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OH DEAR!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a hectic 24 hours for me.  Last night I did a write-in for NaNoWriMo and that was fun!  My computer was slowing down terribly so I went to restart it.  I was smart enough to back up the day's writing in Evernote.  Good thing I did because my hard drive failed quite spectacularly!  I went to Target and bought an external hard drive and I was able to re-install Lion (SO OLD) and then I was able to upgrade to... I think it was El Capitan and from that, I was able to install Catalina.   I currently have Scrivener, Chrome, and Evernote on here.  I am going to try to save my files from the bad hard drive, but for now I'm satisfied.  I have my first two days of NaNo writing and I can keep on.  I haven't written today because I was trying to get my MacBook Pro back to a working laptop.  It is and I hope tomorrow to get the files from the dead drive. It's there, but I'm going to have to do so work to get my files back. I'm just happy to have a working laptop for now.  The other stuff will come later.  I'm going to get my daily word count for NaNo and I'll feel so much better.  Wish me luck in getting all my files back!  

Halloween card!

I needed a few things at Target tonight so I went over there.  They weren't busy at all and it was so nice to be able to wander around without people everywhere.  I got the item I needed and several other goodies.  I found a really cool huge pack of Post-it notes for $10.  I bought them.  I won't have to buy Post-its for a loooong time unless I find more really good sales. lol Here is the pack:


I checked the Starbucks in Target before leaving and I found two cards I didn't have AND they have the new Halloween card. It's glow in the dark, too!  I was so glad to get one.  I wanted it. before I knew it was glow in the dark. I wanted it even more after finding that out. It's cute too! Here are the three cards I was able to get:


I'm happy with my finds.  Before going to Target, my friend and I went to an auto parts store to get an air filter for Goontz. When I was getting my oil changed, they told me that I had no air filter!  I don't know how the hell that happened, but I have one now.  

Only me!

So, my floor lamp has been blinking on and off lately.  I thought the bulb was about to go.  I checked the bulb and it was okay.  It didn't do it for a while and then today, it was flashing off and on and I couldn't take it.  It was making me sick so I turned it off.  I figured that my lamp must have a short in it.  I look at and find they have a lamp that looks a lot like the one I have.  It was only $8.99 so I drove over to get it.  I got it and one other item I needed, did self-checkout and headed out.  I was right there near Starbucks, so I went to the drive-thru there.  I decided to try something new since they don't have my cascara any more.  I gave the smoked butterscotch latte a try.  OMG, It was delicious! It was sweet without being overly sweet. This is what I loved so much about the cascara latte. This is definitely a new favorite.  I only got a tall to make sure I liked it.  I did! Delicious!

It was after 4 am when I finally laid down and tried to sleep last night so I've been pretty tired and out of it all day.  I did get a puzzle done though. It's a pretty scene, too!  I enjoyed working it.  While I was in the process of working it, my shoes came.  I tried them on and they fit fine.  I was distracted then, so I didn't really walk around in them much.  I'll try them out soon and see how they are.  I think they'll be okay.  They come with a spare set of insoles and a pair set of laces.  Pretty nice for $10.  Now that I see them in person, they are more red than pink.  I think I'll like them, but that all depends on how they feel when I wear them.

My friend had plans tonight, so I knew he wouldn't want to walk.  I hope he wants to go tomorrow.  I'd like to give them a try.  Ah! I got distracted by Starbucks earlier and forgot to finish my thoughts about the lamp.  So, I get it put together and plugged in and guess what? It is doing the same thing as the old one!  I noticed when I bought this one that it is supposed to take a three-way bulb.  The old lamp did too, but I never had an issue.  Well, I turned it off and ran up to Family Dollar and bought a three-way bulb and put it in the lamp.  No blinking!  So, I didn't need a new lamp, just the correct bulb.  That is okay, I can definitely use the old lamp in another room.  I just need another 3-way bulb.  I only bought one to make sure that is what the problem is. 

At Family Dollar, I also got a small table lamp. It was marked down to $4.  I have two just like it. I put it away for a backup.  Couldn't pass it up at that price.  I also got a few other things I needed and I got a couple of bags of Cheez Doodles. :p I
love my Cheez Doodles!  

So, there is a novel for you.  Here is the pretty puzzle:


What a relief!

It has been a very long day and I'm glad to be able to just sit down and type up this post! I have needed a haircut for a very long time now.  I had a coupon last month for Great Clips, but it ran out the day before I decided to use it. D'oh!  I did NOT want to go to the beach for a week with my hair the way it was.  It was totally out of control.  I had so many 'messy hair, don't care' days! I just put it in a scruncie and went with it.  It was getting where it wouldn't stay in the scruncie so I got a nice cut today.  The process just started my long day!

I decided to go over there this afternoon and get my hair cut.  I looked up their hours and got in my car.  It was doing that thing where it would NOT go over 25 miles an hour. ~_~; I drove all over trying to get it to start running right . A lot of times it will kick in and go, this time, not so much!  So, I drove home and i was so frustrated.  I knew it would probably be futile to ask my one friend . She had to get back to me.  I finally called HER back and guess what? She would take me! Whee!

