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So when I wrote my latest book for Camp Nano back in April, I saved each day as a separate file in Evernote. I saved it all in a notebook for that book. I was re-reading through it recently and realized that there is a part missing.  I also found a continuity error and a place where I need to rename a character.  What worries me is the missing portion. I'm hoping it's actually in Scrivener and for some reason I didn't copy and paste that part into Evernote. I think for Novembers NaNo I'm going to write the second book to this one.  I really love the characters and they have a good future.

I'll use Preptober to do some character profiles and plan out the details for the next book.  I'm opening Scrivener now to see if that part is there or if I have to add it back.  I introduced a character when I was writing, but his intro is missing in the copied parts. D'oh!

Two more words!

Yes, I added two words to my NaNoWriMo book today. :P . I had to correct something I had written and I added two more words in that paragraph. :) My two main characters speak fluent French and I had the genders mixed up on what my main male character said.  I fixed that and added two other words.  I hope to do a quick run-through tomorrow and check for any typos.  I won't do proper editing until later on during the regular editing phase.  I do want to get the typos or wrong words fixed.  That way I can put notes on each day's writing for what needs to be added.  I love that Scrivener has that notes feature.  I used it quite a lot this year.  If I were about to write for that day and I had an idea for that day's writing or something I needed to add, I put it in the notes on the side.  Such a handy feature!  

I need to do the character profiles for two new characters I introduced in this book, too.  I brought in three new characters. One was planned from the beginning.  Actually, I just realized I had one other one!  I did his character profile and the character I had planned profile. I just need to do the profile of these two and I'll have all my character up to this point. Thank you Evernote character template!   Again, I'm not sure if there is another book of these characters or if there will be something entirely different for next year's NaNo.


Back up your work!

I have backups of my backups for my current NaNoWriMo project. I have backups in Scrivener, in Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. LOL . I also had a backup for the word count in Bean.  Today though, I noticed that the Bean copy had only about 23000 words. It had ALL of them yesterday!  That would have been eight days work gone.  I'm glad it was just a back up of a backup! I got it all fixed.  I have been pasting every day's work in Bean so I can use it to validate my word count on NaNo at the end.  I remember in my second NaNo.. or my first, I can't remember, but I lost a whole day and had to re-write it as best as I could remember.  Back. Up. Your. Work. 

Okay, now that I've given you my good deed for the day, I wanted to mention good ole, Evernote.  I have a backup in Evernote too by the way! :P

I have my character profiles in both Evernote and Scrivener.  I knew how good the search feature was on Evernote, so when I needed to verify something about one of my characters, I searched a keyword in Evernote and the character I needed popped right up!  Evernote has a great search function.

My Midori inserts came today and they are pretty nice! The months of January through June are in one and July through December are in the other.  They came with two stickers and a little information booklet.  I like the layout. It has the seven days on one page and a block grid on the other page. It could make a good 'premade' bujo for my weeklies.  Everything else I could write or draw out.  I'm going to play with it a while and then decide.  For now, here are my inserts.


From left to right: Guide, stickers, insert one, insert two.  I love that they are blue and they match my blue Midori TN! :)  If you look to the right in this picture, you can see some of the charms on my TN.

Starbucks, yes!

I got my Starbucks today!  My friend called and wanted me to go with her to Target.  I did not want to do this because when she shops, it is almost impossible to get her out of a store.  Today was no different! lol, I did get a few of the holiday Starbucks cards at the Starbucks in Target though!  After we left Target, we went to Starbucks. :D  I finally got my cascara latte.  It was delicious as always.  I am going to enjoy them until I can't get them anymore.

I went back to their house and stayed awhile.  I ran book ideas over with my friend's husband and son.  I headed home and got the MacBook Pro out and ready to write.  I wrote a lot more than 67 words today!  I wrote 2500 words. Whoo-hoo!  I am now over 30,000 words written.  I am on the down stretch now so that I great.  I have to decide where to go from here.  I think I'm going to add more to the beginning and then go back to the point I'm at.  With Scrivener, it will be extremely easy to do!  Have I mentioned that love, Scrivener? :p

By the way, here are the Starbucks cards I picked up.  I took this picture of them so I'd know which ones I have.



I just left a virtual write-in for NaNoWriMo and it was such fun!  I got 2111 more words done during the event.  Whee!  That was fun.  I did these for the first time last year during NaNo and I enjoyed it so much, I did it again this year.  I forgot to check-in for last week's, so I'm glad I made it to this one.  I almost missed this one too! How?  I thought it was from 9 pm-10 pm.  It was from 8 pm - 9 pm. I'm glad I checked beforehand. I wish I had realized it earlier in the day because I would have gone to Starbucks. I didn't go because I was thinking it was 9-10 and they close at 9:30. D'oh! If the write-in is from 8-9 next week, I might just go to Starbucks! :) I never got to Starbucks to write last year. I went a few times the year before that.

I am so hungry!  I am going to fix myself something delicious as soon as I post this. As of right now, I have no idea what the delicious thing I'm going to make is! lol . It's been one of those days.  I just checked the weather and it's 54˚.  I'm so tempted to go get some food! I really need to wash dishes and I don't want to do those tonight. :P

NaNoWriMo begins!

I am posting this right before sitting down to start book four for this year's NaNoWriMo!  Wish me lots of luck! :)   If you are curious what all I have on my desk for this here is what I have!  To the left is a stack with the last three books, the notebook I've used from the second year out, and a few other things.  Then we have my coffee in my NaNo mug!  My iPod is playing beautiful Classical music and the MacBook Pro is open to Scrivener to my first Day's work!  I also have my new Midori TN but it's just there because it's pretty! lol 


NaNoWriMo Prep!

