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Thursday thrift time

My friend and I did a quick thrift today to Reidsville since we didn't go on Tuesday. I found a small round crystal ball in Salvation Army for .50¢. I think it probably was stuck in something at one point. At Goodwill, I found three items. One was a passport holder and luggage tag gift set, one was a nice ceramic trinket box from Japan, it's coated in 24k gold. The last item was a little zip bag that was an 'apology' gift for people flying Delta for a flight delay. It hadn't been opened or used. It was a cool amenity bag! It has lots of small travel-size items! A razor, a deodorant, a toothbrush with a tiny tube of toothpaste, a small tube of shaving creme, a comb/brush (folding), some lip balm, and some cotton swabs. It's pretty neat.  It reminds me of the amenities that they gave in Japan at some hotels/trains/buses. I watch a lot of travel in Japan videos. I always love to see the amenities they get. It's neat.  So, it was a pretty good small thrift! :)

Different thrift

So, my friend texted me today and asked if I wanted to go to South Boston instead of our usual Reidsville trip. I was up for a change so I said yes. We drove up and went to the Goodwill there. He also went to a few pawn shops and then we went to a local Italian place that we both like. I got a small pepperoni pizza and he got spaghetti and we both enjoyed it. My pizza was the best I've had in a while, too! So tasty. That was a nice change. At Goodwill, I found a Myrtle Beach coffee mug with a picture of the beach on it, it's pretty cool. I also found a jack o lantern ceramic tealight holder and a Silhouette Mint for $3! Score! I just need to get ink and the 'papers' for it to make the stamps, but I was able to find those online. Nice find. I was able to get the software online for it easily and it works on my current version of Mac OS so I'm happy. I was able to get a few cute free designs from them and I'll research more later. I have to get the stuff to work with first. I'll do that soon. It was a small thrift, but I a pretty good one. Plus, the food was great! I am getting out the Shortwave radio after this and scanning for a bit. I meant to do it earlier but I'm just now getting caught up on everything else. I made myself a good logging sheet that I can use when I'm listening to keep track of what I'm listening to. I will then save these and I can bind them in a booklet later on. 

Tired with no thrifting!

I got a lot accomplished today. I'm so tired and I have one more thing on my to-do list. That might just get put off until tomorrow! I got the front lawn mown, the dishes washed, and the laundry washed. It's in the dryer waiting for me to put it away. I planned to do that and then got distracted doing some organizing and cleaning in my room. I got so hot running around that I decided to sit and cool off a bit and then see if I wanted to go back and put away the laundry. It would save me time tomorrow! 

I had to run out on an errand to pick up a few things. That led to me going to pick up a handful of groceries. Not many, though. I also went to the car wash and gave Goontz a bath while I was out. I decided to stop by one of my favorite Mexican restaurants and get a to-go order. That was dinner.  After that, I got to running around cleaning and doing things so now, I just want to rest. I probably am going to go back and put away the laundry to save myself that tomorrow.  I also want to listen to the Shortwave. That, as always is fun. I meant to be doing that long before now, but I've been so busy. I am sure there are different broadcasts on the weekends. :)

Tired and thrifting

My friend and I went on our usual Friday thrift trip. I bought more than I should have as I had an unexpected, but urgent, bill pops up.  We went our usual route. I found a small, cute black Fossil bag in Salvation Army along with a pouch, and a Vermiso machine like the one I found and left at the Goodwill in Walkertown last week. This one was only $7.99. The fun part begins now trying to find pods to fit it. Starbucks doesn't make them anymore, but there are a couple of other brands that make them. All expensive, of course. Ugh. Oh well.  

At Goodwill, I only found a cute notebook in a zip-around 'case', I am pretty sure I can swap any A5 notebook. I'll check tomorrow. At Walkertown, I got a few cables (They have this bin of all kinds of assorted cables. I got one that fits my little Shortwave radio, but like the one I bought on Amazon, it makes static, too. :( At least it was only a dollar! I also found a nice USB C cable.  I got a little notebook in there, it's a daily wellness journal, and I got a vintage Password game.  At Mayodan, I found a cool Starbucks tumbler with München on it! Neat!  It's a vintage city tumbler. I've never seen one from out of the country, so that was a nice find. I think that is all? Oh, I got some wet wipes in one Goodwill and some sanitizing wipes in Salvation Army, and a cute novelty pen. I think that was everything. Now, I'm going to try to wind down and relax a bit while listening to the Shortwave. I really wish I could find a power cord that doesn't make static. 

Oh, almost forgot, I passed up a Starbucks mug in the Reidsville Goodwill. I am pretty sure I have the exact one or a similar one, so I passed it up. It was $2.99. If it had been .99¢, I would have just gotten it.

Thrift fun!

