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Wednesday means ....

Well, as usual, it means I go to Starbucks!  This week's trip was cut a bit short though. :(  I got there a little earlier than usual.  I was able to get my favorite chair from the start.  I got my drink and sat down and started writing letters.  I got four done and was starting on number five when a friend called.  They wanted me to drop by and eat some leftovers so they could clean out the fridge.  I went, even though I wasn't ready to leave Starbucks yet.  I got there and they had cupcakes! @_@; I may have had one.... or two. ^^;  I ran an errand for them and I also picked up my prescriptions while I was out.

I did get in my walk today.  It was HOT.  I came home from my walk and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and relaxed for a few minutes before going to Starbucks.  I finished the letter that I started over there.  I have all the letters all ready to go out in tomorrow's mail.  As soon as I post this, I'm going to relax until bedtime.  I want to play SpellTower. :)  It's this addictive game that I got some time back as a free app of the week at Starbucks.  I've had it on my iPod ever since.  Today, I bought the Android version.  Now I'll have it on my phone too!  It's so fun and it's so addicting.  I love word games!

Tuesday tribulations...

So, I guess you thought I wouldn't post today, right?  Well, I meant to post way earlier, but a lot has gone on today and I'm going to tell you about it!  First of all, I got in my walk.  It was 76° yesterday and today it was 52°!  It didn't feel too cold though so my walk was fine.  I didn't have any mail at the post office though.  I came home and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more. It was ab day.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!  A friend came to work on my car.  He has to get another part and then hopefully it will be fixed!

I received a package via FedEx today.  It was the beautiful craft cart I ordered from  The frame didn't take any time at all to put together.  The drawers took forever!!!  I got them all done and then realized that I had done a few of them inside out. ~_~;  My OCD wasn't having it, so I had to take those apart and fix them!  I did and now it's full of my stuff.  It looks great.  I love that it rolls.  I am keeping it in my closet at the moment.  I can just wheel it out and move it anywhere I need it.  It is so colorful and pretty!  Here are a few pictures I took.  One right after I put it together and then one with all my stuff in it.  



Awesome, yes?  It hold so much stuff.  I have more room in it.  I haven't filled it completely yet.  I love how colorful it is.  I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to put together. :p


Snail mail is fun!

I love getting letters.  I was so happy when I saw letters in my post office box today.  I received two letters from two different pen pals.  These two are pretty consistent with their replies.  I like that in a pen pal!  I have two other letters besides these that I haven't replied to yet.  I haven't had those long.  I am not about to get behind on my letters.  I try to get the reply written within a week of receiving the letter.  I always mail them out on the next day's walk.

I am hoping to up my envelope game!  I see some really creative ones online and think, my poor old white envelopes are boring!  I want to make some cute envelopes to send out.  I would draw on them, but my drawing skills suck!  I do have stampers and I have some cute stickers, but I would love some really cool envelopes.  I follow Donovan from the Letter Writers Alliance on Insta and she does the nicest looking envelopes!  So very cool.  Speaking of LWA, I have the logo on the right in the sidebar.  You can click on it and go to the site.  I'm a proud member and I love being a part of it.  One of the envelope stickers I use came from them.  They have a section of free downloads for all, but they have an even bigger and cooler section of downloads for members.  The membership fee is very reasonable.  It's only $5 for lifetime membership.  They mail you a membership kit which includes your membership card, a postcard, a note, and a cool LWA patch. I did a post about it when I got it over at Wordpress. If my posts get imported, you can see it here.  

Like I said before, I love getting snail mail and being a part of the snail mail community.  If you have any recommendations for sites for me to check out regarding this, let me know!  I'd appreciate it.  If my description of the LWA sounds good, check them out. You won't be sorry!