Thrifting Feed


I never meant to stop posting. I actually meant to try to post more regularly this year. D'oh!  I was going to post this last night, but I was extremely tired, felt like crap, and just wanted to relax. I even went to be early!  I'm feeling a lot better today, so I thought I would try to get a blog post out so maybe I could get back in the habit of it! My city and area is under a winter storm advisory. It's gone from a dusting to up to 12 inches, to 3 inches, to 6 inches, etc. Who knows what we'll actually get? :p  I am prepared in case. I have my power box thing ready and I'm charging another one I have too. I also have candles set aside, Sterno, and my little Sterno stoves. I'm ready in case we do have a power outage. My one power thingee is almost fully charged, but I cannot figure out where in the heck I put its charging cord. ARGH!  I'll look again later. I was getting frustrated looking earlier. I'm going to relax until lunch, eat that and then look again.

Yesterday, my friend and I went on a thrift trip yesterday. It has been a while! We went to Reidsville and then to Walkertown and Mayodan.  We ate at a little restaurant in Reidsville and then went to Goodwill. We'd already visited the Salvation Army store.  I only got a little green dish, a Starbucks mug, and a little hook thing in there. Of these items, only the green dish will be in the picture below!  After eating, we went to Goodwill. I found a nice Fossil wallet for $1.99 so I got it.  We then headed to Walkertown. They usually have a LOT of stuff in certain areas, but they were very limited on items in those areas. My friend and I figured either someone came in and bought a ton of stuff or they tossed a bunch of stuff out.  It was a big difference. Weird.  I only got three pouches there, two identical ones with cute cacti and a glittery one from Seattle. I also got a little case that had Mtn. Dew on it and it had a pair of earbuds in it and a car charger. Neat!! All but one of the Cactus pouches are in the picture below!

We went to Mayodan last and I was finding things left and right. lol I found two brand new lamps still in the box.  I also found a selfie ring light. I had been looking at them on Amazon to use for filming unboxing, and taking pictures of things I buy to make a brighter picture since the lighting in my house sucks. It was $3 and it had the phone holder, tripod, and power cord/usb charger. Nice! It's not pictured in the photo below but it was used to take all the pictures. :p  I also got a set of two cute Penquin Starbucks mugs, 2020 The year of the Introvert mug, a cute SakRoots wallet (brand new with the strap still with it), a cute candle, and a vintage Jeopardy board game. Great haul. It was a fun trip and we ate in Reidsville on our way back through at Pete's Burgers and More one of my favorite places!  I made a cute spread in my DPC journal as a memory page of the finds.  As I said before, not everything is shown, but it is the majority of my items.


Cute, yes? I love my DPC planner and all my thrift goodies!

Trip recap!

I'm actually going to do one. Yay! I also hope to put a picture I pick at random from my beach pictures. Let's see, so, like I said, I only found out on Tuesday that we were going down that Thursday.  I spent Wednesday washing clothes and packing.  I didn't sleep worth a damn on Wednesday night so I was extremely tired Thursday when we got there.  We found our room very nice and clean. As I mentioned, it was a bit small, but it was perfectly fine.  10/10 we would both stay again.  That first night, we went to Victoria's to eat and then got a few groceries. We'd brought soda with us so we only had to buy a bit of food for the room.  We did that and then settled in.

That night I had a hard time sleeping again because of the pillows on my bed. They sucked. I always carry my feather pillow with me when I travel, so at least I had that. I had to double over my pillow on top of one of the ones they had to finally get comfortable. Their pillows were weird! I was tired on Friday too but luckily, we didn't leave the room.  I spend a lot of balcony time as I did on the September trip. I had my beach chair out there and just camped out. That was nice. I was out there when I heard about Betty White and was so upset. I went in to tell my friend. It was so sad to hear. She was such a sweetheart and will be sorely missed by so many people.  The rest of the day, I spend either on the balcony or in the room relaxing.  I was able to watch the ball drop on ABC and did that.  People were shooting off fireworks on the beach for a long time after that. The bad thing was, the fog had rolled in THICK that night and if the fireworks were not right next to the hotel or really close by there was no use to look. You couldn't see anything! lol We ordered two meals from DoorDash. One from Hungry Howie's and one from Charlie's Cheeseteaks. 