It's hard to believe that NaNo is almost here!  I went looking for more pictures for inspiration for this year's NaNo.  I made a Pinterest board just for that.  I'll also add the pictures in Scrivener and Evernote.  I think I like the ones I got tonight better than the ones I got on an earlier search. I also want to re-read the first three books or at least skim them to take more notes for using in this book.

I had to saved this post as a draft and re-open it on my iPad Mini.  The MBP was being terribly slow.  It’s been a long time since I restarted it, so I’m doing that now. Lol  There is only one problem.  The mini has a small screen and it’s hard to see what I am typing here. The sacrifices I make to blog. :p

I still mulling over how to start my book.  I know the story and what is going to happen (for the most part), but I’m not sure how to start it and if I want my villain to be eaten by zoms right away or get killed some other way.  I haven’t decided if she is going to make it back to the compound or get instant karma.  We’ll see!

Okay, let me close this.  I’m re-starting the MBP so hopefully it will be running faster.  I have NOT upgraded to the newest OS and I don’t plan to until they work out all the bugs.  My poor old MBP is in the models listed that are okay to upgrade, but I’m taking no chances this close to NaNo!



I finished the puzzle today.  Well, almost.  I'm missing a piece.  I'm hoping it's just misplaced as this was a brand new puzzle sealed in the box and sealed in a bag.So far I haven't found the missing piece.  The puzzle was so crazy at times.  As I mentioned yesterday, there were pieces that were shaped pretty much exactly the same and the colors were similar. It made for some interesting working!  I had to take pieces out a few times and put them in different places. lol  I finally got it all done except that one piece. I hope to find that one piece eventually.

I'm working on ideas for my next book for NaNo in November.  I am going on with my series as I'm not quite done with the characters yet.  I have an idea of a storyline, but I need to work out the details.  I also want to do a character sketch ahead of time for the new character that is going to cause a lot of problems.  I want to get that done and I also want to get exactly how I am going to have it play out.  I'm going to go into Evernote and grab that template I use for characters and then open Scrivener and put that in there to flesh out my new character. I'll also put any notes in there / and in Evernote as I go along.  Evernote is great for that because I always have my phone with me.  Scrivener would be portable if I had the iOS version, but I have the desktop version.  If there was an Android version, I'd probably get that to have.  Yes, I have an iPad mini, but I don't carry it with me unless I'm going on a trip.  It mainly stays at home. Anyway! Enjoy the mostly finished puzzle!


Sunday, again.

So, here it is Sunday and I'm posting to my blog.  I haven't been out of the house all day.  I'm tempted to go out and just drive around the block after posting this. lol I have washed my hair and my bed linen is in the dryer.  I've done my French, finished my puzzle, and straightened up a few things.  It's been a productive day for me not to have really done anything.  I read the book The Hidden Cave last night in one sitting.  It was as good as I remembered it.  The only thing about it is, I wish it were longer and more detailed.  Yes, it's  a kids book and they would probably be bored if it were too long, but there you go!  It was nice to re-read it.  Like visiting an old friend. ^_^ 

The only thing left on today's to do list is to create next week's layout in my bullet journal. i already know which washi and which color Mildliner I'm going to use, so I just need to do it.  I also had NaNo on my list of things to do today, but I'm really far ahead.  I might just do a few of the pups in the story.  I have character pages of the three main Corgis.  My main characters male Corigi, his pup, and his mate.I might go and do little bios for each pooch. :) . I only have six more of my human characters to do profiles for.  It's amazing how hard it is to think of 61 last names for characters!  It will be nice to have them all named and described.  This will go into my books edits at some point, too. 

I have all my book stuff in Scrivener.  The templates I'm using for my characters are actually Evernote templates!   I have been saving my characters in Evernote too.  That way if I'm on the go and think of something to add about a character, I can add it to Evernote and then add it into Scrivener later.  Very convenient! Plus, my friend's son, the one that lives up the street, is inspiration for one of my characters.  I read him the description of his character that I copied into Evernote and we laughed a lot.  He knows he is in the book so it's all good.  I made him as true to live as possible. He is an introvert like myself.  He loves cats, and his character takes care of all three of the compounds kitties! He is a gamer in real life, so he is very pale.  I described him as "Pale as milk" and we both cackled.  It was fun! lol . 

Anyway! I guess I'll close.  I will share a picture of the completed puzzle below. It's pretty. It's a bunch of colorful paper lanterns.  The lanterns themselves weren't hard to do, it was the other parts of the puzzle that took the longest. It's done now and I'll pick another one out to start tomorrow!


Hello, hello!

So, I just finished my work on today's NaNo.  I have most of my characters profiles finished.  I went on a Google search for Corgi pictures and got three so far.  I'm going to find pictures of different dogs that are in the book.  So far I only have the main Corgi, his pup, and his mate.  I need to look for more pictures . There are so many dogs in the book. lol . I'm enjoying describing the human characters.  I'm finding things about them I didn't know or forgot. I have some based on real life people and others are made up. I'll probably go and get some stock images of what i think the characters look like to add to the Everrnote template i'm using.  I love that i can use my Evernote template in Scrivener AND in Evernote. :)  

I worked another puzzle today.  It was the other 350 piece puzzle I got at the beach.  This one is of Boston.  Both of these were pretty fun and easy to do.  They are a cool shape too.  I like them.  It's so weird how I found them in two different Goodwills while at the beach.  One I found in Myrtle and the one I just did, I found in the Goodwill in Longs SC on the way back.