Starbucks Feed

Two whole pieces!

Yes, that is how many pieces I was able to get into my puzzle today. lol . It was the two at the top that was bothering me, so I'm glad I got those.  I want to give up on it, but I won't.  I'm going to work on it again after posting this.  There is so much of the trees and they all look alike. Ahh!  I have most of the big trunk trees done.  I just need to get the part in the middle. 

My walk today wasn't too bad. It wasn't too cold. I only had a wear a t-shirt and a hoodie.  It was sunny, so that was nice.  I ran out tonight on an errand and I went right by Starbucks and I didn't go!  I don't know why I didn't go.  I guess I was worried about my car overheating in line.  I usually don't have to sit in the line there long unless I get behind somebody getting a bunch of Frappuccinos.  Then, it takes forever!  I wish when they would get those they would go inside!  It's like when you go to KFC and you are getting a single meal and you get behind a person buying a whole family meal.  So annoying! 

Target, Starbucks, and puzzles.

I didn't walk today.  It was sunny, but it was also pretty cold.  I just did not feel like going out and walking in the cold, so I skipped my walk.  I went out in my car in the late afternoon to Target.  I got the whiteboard and it's perfect!  I had written down the exact one I wanted from the Target website and even the aisle they were on. :P . I got that and then went to the toy section to look at puzzles.  I found a few I liked and picked out a 500 piece one that has vintage stamps on it.  It's pretty cool.  I've already started on it.  The pieces are huge! It's so much easier to work when I can see the pieces.  The puzzle, has the stamps in order by color.  I've done the green stamps and I'm working on the blue ones.  I went through the box and pulled out all the green pieces and filled those in and then I got out the blue ones. I have done part of that, but I'm done for the night. I took a picture of the board, the puzzle, and the puzzle in progress.  (I've done more since I took that picture.) Here are those pictures:


This puzzle is an unusual size. It's 20x20.  I like it though.  When I had checked out at Target, I looked over at Starbucks and saw the spring mug on display.  I had to have it. LOL . I love mugs and this one is so pretty!  It's all pretty pastels colors.  It was double star day, so that made it even better!  Luckily, my car did fine and started right up when I left.  My gas light came on, so I stopped on the way home and got gas. I did not turn it off for that. I don't like running the engine when I'm pumping gas, but I didn't want to have it not start.  I was happy to get out and get the things done.  I was almost about to come home when I realized that I meant to go by a Pokestop while out as I was on a streak and this was day seven.  I did that and came home.  I worked on the puzzle and it's pretty cool. I really love the bigger pieces. Also, the puzzle is pretty thick.  I don't have any other puzzle that is this thick.  Puzzles are so expensive now, though!  I am able to get the ones at the dollar store sometimes and they are pretty nice for $1.00.  Next time I go, I'm going to see if they have any.  I like to do puzzles of actual pictures.  I am not fond of illustration puzzles.  The ones I usually get at the dollar store are pictures.  I prefer those.  I just think they are nicer to look at.

Oh! In case you wanted to see the mug, here is a picture of that:


The lighting in my house sucks.  It looks much better in person. :P  Let me see if I can find a picture online....Nope! lol  I  guess my poorly lit picture will have to do!

Starbucks and more!

So, I walked today and it was sunny and warm enough for short sleeves. Tomorrow it's only supposed to be in the 40's.  Nutty weather. :p  I got in a good walk since it was nice out there.  I am still pup sitting.  Cocoa is asleep under a blanket beside me at the moment.  She is such a little sweetie.  She likes to sleep under the covers.  Last night, I 'lost' her!  I had turned down the bed and was doing some thing to get ready for bed.  I had gotten her to come with me so I could take her outside.  I got distracted and then couldn't find her.  I looked all over including my room.  I came back to my room and looked at the covers.  It didn't look like anything was under them, but I flipped them up and there she was. lol Silly pup!  I got her and took outside so she could go once more before bed.  