My friend and I went on our usual Tuesday thrift trip. We added Eden NC to the mix since we planned to eat there. I'm glad we did because I found three, yes three Fossil handbags in there. :D I also found a Sony Walman that has TV/Weather/Radio. Neat. It was a whole ninety cents. Score! It works too! The only thing missing is the little clip but I'm not too concerned about that.  I haven't really played with it a lot, but I did confirm that it works. I've only tried out the FM band. I found a manual pdf online so I am going to play with it more in a bit. Here is that little guy:


In Reidsville, I found a few cute things. At Salvation Army, my favorite was a Pac-man glass from the '80s! SCORE! It's heavy glass and it's in great shape!


Cool, yes? At Goodwill there, I found two Starbucks items. A plastic tumbler and a mug. Here they are:


All in all a good thrifting trip. :). There were other things. A scanner thing that I need to research and learn more about. (I will update if I remember), a cute leather coin purse shaped like a dog from Hawaii, and a box with a Hemmingway quote. All in all, fun finds. The box with the quote has pens and pencils on top. It's heavy, not sure what it's made of. 


Hello on Friday!

I am so sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a horrible night's sleep and I was so tired all day yesterday. I didn't really do much of anything! I did write, and that was good, but I wrote a ton, today!  Today, I also went thrifting with my friend. We did the regular Friday route. Reidsville, Walkertown, and Mayodan NC.  I didn't find any huge finds, but I found some goodies. Here is a picture of my finds:


Items from the top left are a sleep mask, a puzzle, a Harry Potter sign, a red planner with carrying handles, a small vintage key wallet, a Happy Halloween sign, some striped socks, a Moleskine, a Starbucks mug with a lid, and a Starbucks VIA tumbler. Not a bad haul, eh?

The planner thing is cool. There is an A5 size binder in there with actual planner pages. It was in the purse section! It does look like a purse, so I can see why they did that.  When I got home, my replacement radio had arrived. Yay! This one was brand new and it came safely. I put some batteries in (I'll get an adapter later) and turned it on. It's going to take a bit to get used to the controls, but I've already figured out a few things. As I said, I used to listen to Shortwave in the 90's so it's not a new thing for me. I played around on the LW (AM band a bit) and I did on the SW band. I actually found quite a few broadcasts! That was fun. This radio had a ton of presets for memory, so I saved several of the channels I found. With shortwave, most stations are only available at certain times, so sometimes it's a search thing. There used to be a great publication that I bought every year that listed everything. It had information on radios too. I miss that book! It was Passport To World Band Radio  and it was great!  I have bookmarked a few sites online that have information and I'll use those. I'm very happy this little radio came undamaged. It's the smallest shortwave radio I've ever had, but I actually like the size, it's very portable and I can carry it to the beach and see if I can get more / different broadcasts there. Today I was listening to a Spanish-speaking channel. I didn't understand anything, but it was fun to listen anyway. I'd love to find a French one to listen to and see if I catch any words. :) So, here is the little guy:


The leather case that protects the radio can be removed. It has to be to put batteries in! Also, the radio itself has a kick stand so you can use that. That front panel on the right opens down and there is s dial with major cities. (You dial to the time zone you are in) and there are a few function buttons. All in all I love my cute little radio!


Very small thrift!

Yes, I got three items! :p We went to Reidsville and ate and then went to Salvation Army and Goodwill. Nothing huge, but I did get this mug:


I've seen this posted so many times in thrifting groups and I knew it was a matter of time before I spotted one. I was walking toward that section of SA and spotted it. I made a beeline to it and got it. Yay! It's an old F.T.D. mug that once held a floral arrangement. I love the rainbow and how colorful it is! I have wanted to find one for a while since seeing them so much in thrift groups. I now have my own. :) 

Tuesday, Thrifting, food, and mowing!

I got my mowing done today! YAY! I'm glad I did it early because it rained again and I wouldn't have been able to get it done. Why did I do it early? My friend wanted to eat and thrift. We went to Reidsville to Salvation Army and Goodwill. We then went to Eden to Goodwill and to a local place to eat. They have breakfast all day and it's good!  I got some goodies, nothing huge, but some small finds. 

I got some papers/inserts for Happy Planners. I have been finding a good amount of Happy Planner stuff in the thrift stores lately. I'm happy to find them! I have a good little stash of HP stuff now. I also found a cup mug with the characters from A Charlie Brown Christmas on it, a glass with gold polka dots, a folio for papers/planning, some melamine-type plates, a small container, another small plastic stack container to hold small items, a cute little kit to make ornaments for your tree, and a pack that had some crayons and chalk in it. I mainly wanted it for the colored chalk. I will just add the crayons to my container of them. I have tons I've collected over the years.

It wasn't a huge haul, but a lot of neat things. I like the glass so much that I am using it on my desk as a pen holder. See! It's right next to another thrift find, my 2020 Year of the Introvert mug. :D


I really like how nice it looks. I even organized my pens to make everything look nicer. :p All in all, it was a nice little trip. 