So, Saturday, we went out to do our thrift and pawn shops.  We found a new Goodwill we'd never been to, so that was nice. Sadly, the pawnshops he likes were closed.  We did make it to four more Goodwills. Two in Myrtle, one in Surfside / Murrell's, and one in North Myrtle beach. I didn't get a lot, but I did get a few things. I found a Fossil bag in one Goodwill that had the key still on it and a bonus! Someone had bought one of the key and lock Fossil keychains and attached it to the bag too. Score! :D  I was very happy to have that and the bag rang up a whole $2.00! Nice!  We at that night at King's Famous Pizza in NMB and I got baklava to carry back to the room. YUM!  I packed up that night and had everything ready for an easier day on Sunday.

Sunday we got up and ate some of the last of our leftover pizza and get our things together and checked out. We drove up to NMB and went back to Goodwill. We were looking for something my friend had seen the day before and told me about that I wanted, but sadly, it was gone. :(  We headed on and went to Long's to the Goodwill there and then on.  We stopped in Tabor City and got some fries and drinks at McDonald's there.  We also stopped at the Sandwich hut in Rockingham NC.

We at in Reidsville, NC, and went to the Goodwill there. I found a black leather Fossil bag! :) Atter that, we headed home. All in all a nice trip. I got several fun thrifting items. My favorites are the Fossil keychain that I found on that one purse, and a nice Speck case for my iPad Mini!  So, I finally did a Myrtle Beach trip recap. Yay!  Now, let's share a random picture and hope it isn't one I've already shared. lol Ah, the fog. I never did show a good picture of that. It was much more ominous in person, btw!


Neat, yes? I like the way the hotel next door is the only light you can see.



Well, my friend wanted to celebrate being off for the next couple of weeks, so we went to eat. We ate at a favorite local place and then traveled to Yanceyville, NC (about 15 miles) and went to the Goodwill there.  I got a pen set, a set of planner clips (at least I think that is that they are for), a strand of Halloween lights, and two Starbucks things! :) A burnt orange colored 16oz tumbler from 2014 and a 16 oz Valentimes mug from 2019.  The tumbler is a bit worn, but still serviceable and the mug looks like it's never been used. I took a picture of them and you can see the retro mug I mentioned from yesterday in the picture:


I'm happy with my finds.  It was very unexpected for us to go out again today, but I'm glad we did. I love finding more things to add to my Starubkcs collection.  One day, I'll take all my tumblers and mugs and photograph them all. That should be fun! :P

A small thrift

My friend and I went to Goodwill today. It's a bit far so we went to eat first at a place we like along the way.  I didn't get a lot, but I did get a few things. I got another small ceramic jack o' lantern, a cute retro mug, and a strap for an Apple pencil.  It is elastic with a 'pocket' to fit the pencil. I'm not sure I'll use it, but it was just $2 so I bought it just in case. Not a huge haul, but not bad.  He works tomorrow but will be off until after the New Year so we may go on a thrift trip or two between now and then, or not. Who knows? I didn't get to write today so I want to do that, but it's a bit late. I think I'll just get comfy and relax before bed.  hope to not have to leave the house again for a while. I do need to write and mail out pen pal letters. I hope to get those written soon so I can send my pen pals holiday cards.  There is one pen pal I haven't heard from in quite a while, so I'll send a card to them in hopes they are okay.   I also realized I hadn't put my winner banner in the sidebar for this year's NaNoWriMo so that is now up!

Yesterday's thrift

Well, first of all, I had no clue we were going to thrift.  My friend texted me at noon and said he was getting off then and we'd go thriving.  I agreed and we headed to Reidsville.  We went to Salvation Army. I only got some vintage buttons there.  We ate and then went to the Goodwill there.  They had two Amazon basics office chairs for $15.00 each! These are $61 at Amazon. These chairs were brand new and assembled.  My friend didn't have room in his car to carry the chair so we bought it and let them know we'd be back to pick it up.  We headed back here and got Goontz and went back.  We picked it up and then headed on to a few more places.  I also got a Fossil handbag in Goodwill with owls on it while there. Very cute!  We got the chair and then went to Walkertown.  I found a few little things and one Fossil thing.  I got a tiny clear zippered backpack with colorful icons on it and a Fossil travel/toiletry bag.  Here is that:


