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Poor little guy!

I needed to get a few things at Dollar General today and as I was shopping, I saw this snowman.  The poor thing was missing an eye.  I thought he was cute even with only one eye, so I bought him.  I figured no one else would give him a home.  I came home and was trying to find something to give him another eye.  I went through my bead box and found several potential ones.  I picked one and used it.  It isn't the exact same size as the other, but it works.  I think it gives him personality.  Here is his before and after:


So, what do you think?  I think he is cute!  I didn't do a lot today as it was cold and I was feeling sort of meh.  It is supposed to be freezing rain and yucky weather here tomorrow, so I'll probably be in all day. I'll try to do a few more things in my 2020 bullet journal.  Today, I created my NaNoWriMo word tracker and I did a spread for pen swabs.  I did my roll of Stabilo pens and then at the bottom, I did my Mildliner brush pens.  The page beside it, I did the five packs of Mildliners.  I like it!  I have referred to my pen pages in other bujos so I wanted to add this in. I may or may not do a Crayola super tips page. I'm not sure yet.  I really like the pages I just did!