Walking Feed

Friday afternoon / early evening post

Hoo boy am I tired. I decided to walk to the Pavilion area today.  It's been a LONG time since I walked that much. I was hurting coming back, let me tell you! LOL I walked to the beginning of the boardwalk and walked it down to the Pavilion area. I went in the Gay Dolphin and bought a cute shirt and a few stickers/decals.  I then walked across the street to I love Sugar.  I wanted bulk nerds. Guess what they didn't have? WAH!!!!!!!! lol, I wanted my damn Nerds! I did get some of the little Cotton candy-flavored candies that I like a few random things to try. I love bulk candy. Goodness, gracious! :p

I went to the first Starbucks that I came to, the one in the Bay View Resort.  I got a caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino and it was delicious! I was able to pick up a few cards I didn't have, too.  I went to the Oceanfront Starbucks but I didn't get anything in there today.  I just wanted to visit. I saw a water bottle that I adored at the Bay View and was going to buy it at the Ocean Front one, but they didn't have it. Oh well, I'll get one or something else I love. :P

I walked back along the Boardwalk and then when I got to the end, I took off my shoes and gave my poor feets a break, and walked in the surf back to the hotel. That was nice and my feet were much happier with me! It was nice to walk in the daytime as so far, I've only been on the beach at night.  I still will go tonight, but you know how it is! :P I took a lot of pictures and I'll share some here. Maybe I'll do a complete Google photo album of the trip when I get home. For now, enjoy these pictures I took along the way.



Thrift and Walk!

We went back over to Reidsville today and got in two thrift stores and then went to walk on the walking trail at the old Chinqua Penn estate.  I took quite a few pictures to share. I hope to upload them to a Google photo album tomorrow.  For now, here is a preview!


It's a pretty trail. We enjoyed it and would like to go again, but I want to wait until it's a bit cooler out.  It was so hot.  The shady parts weren't too bad, though! I found another Starbucks mug in Goodwill and a nice whiteboard/corkboard too.

Sunday evening post

So, we went out and were going to eat at Red Robin, but there was a wait because of low staffing.  Cracker Barrel is right across the lot, so we went there, still a wait but a shorter one and plenty of staff.  We looked in the gift shop while waiting and I found something to buy! :D  This is Stumpers:


Look at the wittle Corgo! <3 We went to a Goodwill and my friend went to a Pawnshop.  We also got Krispy Kreme donuts. YUM!!!!  I took a nice beach walk and now I'm back in the room trying to cool off. I'm roasting. It's rather humid out. I only planned to walk to the water and back, but I ended up walking down to the hotel we have stayed at before and came back.  I took a picture of a cute little Palm tree to share too!


This was in between the Krispy Kreme and the Cook out.  Baby Palm! :)

Is this Tuesday? spoiler, it's not....

I haven't posted since Friday and I'm sorry about that!  I meant to every day, but you know how it goes.  I'll try to make up for it tonight.  I didn't go out on Saturday or Sunday.  I didn't go out yesterday either for that matter!  Wait... this is Wednesday? LOL Sheesh.  Hmm..... Okay, I didn't leave the house at all since Friday. I did go out today.  My friend and I walked a bit. Only a little over a mile, but we got a walk done.  It was drizzling a bit while we walked so we didn't walk as much as we would have.  It was too bad.  

I need sleep. I just realized I DID go out yesterday! LOL! My friend and I did our usual Tuesday thrifting. We went to Reidsville and Mayodan. I found some good things.  At the Reidsville Goodwill, I found two Fossil handbags and a Fossil wallet! Very cool.  I found some other things, too, but those were my favorites. I'm always happy to find Fossil bags.  Both of these had the keys still on them. Yay! The wallet needs a bit of cleaning, but I can definitely do that.

Here are two pictures I took on the trail to share. One of the river from the trail and one of the river from the old rail bridge that has been converted into a walking bridge to get across the river.



Hopefully, I will remember to post tomorrow!  


Hmm, hmm....

