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Friday thrift makes me tired!

My friend and I went on the Greensboro thrift trip today because he was off for the holiday. We ate a place we found on a previous trip. They were sooooooooo slooooooow. We finally got our food, ate, and then got to thrift. We went to all the Goodwill stores over there. I got a good amount of things. I found seasons 2-6 of LOST. I have the first season and I think a few more, but I couldn't remember when I was in there. They were $4 each, so I just got them. I also found some Starbucks tumblers (older ones) and a few nice reusable cold cups. One with the original price tag on it AND it still has the Starbucks branded straw. Nice! I also got some odds and ends, a few books, a little pouch just for the cute Eiffel Tower charm on it, and a cool vintage board game called Aggravation It has marbles! I love old board games and especially ones that I don't have or have never seen before! I got a cool Monopoly-themed mug in one Goodwill. I collect Monopoly sets and I also collect Monopoly-themed merchandise when I find it. It was a decent trip, but I spent too much! LOL 

Oh and YES I did write today! I wrote the majority of my word count while I was waiting for him to get ready this morning and wrote the rest when I got home to get my word count to where I wanted it for the day. I've been doing a bit over 2000 words each day for NaNo and I wanted to keep the momentum going. I'm glad I wrote before because I'm so tired after the trip, my writing would have been pretty bleah tonight. I'm posting this and then I'm going to relax and listen to the shortwave!

Here are all my finds:



Saturday status...

I am glad I posted early yesterday because I wouldn't have had time last night! Why? Well, my friend and I did our Friday thrift trip, but with a twist! At the second to last Goodwill, we looked to see if there was Goodwill in the city we weren't far from. There was, so we decided to go. We found a new one. Well, new to us. We headed from there to the last Goodwill we go to on this trip and drove past another. We turned back and went to that one too. So, we went to five Goodwill stores on this trip.  The 'new' stores were a nice change. I might do a list of items tomorrow. For now, I'm going to relax a bit. I also want to tune in a bit early on the Shortwave as there are more broadcasts to find on Saturday.

Did I write today for NaNoWriMo? Yes, indeed! I went over the 10,000 mark today, too! You know what that means, I treat myself to a pizza. It won't be tonight, but I will do it in the next few days. I thought about going out tonight to Starbucks, but I just don't feel like leaving the house. 

November done! :)

I set up November last night. I got the entire month of daily pages done and my trackers too. I almost went ahead and did December, but I didn't. :p. I didn't get to it as soon as I had planned last night either, so that had something to do with it.

My friend and I did our usual Reidsville trip today. I found three matching Starbucks mugs from 2008! :D. They are cool. I've never seen these before and I found three. That was a happy find. This is a picture of the exact same one I found on Google.


I almost missed it. I went up that aisle and looked at the cup as an afterthought, then, I thought I saw "Starbucks" on it. Look again and sure enough, it was! I have found two Starbucks cups before, but never three. Also, I love that these are from 2008! They are in terrific shape to be that. old. A nice addition to my collection!

Thrift, no finds!

My friend and I went to another town we don't get to often to go to a Goodwill there. We also planned to eat at a great Italian place there. Well, the Goodwill was a bust. I didn't find a thing! He found a few things, so that was good. We went to the Italian place and it was delicious! After we ate, he drove to run into a small pawn shop that is in that same shopping center. While he was in there, I was eyeing the pumpkins outside of Tractor Supply. I ended up going in and paying for one. I brought home a friend. :)


Can you spot him in the first picture? :)


A day at home

Yes, I got to stay in today. Sorry about yesterday. My friend texted as I was in the midst of my daily writing. He was off early and wanted to go to a favorite to eat. I agreed and got ready. We went to a place that is out of town that we like and since we were out that way, we went to two Goodwills that we don't get to a lot because of the distance. That was fun! I got a few things, but nothing huge. I did find a cute fabric Fossil bag. It's one I would actually carry, so that was even better! :) The trip made us get back late and then we rode to a few places around town that he wanted to go by. I got in and I was tired. I didn't even write anymore. I just picked up today from where I left off on my writing today. I didn't leave the house today and I'm not planning on leaving after I post this!

I'm going to move away from my desk and get comfy and relax a bit, watch a few episodes of Match Game, and then I'll tune in on the Shortwave bands. :)

Match Game!

I have been hoping to find a copy of the Match Game board game when thrifting. I found one today albeit not the exact one I was hoping for. This is from the original Match Game from the 60's. It wasn't as fun as the 70's version, but that is okay. I was happy to find this and I"m pretty sure it's complete! It's in great condition to be so old. There is box wear and the thing inside do show their age, but all in all, I'm happy with it! :)


I paid an entire $3.00 for it! It was a bit over $2 with tax, so I just had them round up to $3. I'm I went up that one aisle, I almost didn't! Sorry about not posting last night. I kept meaning to do it and never did!

I did it again!