I went up to my friend's house tonight to check on everything and make sure everything looked okay.  I took the van out to the post office and checked my box.  I had a stack of mail again!  Five penpal letters and three other pieces of mail.  I left there and decided that since I was out, I'd run to Starbucks and go through the drive thru.  That is exactly what I did, too!  I didn't carry Cocoa with me because I didn't bring the van here to load her up.  Oh well. Perhaps another time. :) . She is a bit on the portly side as it is, so she really didn't need the treat. :p  I always give her goodies from my plate when I eat up there and my friend's mom does too.  She loves to eat!  

I sat down tonight and paid my bills.  I will try to go to the grocery store tomorrow after I take Cocoa home after my walk.  I am hoping my car will do okay.  I did take it out for a little bit tonight again to charge the battery.  I'd like to get some groceries as I'm out of almost everything that is remotely good!  I need some variety in this house.  I will get that done tomorrow and do my other errands on another day.  I don't want to do a lot of starting and stopping my car in one day as it likes to mess up.  Better safe than sorry!  I think I'll get my groceries tomorrow and then go to the dollar store on Monday.  Unless one my friends will run me to the dollar store tomorrow which I doubt!  If I didn't have to get toilet paper, I would just walk to the dollar store.  Everything that I need but the tp would probably fit in my backpack easily.  I usually get a huge pack of tp so that it lasts a few months.  I'll decide what to do with that tomorrow.  Walking isn't a bad idea if it's dry, but the forecast is calling for rain AGAIN tomorrow evening.  I'm am so totally tired of rain. I do not live in Seattle.  I should not have to have so much rain. Booo!

Pup sitting!

My friend called my last night and asked if I would pup sit her mini Doxie, Cocoa, and her mom's terrier, Roxy.  I said, yes, since I love both of the pups.  Well, today, I went to go and pick them up and their supplies and what not.  I only was to keep one.  I love them both, but it is easier with just one at a time. lol  I have Cocoa, the mini Doxie.  She is curled up on the bed next to me at the moment sleeping.  She is such an old sweetheart.  Here are a couple of pictures I took earlier:


Isn't she adorable! When she visits, I put my trunk and a step stool next to my bed so it's easy for her to get up and down from it. ^_^  It's hard to jump on my bed with those cute little stubby legs!  Back before I got the frame bed, I would put the mattress and box springs on the floor.  This is much easier to do and a lot simpler to put back in order after she goes home.

I walked today and it was pretty nasty.  It was colder, which I was expecting.  It was also overcast, BUT it drizzled a bit off and on.  I never used my umbrella, but I did get damp. It was just a sullen drizzle.  It was annoying, but I didn't feel like holding my umbrella, so I didn't!  When I went up to my friends to pick up Cocoa, it was raining a lot.  I used an umbrella then!  They sent me home with some cans of food for her, some treats, and her leash.  They also gave me the leftover barbecue that my friend's husband makes. It's soooooooooooo good!  I had a couple of sammiches of it for my dinner!

I have use of their van while they are gone, so I might just have to go to Starbucks tomorrow for a bit. :p  I don't want to pass up the opportunity to go and not worry about my vehicle.  I also will probably take Cocoa with me and get her a Puppaccino! ^__^  I know she'll love that, and she likes to ride, too!  I will try to remember to go to the post office while I'm out tomorrow and check my box.  I need to reply to the letters I got when I went to the post office last week.  According to Informed delivery, I have a few more letters waiting for me.  I'd like to pick them up.  Perhaps I'll answer them all tomorrow or Sunday and send them out. I'm trying to keep up and not get behind on them this year.

Well hello again!

Yes, I realize that I didn't post for the past two days. Sorry about that.  I just didn't get around to it or feel like it.  I'm going to try to make up for it today.  I walked all three days, so that is good.  The first day, it was around 60 and it was nice.  Yesterday, it was in the 40's and cold.  Today, it was in the 60's while I walked today.  That was nice.  Tomorrow is supposed to be around 40 again.  I swear the weather cannot make up it's mind! Oh well!

