Almost a bad day!

So, I got up today and I was getting ready for my walk.  I was going to toss something in the dryer for a bit.  I had already started my bed linen in the wash.  The dryer wouldn't start!  Oh no!  I messed with it for a bit but I had to leave it and ate breakfast and went for my walk.  I figured if I couldn't get it started when I got home, I'd have to carry my linen to the laundry and dry them there.  I really didn't want to do this as I am extremely short on funds this month and that would have taken money I didn't ned to be spending. Plus, I'd have to go somewhere and get cash back since I never carry cash.  The dryer had done this exact same thing before and my friend came and unplugged it, took it apart, couldn't find anything wrong with it and put it back together and plugged it in.  It worked! LOL!  So, I decided, I'm going to do that too!

I didn't take the back off, but I did unplug it and check the 'hose' that goes into the wall.  I re-seated that and cleaned out some of the lint.  I put the dryer back carefully, turned it on and it worked! YAY!  I didn't have to go to the laundromat and I didn't have to leave.  I was a happy camper. It's nice when something actually goes right for me every now and then.  I put my bed linen in and it dried it.  

I did other errands around the house that needed doing and I ran out and got some gas.  I plan to go to Starbucks at least once to write during NaNo and i was low on gas.  I didn't get a lot, because like I said, I'm low on funds.  I had extra bills this month and it's really screwed me up.  I need to buy stamps.  I need to write letters, too!  I'll write my letters tomorrow and get them mailed off.

As for NaNo, I did get that done for today. I wrote 2022 words!  I have been on a roll.  I am glad to get several early days with extra words in case I have days later that I need the buffer.  It's always good to have it.  Sadly, my pizza tradition after I hit 10,000 words will not be realized this month.  I don't have enough to do that as I'm already going to struggle to make it through.  Oh well!


Working on it

So, I'm working on my finance issues.  I pawned a few more things today and got a small loan from a friend.  I was able to put $71 in my paypal account.  I also was able to order two Visa gift cards with my Paypal credit.  As soon as they come (I got e-delivery) I am going to put them in Paypal and then contact them to charge those for the $355.  Between those and the $71 I put in today, I will have it covered all the way around.  That would be great.  It has been almost 2 hours since I did the purchase but it said it would take 1 to 3 hours.  Hopefully it will come through soon and I can get all this done.  I will still have to pay back the credit, but this way I can pay over time and keep my Paypal account open! Wish me luck!

I walked today and I mailed off the two letters that I hadn't written.  Well, they are written now. :P . I actually wrote them both last night.  I got them all ready to mail so I dropped them in the box on my walk today.  It was hot out there but it wasn't too horrible.  A friend carried me to CVS to put the money in Paypal.  I would have been able to put in $75 but there is a $3.95 fee.  I think being able to add money like that is cool.  It didn't take very long at all.  I'd say less than 20 minutes if that long.

The email that said they would  try to charge my bank again would be in "3 business days" . I am hoping that means it will be Monday before they try again instead of tomorrow.  I am working hard to get something in there so that I'm not in the negative!  I also brought down the buy it now price of my cel.  If I can get $300 for it, that will help me so much.  I could get this bill paid and I won't have to worry with it anymore.  That would be nice!

I am just getting anxious waiting on the things coming through.  Instant payout my booty! lol

OMG It gets worse everyday

So today, I talked to my bank and got the ISF fee returned to my account.  Then, I check my email.  Paypal is going to re-send the charge to my bank account in three days.  I talked to my bank and tried to get a small line of credit to cover the $355.  No luck.  They did put a hold on my account until after it tries to hit again. Paypal said that when it went to my bank and was declined again, they would put my Paypal balance in the negative.  I went and tried to sell some silver jewlery today to get some money but they only wanted to give me $10.  Not worth it.  SO, I listed one of my last anime cels on ebay.  It's a Nuriko cel from Fushigi Yuugi.  Nuriko is my favorite anime character ever and this is my very last cel of him.  I have him listed here if you want to see:

Nuriko cel for sale!