It's really cute!  We went to Mayodan and I found a few assorted goodies. A 3 ring binder, two wallets, a cover for my old video iPod, and I think that is all.  I probably forgot something from one of the places.  By the way, here is the exact chair I got:

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 10.32.21 PM

Amazing deal, yes? I loved that I didn't have to put it together too! :p  It still had the protective plastic on it and the little instruction booklet was included.  I love great thrift finds! As for my package, still nothing. I submitted a request via USPS as I said before and asked to be notified via email only.  They called. So annoying.  They left a voicemail and it was pretty much useless.  "It's stuck in transit... bla bla bla." No, really? Sheesh!


No update on my item. It's still in limbo. ~_~; I'm so frustrated! UGH, My friend texted me today and said he got off work early so to not eat.  We went to eat and did a little thrifting too.  I didn't get anything very exciting, but I got some fun things. One thing that I had on my wishlist at Amazon! LOL! It's a pencil/pen organizer thingee. Here is one on Amazon:

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 10.34.20 PM

The only difference is the one I got is that that little lip (on the bottom) on the one in the picture is not on mine. It might have been before it was donated, who knows? It was so weird spotting it. The one on Amazon is $16.99 and I paid $3. :p I love a deal.  The one on my wish list is a little nicer and sturdier, but at this price, who cares!  

Tired and broke! :p

I paid my bills tonight and I'm broke again. Oh well. I had two extra ones this month. Car taxes and my post office box. Boo!  If not for those, I wouldn't be so broke. My friend and I went to a place where you walk in and see lights and some other things.  That explained it great, huh? :P You can walk through the lights or take a hayride through. There is no hay in the hayride btw! We walked through and then did the hayride. It was nice, but it was uber expensive. I had no clue that is what we were doing. He just said we were going for a ride and we'd eat too.  We ate at Pete's Burgers and More in Reidsville and it was delicious. It's been so long since we had Pete's. Yum!  Then, we went to this event thing. It was pretty fun but way too expensive.

While we were in Reidsville, we went to the Goodwill. I found a few things. A cute ceramic jack o lantern that was only $2 and this is big one with a lid.  I also bought a bag of assorted office supplies.  Pens, post-its, tape, notepads, markers, crayons, etc.  Good deal for the $5 I paid. I also got a few other little things. It was a decent haul.  I wrote on my story again today too. ^__^ That was nice. Now, I'm going to crash.  I posted yesterday but didn't publish it! LOL, I just did and back-dated it. This one is being posted now, at least I hope I remember too! :P

PS I WAS going to share a picture but it's being snaky.



Sorry I haven't posted in forever! I got over the crud. I think it was just allergies and the changes in the temperatures outside. I have been writing every day for NaNo and I'm now less than 700 words from 40,000! Whoo-hoo! I hope to get to an exciting event tomorrow.  I led up to it tonight in a virtual Write-in.  I hope to get to the drama tomorrow!  

Other than that, nothing much is going on with me. The same ole, same ole!  My friend and I haven't been thrifting as much so there is not much to report on there! Well, one little thing. I think I shared a bag I got here sometime back that had a removable strap. I got it for the colorful strap. WELL, I found a small later Sak bag that had a thin removable strap. The strap is not something I cared for, so I put the colorful one on and I like the look. I can't use it at the moment because it still has that thrift store stink to it. I don't know what they use to spray on stuff, but I sure wish they wouldn't. It takes FOREVER to get the stench out!

PS here is the post with the strap: Lookie!

Unexpected Thrift

So, I was planning on staying in today. I got out the case I keep my notes and the first four printouts of the zombie books. I had planned dot go through and refresh myself and take notes and decide on a title and get that done.  I also planned to go to the post office and mail my pen pal letters and come back by the grocery store and pick up a few things. As I was getting ready to dress to go out, my friend texted and asked if I wanted to do a bit of thrifting. We were to go to a few Goodwill stores we don't get to often and were going to eat at Dairy Queen, too. I said, why not so we went.  My favorite finds were a Starbucks tumbler, a very cool iHome radio/bluetooth speaker, and a small afghan.  I also found some other assorted things. One of them being a cartridge and some photo paper for my Canon Selphy. Yay Another great find was a cute little ring planner my Kikki k! It's blue and has cats. Very cute indeed.  I took a picture of the clock and the tumbler to share.