Yeah, today was supposed to be a nice relaxing one. No going anywhere or doing anything.  That got blown out of the water this afternoon! I was sitting at my desk watching a YouTube video of  Yuzuru Hanyu.  He is amazing!  Those jumps, wow.  He is also very kawaii and that doesn't hurt.  Anyway! I was watching one of his performances and my phone beeped. My friend was texting me. I wasn't expecting to hear from him today since we walked on Monday and thrifted yesterday.  He wanted to walk a bit and then go to this pizza place we like. I really did not want to go but I agreed.  I got dressed and met him at the trail.  We walked a short walk. Just a mile this time, and then got in my car and went to Milton, NC where this pizza place is.  We both got a pizza. I have a lot of leftovers for tomorrow and that is after eating some for dinner!  

Last night, I was looking everywhere for my Fitbit charger and I could NOT find it. I looked for hours and finally found it after 1 am I immediately charged the darn thing.  While I was doing that, I was afraid I'd not find it before bed, so I opened the Inspire HR one that I won some time back. I had looked at it, but never really taken it out of the packaging. I charged it up in case I had to use it.  Well, since I found my charger, I wore my regular Fitbit today.  I decided to add the Inspire to my account tonight.  It is water-resistant, and I figured it would be great for the beach.  I could get it in the ocean or the pool with no issues.  It came with a plain black band which is nice and I ordered a cloth-type colorful one back when I first got it. I ordered a couple of bands for it tonight on Amazon.  One a cloth band in blue and one a stainless steel band.  That will be good if I need to be a bit dressy. I like it. It seems to have all the features of my Charge, too!  I just wish there were more clock faces to pick from. Now that I downloaded the manual and see that you can swipe on the screen for stuff, it's even better!  It does the text notifications just like my old one.  I think I'll like it.  It's nice to have a choice. I can wear either one as long as I sync whichever one I'm wearing before switching! The inspire is a lot lighter than the Charge and it's got a smaller display too.  



That is the noise I'm going to make in a bit!  I'm a tired pup!  What did I do? Why didn't I post yesterday? Well, let me tell you.  First of all, I fully planned to post yesterday.  It got late and I was behind and it was almost midnight before I got my clean bed linen back on my bed, so I didn't get to post here. Sorry about that.  I'll make up for it because I have things to share.

Yesterday, I did my usual things, I washed my hair, my bed linen, and put away the laundry I had washed the day before.  It was a lot. I also decided to order some Chinese from one of my favorite local places on DoorDash.  I had to wait almost an hour before an actual Dasher went to get my order, but once they got a Dasher on the case, it went pretty quickly.  She brought it and it was delicious! They have a section of their menu that has a 'combination dinner'. They have three. I get a certain one every time.  It's beef pepper steak, fried rice, and an egg roll. You also get a choice of wonton or egg drop soup.  I ADORE their wonton soup, so that is what I picked.  I asked for the egg roll to be left off just as I always do in the restaurant unless I'm with friends that want it.  They delivered!  The wonton soup was twice as much as you'd get eating in and the steak and rice were too. It was delicious and I didn't feel as bad paying the extra to have it delivered since I got so much food.  I enjoyed every bite! I haven't been in over a year because the friend I do stuff with all the time doesn't like Chinese food so I have to go with a different friend. Unfortunately, she is the one that is currently suffering from Covid, so she couldn't go!

Today, I wanted to just relax and do nothing, but that was not to be.  I really needed a few things at the grocery store. I was completely out of several things and I was about to be out of a few more.  I went ahead and got my groceries.  I got a ton of stuff so I should be set for a while.  I spent more than I planned, but I got a lot.  I also got some paper goods. (TP, paper towels, and tissues)  I am pretty set for the month. I do need to get some windshield wiper fluid but other than that, I think I'm set.  I ran over to the touchless car wash to give Goontz a bath.  After the wash, I went to the grocery tore and home.  I planned to stay in after that and recover. (LOL)  My friend texted and wanted to walk, so I gave in and said, ok.  We walked and it was nice, but I was tired and really didn't want to! :p  I took a  few pretty pictures to share, though.



So weary!

My friend and I walked today. I didn't really feel like going, but I went. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm just sort of bleh today.  I hope to feel better tomorrow.  We are going to do our Tuesday thrifting. Well, that is the plan at the present time!  I am hoping to sleep very well tonight and make up for last night.  Here is a picture I took along the trail of the river.


Walking on a Wednesday!