My friend came today and we went to eat at one of our local places.  Afterwards, he put some new spark plug wires on my car.  I started it up and drove it for a bit.  I didn't stop anywhere or turn it off.  It did fine.  It wanted to overheat, but it didn't, so that was good.  I am not going to totally trust it, but at least it was okay for a short time today.  My friend lent me his jump box.  I've been looking at them on Amazon.  It would be something that would be nice to have in my car.  I think it would also be a good idea to get a set of jumper cables to keep in my car.  That way I won't have to find someone that has some, I'll already have them.  I'll just have to find someone to help me by using their vehicle.

While I was out tonight driving to charge my battery, I thought about going to Starbucks to the drive thru, but I was good and didn't.  I will probably do that at some point this weekend.  That is if my car continues to do okay.  Wish me luck!


Well then!

I totally forgot to post yesterday.  It was one of those days! Let me tell you about it.  First of all, it rained, it rained a lot.  I did not get to walk because of the rain.  I decided in the evening to go to Starbucks and get that tumbler that I wanted before it was gone.  I got over there and got my tumbler and a drink and headed to my car.  By then, luckily, the rain had stopped.  Good thing too.  My car wouldn't start!  I went back in Starbucks and asked one of my favorite Baristas if she or anyone had jumper cables.  No one did, but she went with me to ask at the little restaurant next door.  One of the guys there had them. Yay!  It took quite a while, but my car finally started up so I could drive it home.  Many thanks were given!  I got home and parked my car and I haven't tried to start it since then.  

I got to walk today to make up for yesterday.  It was overcast and the street was still wet when I left today, but it didn't rain and the sun came out.  Unfortunately, I didn't know there was a wind advisory!  As I was on my way back, the wind was nuts.  I had to put my hoodie up and tie it under my chin to keep it on. Seriously!  I pushed my way through the wind and got home.  I was so glad to get here, let me tell you!  The wind and the soaked ground led to power outages in the city and surrounding areas.  Luckily, so far, I still have power.  I made sure to get everything I needed done early in case the power went out.

When I went over to Starbucks last night, I noticed how high the river was.  It was really, really high.  We can't seem to dry out from one rain event before another hits. It's crazy!  Hopefully we'll dry out soon.  I am sick to death of the rain.  Especially since I woke up to a pond in my kitchen!  I found a new leak in there.  It is about a foot away from the sink, too. ~_~;  It couldn't have happened over the sink, could it?  I cleaned up the water and put down something to catch the drip.  It's weird because the parts that usually leak haven't in a while.  It's like the drips move around. So weird!

Anyway!  If you are interested, here is the tumbler.  I really like this one and I think it's probably going to be my favorite.  I love the design on the outside, it makes gripping it so easy and I love the silver color.  It will be my beach bound tumbler this year. lol



When I got up today, it was raining.  I was thinking that my walk was out.  I checked my weather app and it said there was only a small chance of it raining during the time I actually walk.  I decided to try to walk and take the chance. I'm glad I did. It didn't rain on me at all.  The forecast for tomorrow is rain all day and we are under a flood watch.  I don't know if it will be like today or not.  I'll see how it goes.  I was determined to try and walk today since tomorrow and possibly Sunday were looking like no gos.  

After I got home from my walk, I didn't go back out.  It was raining and colder by then.  I thought about going out to Starbucks to the drive thru, but I just didn't want to go back out.  I've pretty much been laying around doing nothing since my walk.  I haven't slept well lately and I'm tired.  I would have taken a nap, but when I take naps, I don't sleep well in the evening.  I'm hoping to get to bed a little early tonight and make up for some lost sleep!

Letters, letters, and more letters!