So, I walk up to her house ready to go, go, go!  She wasn't ready just yet.  So, I walk the mini Doxie whom I love to pieces and then we are ready to go.  Her mom(she lives next door) asked where we were going and she tells her.  She decides that she wants to go too. ^^; So, we have to wait for her to go change and get ready.  We finally got there and checked in.  I got to go back as soon as they were checked in.  They BOTH decided to get hair cuts. ~_~: 

I get mine done and it's so cute!  She cut about 25 pounds of hair off.  It feels and looks SO much better now.  We left there and went to Target.  I had heard that they had the new Mildliner brush pens on clearance at some Targets.  I decided to check just in case.  I went to the school clearance section as that is where I heard they would be. I didn't see any, but I got three cute one subject notebooks, two single packs of Post it notes, and some magnetic pencil thingees (for lockers or such) . I went to the regular stationery secton and looked on the pen aisle.  They had actual Mildliners which was new.  I'd looked several times before. I walked around a bit and then spotted some on the endcap.  They had the 10 pack of Mildliner brush pens for $5.96! SCORE!!!!!  I grabbed a pack and added them to my stuff.  I was so happy to find them!

So, I go and checkout and then I'm looking in the Starbucks at their drinkware.  I call my friend and they are at the back of the store looking for something they don't even have in Target.  I told her so, but she didn't listen! LOL I decided to sit in the Starbucks and wait for them.  I got a frappuccino and drank it and they still hadn't come up front!  I called my friend again and she was on the soap aisle.  I went to where she was and teased her that she needed soap for her ass. lol . We finally corralled her mom and headed for the checkouts.

By then, it was past my usual lunch time and i was hungry! They were too. They decided to order pizza and pick it up on the way home.  This would have caused my lunch to be even later, so I asked them to run me through a drive-thru on the way to pick up the pizza.  They did and I ate while we rode.  I was done by the time we got back to their house, but I stayed a bit.  

I then came home and washed my hair.  I put the bed linen in the dryer and started another load of laundry.  I washed an enormous amount of dishes and then relaxed a bit.  I just put the linens back on the bed and I plan to relax for the rest of the evening.  I'll probably put away my other laundry tomorrow. 

I want to read a bit.  I'm currently reading a really interesting book about The Black Dahlia murder.  I had to make myself put it down last night and go to bed as it was after 3am! Oops! By the way, here is the pack of Mildliner brush pens.  I love them!



There you go!  Now, another installment of How I'm Using Evernote today:  My bluetooth on my MBP is wonky.  It doesn't always connect and it's so frustrating.  After trying it a few times and it still being bitchy, I just save the picture in Evernote on my phone and I retrieve it from Evernote on my laptop!

I forgot to mention that I was able to pick up one of the new Fall Starbucks cards for my collection. Yay!

Target, Starbucks, and puzzles.

I didn't walk today.  It was sunny, but it was also pretty cold.  I just did not feel like going out and walking in the cold, so I skipped my walk.  I went out in my car in the late afternoon to Target.  I got the whiteboard and it's perfect!  I had written down the exact one I wanted from the Target website and even the aisle they were on. :P . I got that and then went to the toy section to look at puzzles.  I found a few I liked and picked out a 500 piece one that has vintage stamps on it.  It's pretty cool.  I've already started on it.  The pieces are huge! It's so much easier to work when I can see the pieces.  The puzzle, has the stamps in order by color.  I've done the green stamps and I'm working on the blue ones.  I went through the box and pulled out all the green pieces and filled those in and then I got out the blue ones. I have done part of that, but I'm done for the night. I took a picture of the board, the puzzle, and the puzzle in progress.  (I've done more since I took that picture.) Here are those pictures:


This puzzle is an unusual size. It's 20x20.  I like it though.  When I had checked out at Target, I looked over at Starbucks and saw the spring mug on display.  I had to have it. LOL . I love mugs and this one is so pretty!  It's all pretty pastels colors.  It was double star day, so that made it even better!  Luckily, my car did fine and started right up when I left.  My gas light came on, so I stopped on the way home and got gas. I did not turn it off for that. I don't like running the engine when I'm pumping gas, but I didn't want to have it not start.  I was happy to get out and get the things done.  I was almost about to come home when I realized that I meant to go by a Pokestop while out as I was on a streak and this was day seven.  I did that and came home.  I worked on the puzzle and it's pretty cool. I really love the bigger pieces. Also, the puzzle is pretty thick.  I don't have any other puzzle that is this thick.  Puzzles are so expensive now, though!  I am able to get the ones at the dollar store sometimes and they are pretty nice for $1.00.  Next time I go, I'm going to see if they have any.  I like to do puzzles of actual pictures.  I am not fond of illustration puzzles.  The ones I usually get at the dollar store are pictures.  I prefer those.  I just think they are nicer to look at.

Oh! In case you wanted to see the mug, here is a picture of that:


The lighting in my house sucks.  It looks much better in person. :P  Let me see if I can find a picture online....Nope! lol  I  guess my poorly lit picture will have to do!

I need to stay out of Target! :P

Since I was interrupted on my trip to Target the other night, I went again today.  I got two cute Halloween washi tapes.  One of pumpkins and one of little ghosties!  So cute!  I also got a stand up pencil case, a pink 'make up' bag, a cute little milk bottle witha  jack o lantern on it and a marked down lunch bag.  I thought it would be a cute bag to carry my bujo in.  It doesn't look all that big, but it is! Here is the inside with my stuff:


I have my bujo in there, the new stand up pencil case, and a few other things and there is still plenty of room!  Here is a picture of the outside. I am using the picture from the Target site as mine was too dark.


Here is my horrible dark picture!


It's really cute and handy.  I can also use it as a lunch bag if I want. It was originally $9.99 but it was marked down to $2.98.  I couldn't pass it up!

I also got a latte in the Target Starbucks while I was there. :P


Earlier today I had to go to Kmart to pick up a prescription.  I saw this cutie when I was walking out.  I put my prescription in my car and went back to purchase him. I had $4 in points that I didn't know I had, so instead of $4.99 he was only $1.99.  I love his little curly stem!


That was my day in pictures.  I hope you enjoyed. ^_^