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No puzzle today

Yes, I didn't start a puzzle today.  I meant to, but I was working on my Linux laptop longer than I planned.  Last night, I was going to see bout getting out my Linux laptop and putting Journey on it. It's the journal app I used on my Android phone, my MacBook Pro, and online.  I saw where it said you could download a Linux version.  I was excited so I got the laptop out last night, plugged it in and booted it.  It booted and then I got an error message about missing packages.  What?  ARGH! I used my Google Foo to look up a solution.  I went through the steps and it started loading. Yay!  But, it just kept loading. For over an hour.  I knew I wasn't going to fix it last night as it was late and I was tired, so I left it alone.

I got on it around 1:30 today and worked on it.  I went into recovery mode (something I had done last night) but I did a few more things in there, installed a few things via the terminal and rebooted.  Success!  I had to play with it a bit and then went to download Journey.  Sadly, since my Linux runs on i386 and not 64 (Bit? I forget the specs but I know the 64) it won't work.  At least I can use the cloud version!  Oh well.

So, I got my Linux laptop up and running without losing any of my stuff.  I don't have anything on there that is not backed up somewhere else, but I didn't want to install fresh and have to download all my apps and set up my personal settings again. I was happy to get this going!  As I was still playing around on it and hoping to find a way to make Journey work (I never did!) my friend texted and asked if I'd like to meet him at a restaurant that is near to his workplace. I said, sure! I went and we ate and then I drove home. I stopped by the post office and checked my box.  I got two penpal letters from regular pals and a letter from a potential new pal. Yay!

As I was leaving my house to go meet my friend, I had been waiting on a package. I checked my package tracking app before I went to my car and it wasn't delivered yet. I go out, get in my car and notice the mail truck drive down the street.  I drove out and noticed my package.  He had come right after I checked the app! lol . I turned around and went back to my house (I had pulled out of the driveway and was heading up the street before I saw the package) . I grabbed it and carried it with me.  I knew it was swag from Twitter Insiders but I didn't know exactly what it was.  I was so excited to get home and open it up!

I joined Twitter Insiders well over a year ago and I join in on discussions there and they send out surveys every so often. I got picked to win some Twitter Insiders swag!  YAY! I love swag.  I got four really nice items.  A tote bag, a water bottle, a notebook, and a pen.  I love it all and I took a picture of my goodies to share:


Nifty, eh?  I love swag!  I love that it is all useful things, too!  If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know how much I love notebooks and pens! It was a good day for mail.  Swag and penpal letters. :)



Peppermint Linux and NaNoWriMo

I have heard a lot of great things about Peppermint Linux.  I wanted to give it a try, so I put it on one of my old Win laptops.  I really like it! It's fast and it works well.  I did that last night and played with it after installing it.  I'm tempted to install it on my 'newest' Win laptops.  I only use it to make bootable disks for my Linux computers, so... I don't like Windows and I don't really use it for anything.  I might just put Peppermint on it.  I tried to put it on the smallest and oldest of my Win laptops, but it wouldn't recognize the usb flash drive.  Then, when I went to try again last night, that particular laptop wouldn't boot.  Boo!  It might now have worked in any case.  It works fine on this other laptop I had.  I really like Linux and I'm loving Peppermint.  I've always used Linux Mint in the past.  This is as good as that but better.  I really like it.

As for NaNoWriMo, I am now over 25,000 words!  I reached that today.  So glad to make it to 25,000!  I am not over halfway there!  My character is still out and on her own, but she has found a friend in a black cat she named Kiki. :)

Sunday was lazy!

Well, the day wasn't, but I was!  I didn't walk today.  I decided to give my foot a break.  It's still bothering me, but it's not as bad.  I figured missing a day of walking wouldn't hurt.  I didn't skip anything else though.  I got in my workouts, I washed my bed linen, (although I haven't put it back on the bed yet), and I washed my hair.  I feel bad about not walking, but my steps for the week won't suffer.  I try to get a minimum of 15,000 a day.  The two days I got in two walks, I hit 25,000 both of those days, so I won't be missing out on anything step wise this week!

So, last night I was installing a variation of Linux on my laptop.  I liked the version I installed, but there were things about it I didn't like.  I went back and looked again.  I've always used different variations of Ubuntu.  I figured, why not install Ubuntu itself for a change.  I did and I love it.  I'm actually posting my blog post today on my laptop that has Ubuntu loaded on it. ^_^

I'm currently posting this and watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  I can't believe it's almost over.  It's been fun watching every night.  I'm going to miss it.