If you know anyone who collects anime cels, send them to my auction please.  I need to sell it so that my account won't be messed up.  I finally got in touch with my sister today.  She didn't thank me for getting myself into this mess for her bills.  Just said she would pay the balance of the original bill that is left. Wow, thanks. ~_~;

Seriously, can someone shoot me?

So, today, I checked my bank account as I have every day since the snafu with Paypal.  Guess what?  The balance was negative!  I called the bank and they said that it was an overdraft fee.  I told the lady that I was told that since I didn't have the money and I had the overdraft protection that this shouldn't have happened.  She looked into it and did some checking.  After a bit, I asked if the fee could be removed since I did call in advance and let them know the situation.  Luckily, she said they could take it off, but it actually has to hit the account first. So now, I have to wait until it actually hits and call them to get it taken off.  All this over a bill that I shouldn't have had to worry with in the first place.  My stress levels are through the roof.  I DO feel a little better that this finally hit and it will be taken care of, but I'll still be upset until I can actually get it taken off so my balance is not negative!

In other news, I mailed 8 letters today. I still have two from that batch to write.  I walked today and it rained for the majority of my walk.  That was frustrating.  I hate to walk when it rains.  Hopefully tomorrow will be clear.  I won't mind overcast, but I don't want any rain!  I am also hoping this charge hits my account tomorrow so I can get it straightened out.  Life is so frustrating.


Yeah, I really don't have anything to say today either, but I didn't want a one sentence post.  It's been raining here on and off for three days so I haven't gotten any walks in.  It is supposed to rain again tomorrow and then clear off.  Unfortunately, I live in a river city and it's supposed to flood tomorrow and not go down below flood levels until Thursday!  Hopefully it won't be too bad.  They closed the Riverwalk trail a few days back and it will continue to be closed until after the flooding.

If it's not actively raining tomorrow, I may try to get my walk in.  It just depends on the weather forecast.  If not, I can try on Tuesday.  I still haven't solved the bill issue.  I've tried to get credit everywhere to cover it and no luck.

So screwed. :(

My sister is behind on the taxes on the house I live in.  I tried to pay a big portion of it for her tonight and thought it would come out of my Paypal credit.  Nope, it's trying to charge my checking account of which I have no money.  I am so screwed. :( . I had enough in my credit to pay most of her bill, but not all, but it won't use that.  Anyone want to send me $355 via paypal?

I didn't think so, but there it is. I talked to Paypal and my bank.  I shouldn't have any overdraft fees with my bank and I'm going to contact the people she owes tomorrow to let them know that my money won't actually work.  I'm hoping this will be cleared up.  I'm having a hard time lately with my mental issues and this is not helping me one bit.  I was already tore up over the fact that the bill was past due and now I've made things worse. I think I need to go to bed.

Oh boy....

I should have checked my bank balance before going out tonight.  I went to Hobby Lobby to get one thing.  Some pages for my small 365 planner.  They only have a limited selection of the small planner stuff.  I got one thing of that.  Unfortunately, I had to see a bunch of other things. ^^;  I found a lot of marked down washi!  I found two two packs that were $1.24 each.  I got those, I also saw a pack of five or six of the micro mini washi for the same price.  I got those too. I also found a huge $20 tube of washi marked down to $5.  I got that too. I got a few other little things.  I found some mark down stickers, some little mini notebooks for .74!  I also found some traveler's notebook refills.  I shouldn't have gotten all that stuff.  Oh well, too late now. ^^;



It has been a very long day.  I did get to sleep a little earlier last night, so that helped some.  I walked and the sun was out and it was hot.  BLEAH!  I came home and it got overcast. ~_~; I did my workouts and French and then had lunch. I relaxed a bit and then decided to go to Target for a bit.  I did and didn't buy anything in Target!  That is a first. :P I did stop by the Starbucks in there and get a drink to make day 4 and get my extra 25 stars.  I will go tomorrow to the regular Starbucks to get my birthday drink.  My birthday is tomorrow and I'm not really happy about it.  I've never been one to worry about age, but I'm turning 50 tomorrow and it SUCKS.  I still think I'm in my 20's with better sense!  Ugh.  How in the hell did I get this old.  I swore I wouldn't let myself get to 50.  Phooey. Phooey. Phooey.