I walked today and it was pretty nice.  It wasn't too cool out there.  Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. Boo!  I mailed my letters that I wrote yesterday.  I didn't walk to the post office as my back was hurting early on in my walk.  I did drive down there later today, though.  I had a full box.  I got five pen pal letters and some other stuff.  Four of the letters were from regular pen pals and one was from a potential new one. Yay!  I love getting new pen pals.  That is always a great thing.  Especially if they share interests with me.

I forgot to mention in my posts last night, that I found a tumbler that I really want in Starbucks.  This one is so cool.  I wish they would do a double star day so I could get it and get extra stars.  I don't really need a new tumbler, but I really like this one.  I have a feeling it would be my favorite one.  Of course, by the time I get back over there to buy it, they may have sold it.  It was the only one I saw.  Not sure if it was the only one, or if they had others elsewhere.  If they don't have it, maybe the Starbucks in Target will.  Who knows?

I needed a few items from the grocery store tonight and I ran down and got them.  I should have done that on my trip when I went to the post office, but I didn't even think about it then.  I don't want to tempt fate.  My car has been starting and stopping okay when I go places, but I am not going to go crazy and think it won't have problems starting again.

As for tomorrow, if it does rain as they are calling for, I am not sure what I'm going to do.  I really hate to miss another walk.  I'm hoping it isn't too bad and I can walk, but the city is under a flood warning, so it's probably going to rain a lot.  Phooey on that, I say! Phooey, indeed!

Still here!

I'm still at my table in Starbucks and I'm done with my penpal letters. Yay! I'll print them all out and get them ready to mail out on tomorrow's walk.  I will either walk further tomorrow and go check my post office box, or I'll drive down there after my walk tomorrow.  Either way, I will check my box tomorrow.  It's not really busy in here tonight.  It's come and gone in spells.  Right now, there are two other of the little tables taken and that is it.  It's weird.  I might try to make my weekly trips again if I can get it like this!  It's nice to get out of my house for a bit and when I don't walk, I really want to get out of the house for a while!

The weather app on my phone just popped up and said it was supposed to start raining after 8.  I hadn't planned to leave until after 8.  I'm not parked too far away, so I should be okay.  I meant to bring in my umbrella and totally forgot. D'oh!  Hopefully if it does rain it will be just a little drizzle.  I am still debating on whether to get food on the way home or not. I'm leaning toward yes, but I don't know what I want! lol It needs to be nearby and not too expensive.  Also, I don't want to turn my car off again until I get home, so once I leave here and start it up, it will have to be drive thru.  That doesn't give me many options. 

Letters and Lattes, finally!

Guess where I am? Starbucks!  Since I didn't walk today because of the weather, I wanted to get out of the house for a bit. I also wanted to get all the letters I have done before I go to the post office and pick up new ones.  I packed up my MacBook Pro, a Starbucks tumbler, and some other things and headed out.  I was a bit scared when I saw the parking lot, but I thought, it doesn't look too bad.  I went in and guess what?  My favorite table was FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! lol   I'm sitting at it now.  I got my beloved cascara latte and I also got a multi grain bagel. Yum!  The bagel is gone, but I still have coffee. :p . I am so happy to not only get a seat, buy my favorite one!   I am pretty sure this is the first time I've been in here with the MBP and I've had it since July!  It didn't do much in the way of bad weather.  We did get a little snow and a little ice, but it was all gone this morning.  It did rain and drizzle all day and it was pretty cold, so I just skipped my walk.  I hated missing another day, but I don't do well in rain.  Since the roads were okay, I decided to come over here.  I told myself if they were too busy for me to find a seat, I'd hit the drive thru.  I was happy to come in and see quite a few places available. I got here later than I usually do when I come but I think that might have been a good thing.  Right now, there are only six people in here.  I took a picture of my stuff when I sat down:


That bagel was delicious.  You can't see my latte in this picture, but it's there.  I'm going to write letters and then relax a while and head home.  I might pick up a cheap dinner on the way so I don't have to worry with it when I get there.  I haven't decided yet.  It's quite a while before all that.