Stationery Feed

Wednesday means letters!

Yes, it's Wednesday, so I went to Starbucks to drink a delicious latte and write pen pal letters.  I had six to write!  One was to a new pal that wrote to me, one was to a new pal I was matched with via Letters Writers Alliance.  The other four are regular pen pals.  I wrote all the letters and then had some time to just relax and massage my sore hand! :p  Just look at this beautiful stack of outgoing mail:


I want to get some colorful envelopes.  I want to up my envelope game! ^_^  I need more stampers and washi.  Then I won't have to buy colored envelopes. 

Let's talk stationery!

So, who loves pretty stationery?  I know I do!  When I started pen palling again, I was able to find some of my old store bought stationery.  I went online looking for free printable stationery and found a lot!  I took a picture of a few of the different ones I downloaded:


Just Google 'free printable stationery' and you'll find a lot of pretty ones to choose from.  I always download the file to save for later downloading when I run out of my initial printings.  It's a cheap and easy way to get great stationery!  All you need is some paper and a printer.  Some even have cute printable matching envelopes!  I love having a variety of stationery to use to write to my pals.  It's so much more fun than regular notebook paper!