag, that is sort of fun.  I have three Sak bags that are exactly the same. One is black, one is teal, and one is purple. I LOVE this bag. It's the one I found at the beach and like an ass, I didn't buy and then had to buy on eBay.  As you know since then I've found it in teal and purple. WELL, I was looking on eBay and found it in yellow. @_@ I love love love love yellow bags.   I found several and looked for one at a good price. I found it and I bought it last week. It came today and it's so pretty!  I love it.  I took several pictures and picked two to share.  The color looks brighter and darker depending on the light.   Here are two pictures I took:


I'd say the first is more true to the color, but I'm sure the bag would look like the second picture outside in natural light. It's very pretty and it's in excellent condition.  It's a perfect summer bag. This is the only handbag in my lifetime that I've gotten in four different colors! LOL  If I see it in a thrift store in yet another color, I'll probably buy that too. :p   The reason I like this bag so much is that the inside is big enough for everything I need to carry but isn't too big. The front has a zipper pocket which is perfect to carry my face masks. The back has a big slide pocket that fits my phone.  The inside has two small slide pockets and a zipper pocket.  It's just a great bag.  


So, I didn't post the last two days. Sorry about that. I meant to yesterday, but it didn't happen.  My friend and did a thrift trip yesterday. I didn't think we were because I was broke. My friend said he'd spot me if I found anything I wanted.   I agreed and we went. We went to Reidsville, Walkertown, and Mayodan.  I found a pair of Ryka shoes at the Salvation Army. I love Ryka and these looked pretty new and they were my size. They will replace my daily shoes that were also a pair of Ryka that I bought brand new at the beach in 2018.

At the Reidsville Goodwill, I found a nice Starbucks holiday mug from 2013. I'm always happy to find those.  My friend was looking in electronics and I found something.  We checked it out and it was a vintage hair dryer from Sears. It's all in one. It's a plastic case and everything is inside. The bonnet for your hair, the hose that goes to it, and the power cord. Totally compact and totally cool! It was $6." It's even got a built-in plastic carry handle. My friend said it was small enough to carry to the beach. He is right!

We went from there to Walkertown.  Last time, I saw and left a Fossil bag.  I was sort of hoping it would still be there, but it wasn't.  It was priced at $20 which is not bad for a Fossil, but I didn't have it.  I didn't have it yesterday either, but my friend said he'd spot me the money if I found another purse I wanted.  This particular Goodwill prices nicer name brand handbags are a bit more. There was an off-white or Bone as they call it Sak bag.  I debated on it and debated on it and left it. As we sat in the parking lot, my friend told me that if I wanted it, I better get it or I'd regret it. He was right. I want back and got it. I took a picture of it today:


It's lovely and I love it!  I don't think I've ever mentioned the seat covers. If I have, sorry! We found those on another thrift trip some time back at the Salvation army. The pink and black looks nice with Goontz dark interior. :)