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Pen pals tip

When doing a lot of pen palling, it's a good idea to get a small scale.  This is especially good if you write really long letters or include stickers or pictures in your letters.  You can put the letter on the scale to make sure it's an ounce or under.  After an ounce, you have to add more postage.  I got this little scale on Amazon:



It's actually a food scale, but it's perfect for postage.  It does double duty in my house.  I use it for postage and food.  It comes with two little clear trays.  It makes mailing out things easier because I don't have to worry if I have enough postage.  You can check out how much postage you need here:

USPS Postage calculator

It's a handy resource! If you'd like to buy a scale like mine, check it out on Amazon:

Postage/Food scale

I checked it's accuracy with several things with their weight listed and it's accurate.  Be a great pal and make sure you always have enough postage! ^_^