Ted Bundy Feed

Good Gravy Marie!

I was about to let the day pass without posting. I got groceries today in the rain and then voted and that wore me out. lol. After it stopped raining, I went out and trimmed some greenery and dead things in the yard and took the branches to the street.  I ran back out later to get gas as my gas light was coming on and going off earlier.  It acts up when it's low.  

So, I didn't start a puzzle today since I was doing other things, I will start one tomorrow.  I did get a present today! My friend texted me a picture of a shirt a few days ago and I only replied, "Mighty Need!"  Guess what he brought by today? Yes, the shirt.  Yes, I'm into true crime, yes, I find serial killers fascinating.  Yes, I have a 'favorite' known serial killer. My favorite unknown would be Zodiac, but I digress.  In any case, this is what my friend brought me today. Now I have to see if I have the nerve to wear it! :D


No sale!

My anime cel didn't not sell on ebay.  I relisted it tonight. I plan to put some more items up in a few days.  I want to make some money to pay the bill that caused so much trouble.  You know, the bill that wasn't mine to begin with? ~_~;  Anything I make will go towards that.

I walked today and believe me, I did not want to.  I wanted so badly to just skip in and lie in bed and watch true crime shows or just read.  I was glad to get in my walk though! I also watching true crime shows and read. lol . I finished book five and now I'm on to book six.  I've really enjoyed this series and I'm going to explore this authors other works.  I see he has written several more books, so I'll be looking into those.

After I finish this last one of his, I'll go back to the Ted Bundy book I had started before I got sucked into these.  It's a book of prison interviews with him.  I have read a lot of books on Bundy, this will be something different.  He is, by far, my favorite serial killer.  Yes, you can have a favorite.  My second favorite would be Zodiac.  I've read everything I can get on him, too.  

Now that I've totally freaked any of my blog readers out, I'll close and go back to my book. lol . ^_^.