Smith River Trail Feed

Tired again on a Tuesday!

I got in my regular walk today.  It was quite warm out there too!  I got home and did my workouts.  I got to relax for a little while and then my friend picked me up and we went to the tra3il in Eden North Carolina.  When I got home, I was at 27,500 steps.  That was too close to 30,000!   I immediately started running around the house to get in the rest of the steps.  I am now at 30,028.  I'm not going to try to get many more in!  I like these days of a lot of steps because it makes me feel better on the days I miss a walk!

I need to mow my lawn again. I should have done that today, but I went walking instead.  I won't get to do it tomorrow either because tomorrow is my Starbucks night.  I have a lot of letters to write while there.  I wonder if I'll get any tomorrow? I didn't get any today. :(  

I did get matched up with another new pal at Geek Girl pen pals! YAY!  I wrote her an e-mail tonight.  Hopefully I'll hear from her soon.  I asked if she wanted me to write first of if she wanted to write first. The other pal I was matched up with from Geek Girls hasn't replied to my letter yet.  She is from South Africa though, so I am sure it takes a long time for my letter to get there and for her to send one back.  I hope to hear from her soon! :)


It was another 30,000+ steps day!  I got in my regular walk.  I actually had some mail! One pen pal letter and a magazine from Ireland.  So cool!  The person who sent it didn't send a letter with it though.  I still think the magazine is cool.  It's Ireland's Own.  Pretty neat!

So, I got home from my walk and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and then relaxed for a bit.  My friend came and picked me up and we went to Eden NC.  There is a nature trail over there that goes along the Smith River.  It's only 1.5 miles long.  We had a time finding it.  After we did, we went on the trail.  We walked the entire thing and then back.  It's really pretty!  There are some nice views of the river and there are plaques that tell you about the plants and trees.  There is a little dock that overlooks the river.  It's a nice curvy trail.  There is a place we like to eat over there, so after our walk, we went and ate.  

I came home and saw that I was less than 2000 steps from 30,000.  I walked around the house doing a few chores to get those in.  Now I'm just catching up on things online.  After I post this, I'm going to finish the things I've started and then get in bed and relax until bedtime.  I hope to sleep well tonight!