Here are some pictures of the condition of the box and contents. Pretty amazing for how old it is. By the way, it was created in the '30s, so this is not a first edition! LOL


I love how it has the cutouts to fit the pawns in. Super condition, right? I also took a picture of the vintage Starbucks tumbler/cup to share:


All in all, it was a good haul. These are my favorites.... oh wait! One more! The Lenovo backpack.



Food and thrift

My friend texted today and asked if I wanted to go out of town to one of our favorite restaurants and then go to a Goodwill that we don't get to often. (It's a good distance away) I said, sure! We ate and went to the Goodwill. I found a vintage 16 oz Starbucks Barista line tumbler from 2000 so that was pretty cool! I also got a few other things and a brand new Lenovo brand laptop backpack. Did I need another laptop backpack? No. Did I even need another backpack? No. I bought it anyway. LOL! It's still got the tags.

After leaving there, he looked up another Goodwill that we've been to before. It was only about 20 miles from there, so we went. I got a vintage board game. :D I love board games, especially vintage ones. It's Sorry! Which I have, of course, but this is the one from 1965! It's in excellent shape to be with you 57 years old! It is complete too! I will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow in natural light. The other things I got were just little things. All in all, it was a good haul! :) I wonder if this is the first edition of the game? 

Saturday and stuff...

So, it's Saturday. That means I do a big load of wash of everything from the week. I usually wash and dry it and then put it away on Sunday. Today, I decided to just go ahead and put it away today. Wow. lol 

So, I had to do a few other errands where I was up so I noticed that my stuff was dry and ready to be put away. I just went ahead and did. That will save me a bit of time tomorrow so that is good!  I found out that a city close by was getting a Starbucks this summer. I was thinking it wasn't going to be open until August, but out of curiosity, I looked it up today. It's already open! I want to go. It's only about 30 miles, so it's not a long trip at all. It was one of the places my friend and i used to go thrifting. Our old thrifting trip where we'd go to Reidsville NC, then Eden NC, and then Martinsville VA. The new Starbucks is in Martinsville. I might drive up there tomorrow and check it out. I haven't decided yet.

My city is also going to have another location! They are building a second store in my city and it's supposed to be open by the fall. (I think). I went by last night and saw that it's coming along nicely, but it's not really close to being complete. That will be another location to add to my Starbucks store tracker. Yay!

Oh dear

I didn't mean to have such an absence but here we are. There were a few nights that I could have posted but I didn't really have anything interesting to post. I've been writing every day for Camp and just trying to stay cool in my room. I am not a fan of July and summer heat!  I really didn't have anything to share today, but I didn't want to go another day without posting.  My friend and I went to Reidsville Tuesday and I only found one item. It was a kit that you create cards with. They are supposed to be holiday cards, so I'll probably do them around the holidays and send them to my pen pals.  Ah, my pen pals whom I owe letters to. *sigh*

Big thrift, small haul!

My friend and I did our long thrift trip today for the first time in a long time. I didn't find anything in Reidsville at either Salvation Army or Goodwill. I did find some things at the Walkertown Goodwill and the Mayodan one.  Not a huge haul, but I spent $21. The best find was a cool Kate Spade tumbler. Another fun finds was a weird 'wooden' (pressboard made to look like wood probably!) laptop stand. It's so weird! LOL. I will probably use it for something, but not holding my laptop. I don't really trust the thing. :p Another weird find was a pair of reading glasses with the exact frames of my prescription ones! No, really! LOL. They had several of those. I grabbed the most comfortable pair. I figure if I break my frames, I'll have a backup! :)

So, yeah, small haul, but some good finds. Nothing Starbucks, Fossil, or Sak, but I did find the Kate Spade cup, so that is good. :)

A small thrift and food!

My friend and I went to eat today and went to one Goodwill. My best find was a pair of wireless earbuds. Yes, another pair! lol, I'm currently charging them. I have cleaned the ear pieces and I'm just waiting on them to charge so I can test them out and see if they work. I hope so! They even came with a nice, small carrying case so that is always good. :)   I just tried to pair them to see if they work. They do! Yay! It's always good to have an extra pair of earbuds. :)


I forgot to post yesterday, not sure why. It wasn’t a very busy day.  Oh well, I’m posting today, so that is good. My friend and I thrifted today. Our usual Reidsville Tuesday trip since we haven’t in a while. I scored! I found a portable / travel size NeatScan scanner in this store some time ago, not sure when, but I’ve had it a while. So, today, I found a full sized one. I looked them up and found one like it on Amazon for almost $400. Very nice find. This one scans really well and does it fast and well. I am pleased with this find. My cost? $9.99! Nice! I love a good bargain! I have it set up and and ready to use when I need it. I will only have to plug it in to the MBP when I need to scan. Here is what it looks like:


Setup for so easy as I already have the other little one hooked up. I just plugged this in, went in system preferences on the MBP and added it. No muss, no fuss! :D