I love my finds.  The Starbucks tumbler is pretty cool. It was one that you purchased in December of 2013 and you could bring it in to a Starbucks every day in 2016 and get a free grande (the size of the cup) coffee! Cool find indeed.

Tuesday Thrift

My friend and I went on a small thrift trip. Just Reidsville. I didn't get anything in Goodwill, but I got a pair of new fuzzy slippers and a ladle at Salvation Army.  The slippers are brand new, very fuzzy, very comfy and they are sparkly. So cute.  We went to the Goodwill in our city when we got back I found a few other things there and my favorite find was a Starbucks water bottle. It's brand new and still had the original price sticker on it! :)


Very cool, yes? I was happy to add it to my collection. It's only 13 .oz so it won't hold a lot, but it's very cute so that is okay. :p By the way, the original price was $18.95. I paid .99¢. Score! 

Big thrift, no puzzle!

I didn't have a chance to pull out a puzzle today. My friend and I went on a long thrift trip. Reidsville, Walkertown, and Mayodan. I didn't get a lot of stuff, but I did get some goodies.  One of my finds was another Starbucks tumbler! It's cute. Sadly, when we were loading the car, my friend put the bag I and my tumbler fell out and hit the pavement. :( It cracked at the bottom, but it won't interfere with its use. I just wish that hadn't happened. My poor tumbler took a tumble! :( I found two cute composition books in one GW that have black shiny glitter covers. They are so cute! They were only.50¢ I should have bought more! I will if they have any left the next time I go.  I really don't need more notebooks (HAHA) but yeah. Anyway! :p

I didn't think I would get to write tonight as I'm extremely tired, but I did get almost 1600 words so I'm happy!  I am trying to write everyday.  I STILL have no idea what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo. I HAVE to decide on that SOON. Ah! Here are a few pretty rainbow pictures I took while we were out.


A bit hard to see and not as pretty as in person, but there you go!

Small thrift and a puzzle

My friend asked if I wanted to go to a restaurant out of town that we like and I agreed, so we did. We also were able to go to the Goodwill that is along the way there.  I got a few things. My favorite? A wood wick candle! :)  I have always wanted to try one.  It's brand new, too.  I worked on another puzzle.  This one is a shaped one. It was interesting to do!  Sheesh! :P  This one had bigger pieces (yay) and it had more pieces, too.  This was a 200 piece one.  It was pretty fun but a bit weird with the shape of it.  


Tuesday thrift

We went to Reidsville today for a small thrift trip.  I only got a few things at each place. (Salvation Army and Goodwill) My favorite find was a black leather Fossil bag with the key tag and key still on it. Yay! After we got back, I went out myself to get one of those huge storage containers to store some of the bags I keep buying. :p  I should have counted them as I put them in.  I do plan to go back and write down which ones are in there so I'll have a record when I need a certain bag. I'll know if it's in there or somewhere else.  Here is the cute Fossil bag:


Hello October

I'm starting off October with a post. I really need to get back into posting daily.  I don't have a lot to share, though. :p I did go to Starbucks on National coffee day two days ago and also today for my first of the month trip! :)  Both were free as I have stars left on my card. Good thing too, because I have no money on my card right now.  I hope to still do a post-beach trip update soon.  I want to share some of the goodies I got while thrifting. We have thrifted a few times since then and I have gotten a few things that I can share too.  I love sharing my thrifting finds. They are so fun!

Long time no see!

Yes, I realized that I haven't posted once since getting home from the beach.  Sorry about that.  It's just so depressing being home after being there.  All that balcony time has been sorely missed!  I haven't done a lot since we got back.  My friend and I did go thrifting on Friday.  We went the usual round. Reidsville, Walkertown, and Mayodan.  I didn't get a lot of stuff, but I did get a few things.  I still have to do a post with some of the pictures of things I bought at the beach. I'll do that soon, I hope! I'm proud of myself for getting this written!  I went to the grocery store today so I've had too much pe9ple interaction for this week! lol

The only other 'new' thing is I downloaded and installed iOS 15 on the mini today. I like it so far. I wish I could make the screen look like iOS 14 but I'll get used to it.