Yes, I am aware it's been a week since I posted last. Sorry about that. I was going to do a big thrift post and never did. I wanted to take pictures of my finds and I kept putting it off. We did three thrift trips last week. Our usual Tuesday, the Greensboro on Wednesday trip, and our regular Friday. I had some good finds in there.  I will just list a few things since it's a week later. I know if I wait to take the pictures, I'll never p0st! 

My best find on the Tuesday trip was a cloud lamp from Ikea! It's currently on their website and it's cute. It's supposed to go in a kid's room, but I don't really care. I love it. It's still sealed. They go for $25 new and I got it for $2! Score!

My best find in Greensboro was a mug from one of the best shows ever made. Homicide: Life On The Street. I LOVE this show and I have so little merchandise from it. I only have a t-shirt that I got on eBay waaay back in the day and some NBC promo photos from the cast. I also have a business card that was actually used on the show by Clark Johnson who played Meldrich Lewis. Finding this Homicide mug after all this time was a joy. It made the entire trip worthwhile. At this same Goodwill, after finding that, I also found Grumpy Cat's book! Great thrifting trip. I found some great finds on that trip. Another GW that we visited had a couple of Pusheen items. A notebook and some notecards that were exclusive to the Pusheen boxes. Yay!

Also, that Friday's trip, I had a few good things. My favorite is a 16 oz. stainless Starbucks tumbler from December 2018. It was one that you bought and could bring back every day in January 2019 to get a free daily coffee. Cool find and I'm happy to have it in my collection. Thrifting is such fun and it's always nice to find good things like that and the Homicide mug. :)



Sorry for not posting yesterday. I totally forgot. I am not going to let today go without posting though. My friend got off early today so we went to Greensboro to thrift. I didn't spend a lot of money, but I got some terrific finds. I will do a thrift post recap tomorrow. I haven't written yet today and I want to get that done and then relax a bit.  We did our usual Tuesday thrift yesterday, too. I'm really tired from being gone all day and I want to get at least a little writing done.  Probably not a ton, but I have not missed a day of writing all year. Even if it's just a few lines, I've written every day! :) 

No thrift :p

My friend and I did not thrift today. I did go to Starbucks for national coffee day. :) Hurricane Ian is heading this way and we are supposed to get some rain and winds from it tomorrow. Probably nothing too bad, but I charged the M1 just in case we lose power. It was close to needing a change, so I did it a bit early just in case.

Small thrift again...

I had not expected it, but my friend and I went to one of our favorite out-of-town restaurants. There are two Goodwills that we visit when we got there. Well, sometimes more but they are a bit further along. I went to one and let him go in the second. I found. a few goodies in the first. He found me a goodie in the second! lol, It's a 2010 opaque Starbucks tumbler! I didn't have one like this so I was pleased. It had a big sticker on the front. I got most of it off, but I need to work on it some more.

At the one I went in, I got a Post-it note holder like I don't have, a pouch, a Starbucks mug, some craft/scrapbook papers, a little pouch, and some new batteries. I wanted to try out my little flashlights! 


Monday early evening post

I meant to do this earlier, but time got away from me. We were up and out pretty early. We went to all of the Goodwills except the one at North Myrtle Beach, we got there last night.  We even went back to Conway and got that Goodwill and the Salvation Army store there.  I found a few goodies today.  A pencil pouch, an old vintage address thingee, a cute tote bag, and a bunch of other small things. We also made it to a Tuesday Morning and I got a two-pack of notebooks and a bamboo tabletop /board that fits on a rolling craft cart. I have been thinking of buying one of those carts for a while now. Even if I don't, I can use the board I got as a lap desk or similar. My friend got himself some inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds yesterday and said he'd buy me a pair like his today. We found some similar ones in Tuesday Morning and he got me them. I'm happy because the case is blue. :P. They work well, too. I paired them with the M1 and it was a go! 

Right now, I'm sitting on the balcony of our room. This is the first day it's been cool enough to stay out here for any length of time. It's been so muggy. Today, it was muggy and humid, but there is a nice breeze blowing out here so it's nice. I plan to stay out here and write. My writing has suffered greatly here. Not being able to get away and write has been stressful. I have written every day though Even if it's only 200 or so words! Here are a few pictures I took right before typing this up!


Friday evening post

No afternoon post, we were out.  We went on quite a journey, too.  We went down to Pawley's Island to the Goodwill there and the Salvation Army there.  We were close to Georgetown, SC, so we went there too. We found a Goodwill there and another Salvation Army.  We went to both of those and then headed back up. We stopped at the Goodwill in Murrel's Inlet, the one in NMB, and the one on 501, and then went to the mall so I could pick up some food!  Oh, we went to the Market Common Goodwill before heading down to Pawley's.  We were going to the Loyola Goodwill too, but we missed that one. We should have hit it going back up, but it took us a weird way and we missed it. We weren't going back down again so we just decided to wait until another day. I got food from the Chinese place in the mall again since I liked it so much the last time. Delicious! I took a few pictures to share. It's supposed to rain and be grey for the next few days, so I might not have any pretty sunny pictures, but we'll see!