Snow Feed


It's another one of those days where it doesn't feel like the day it is. LOL The snow was mostly gone today when I got up. I knew it would be like that, but it was still disappointing.  There is still some left in shady areas, but as soon as it warms up, it will be gone too.  It was so pretty while it lasted.

I drove down to the post office today and mailed a huge stack of mail.  After mailing it, I checked my box.  I got a letter from a friend, a new potential penpal, and some junk mail.  The potential new pal is iffy. It's a guy, and I have several male penpals, so that isn't an issue.  The verbiage of his letter is troubling.  When a guy describes himself and says he hopes we become 'good friends' sends warning bells off in my head.  I post in my pen pal ads that I am looking for friends ONLY but guys seem to overlook that.  The few guys I do write are cool and we are good friends and they know I am not interested in all the junk! LOL!

While I was out, I ran by the grocery store and picked up a few things I needed and they were busy as hell! I was lucky and they opened another register and I followed another lady over to it.  She had a buggy full and I had three items and she told me to go ahead.  That was nice!  I was joking with her and the cashier that with how busy they were I was scared they were calling for snow again! 

I started a new puzzle today and it's pretty. It's going to be intense tomorrow.  I got the sky, tree line, and the water finished, but now I have to do the boats and the buildings.  It's very busy and colorful.  I'm enjoying working it though.  

Before I share the picture of the puzzle progress, I'd like to do an update on "What I'm Using Evernote for Today."  Well, I made a simple tracker in Evernote to keep track of all of my Fossil bags!  I have three columns, the bag, where purchased, and notes.  I can keep track of my bags easily this way and it's a great reference.  I know I've said it before but I love my Evernote!



Snow is so nice!

It did snow today! It snowed for several hours and it never covered the streets, but it did coat the houses, cars, and yards.  It was lovely and I enjoyed sitting in my window watching it fall.  At first, I didn't think it was going to stick at all, but after about an hour, I noticed that the ground started looking white.  It started sticking. Yay!  I took a bunch of pictures and I uploaded a few to share.  It was so nice to sit and watch the snow.  I didn't just sit idly while I was watching the snow!  I got my pen pal letters caught up!  It took forever and I mean, forever, but I got them done.  I will head out tomorrow to mail them off and check my box.  I am pretty sure I only have one letter there now.  It's from an unknown person so it could be a new penpal inquiry.  We'll see when I check my box.

After it started to get dark, I finally closed the window and started work on my puzzle.  I finished it right before fixing dinner. It's a pretty puzzle and it was fun to do although it did get a bit intense in spots.  It's a picture of a location in the Czech Republic.  It's buildings along a road and has some body of water in it. Very pretty!  Here are the snow pictures and the picture of the completed puzzle.


Not the most exciting snow pictures, but at least I was able to get some before winter is done. It will all be gone tomorrow I'm sure.  


Possible snow tomorrow?

Yes, we might actually get some snow tomorrow! It isn't supposed to amount to much, but I hope we do get some. We have only had a few flurries here and there all winter.  I would like to at least see one nice snowfall this winter. 

I am glad I got the items I needed at the grocery store the other day. Why? Because people lose their minds here when snow is mentioned.   Even though it's not even supposed to be an inch, people still go nuts.  I am so glad I didn't need to go to the store! 

I wash a ton of dishes to wash and I finally got them done today. I'm so glad to have that done! OMG I had so many of them.  I had so many that I had to double stack them on the two dish drainer trays I have.  Yeah, I should have washed earlier, but there you go!

I started a new puzzle today and so far it's pretty neat.  I did it a little differently this time.  Instead of doing the sky or buildings, I went with the bushes and trees.  I got a good deal done too.  Check it out:



Yes, snow! It snowed here today.  There wasn't a lot and it didn't last very long, but it snowed.  Considering it was in the 60's yesterday and almost up to 70, that was nuts!  It's 36˚ right now with a 'feels like' 27˚!  I had thought about going to Starbucks today but then I saw the temperature outside and changed my mind. LOL!  I've only left the house two times today.  Once to get in the little weekly free paper that sometimes has coupons in it and once to get the mail.  Other than that, I've been in the house staying warm! The sky has cleared off and it's a beautiful shade of pink.  I can see it through my window where I'm sitting typing this up.  Last night when I was sitting here, I kept seeing a light and looked and realized it was the moon peeping in at me!  It was full and pretty.

I got my NaNoWriMo writing done not long before I sat down to type this up. I got another 2000 words today. I am only 703 words from 25,000! I am almost halfway there and it's only the 12th!  My MC has been on the road trying to get home for most of it.  It's been pretty easy on her even with the threat of zoms.  I'm about to shake it up and give her some problems.  I shouldn't say it's been easy on her.  She has had a hard time, but she has been safe all along.  I'm working on throwing a wrench in that and making her travels more difficult.  I just need to get to that point.  I got so much done today and thought about doing the extra words to get to 25,000 but then decided I'd done enough for today and I could pick up tomorrow.  Plus, I haven't fully formed what is going to befall her.  I have a few ideas, but I need to figure out which will work the best.  Hopefully, I can get an idea and be ready to go with it tomorrow!

Windy weather

Today's walk was quite a bit cooler than yesterday's.  It was also crazy windy too.  When I was coming back, it felt like it would have been faster and to turn around and let the wind blow me the other way. lol   I got through though and came home.

My friend came to try to get my pilot light lit on my water heater.  There was still some water down there and he didn't have his rubber boots, so he couldn't go down there.  Hopefully it will be fixed eventually.  I would like to have hot water for my dishes, at least!

 I was able to stop at the pharmacy and drop off my new insurance card.  I'm glad to have that done.  I think there should be a way to do all this online. It's 2019, not 1995! Sheesh!  Oh well.  I have been using this pharmacy for a year now since Kmart closed. I still don't like it.  If my car was always dependable, I'd transfer it somewhere else!

The temperature tomorrow isn't supposed to get up to 40 all day.  I hope it's not windy, too.  I'll walk, but I'll have to bundle up more. I'm trying not to miss any walks this week in case it does snow this weekend.  That could possibly keep me from walking for a few days.