So, my friend wanted to walk today. I did not! lol, I went anyway.  We went to the Riverwalk trail.  We didn't walk as far as we did last time, but we did get in a nice walk.  I only took one picture to share!


I like the colors in this.  No filters, that is just the way it looked.  I would have taken a few more pictures, but I wasn't feeling great as we were heading back.  I just did make it to my car! Sheesh.  After I dropped him off, I went and got food. I think that was the problem. I usually eat before we walk, but I didn't because I thought he was coming right from work and of course he didn't. ~_~; Oh well, I got something yummy and got a little extra goodie to heat up and eat later.  I went to Burger King and got a combo and saw that their cheesy tots are back. I LOVE those things so I got some and I have them for later. Well, minus one, I had to have one.  So delicious! Just as good as I remember them, too!

I did my French and wrote some before I went. I plan on writing more.  It's great that I got the 13" MBP going.  I was doing updates to the 15" last night and I knew it might take awhile, so I wrote on the 13" in a new Scrivener file and was able to copy it to my regular Scrivener file.  I did some editing on it earlier and then added it to it.  I have more to write tonight so I'm going to do that.  At least that is the plan!

I want to wish my favorite anime character of all time a very Happy Birthday today! I'll do a separate post for that after this one, but Happy Birthday Nuriko! ^_^.

Nice and warm!

It was in the sixties today and it was nice.  My friend and I went to the trail to take a walk.  I didn't really want to go as I'm a bit under the weather, but I went.  It was nice down there.  We got to see the two bridges they have finally repaired and put back.  We walked a total of 3 miles. This, back in the day, would be nothing, but since neither of us has walked in a while, it was rough.  It didn't help that I'm sick.  The scenery was pretty as always and I got to love on a cute little puppy! <3 

I am going to try to crash a little early tonight and hopefully knock out whatever this is that I have.  I've been so careful.  I haven't been sick in over a year so this really sucks.  My DS charger is supposed to come tomorrow so I can play with it a little more. I haven't done anything with it since I got it since the battery was low.  I hope to be able to get some games for it. I'll keep my eyes out when we thrift shop.  We see them sometimes but I've never really looked into them since I didn't have a DS.  

As for now, I think I'm going to share a few pictures I took along the trail and then close the MBP for the evening and relax.  Hopefully, I can go to bed early.  I could use the extra sleep!




Sunday morning post

Ah, it's nice to be posting from the beach and not on my way home! The two extra days are definitely nice! I am probably going to walk to the Springmaid pier today.  It's either today or tomorrow! LOL. I am running out of time. Yikes!  I will visit it and walk on it and enjoy that.  

I took a few pictures of the beach a few minutes ago. I should have some interesting shots later after walking to the pier!  At least I think so. :P. Here are the ones I have for now:



Wednesday morning post

It's a bit cloudy today but it's still beautiful.  I went out and sat on the balcony for quite a while.  It's pretty hot out there but not too bad.  I felt a nice breeze every now and then.  I am not sure what I am doing today.  I might walk if my friend isn't ready to go out before later.  I just had my coffee so I might be happy to just sit here for a bit!  

I took a few pictures on the balcony and I'll share them.  I would like to walk to the Pavilion area but we are staying a lot further away and I'm not sure I want to walk there and back. I'm so out of shape from not walking. Ahhhh!  Let me Google the distance.  It is 3.4 miles to the Gay Dolphin from here.  That would make it at least a 7 miles round trip with me going in stores and such.  Ah!  I want to go but I don't know if I have the stamina. :p




Thursday evening post

So, here I am sitting on the balcony posting my evening post. I have eaten and it was delicious.  My friend didn't get ready until it was almost too late to go to Victoria's. They close at 8 and I was upset because I didn't want to go in and hold them over.  We got our food to go and were out before they closed so that was okay.  We brought it back here to eat and it was delicious.  Sadly, since we brought it back here to eat, we didn't do anything else while out.  Oh well.

I am enjoying the quiet of the evening and the sound of the waves crashing in on the beach. I hope tomorrow's weather is as nice as it was today!  I am not sure exactly what I plan for tomorrow.  We'll see.  I would like to go to the pavilion one more time before we leave but who knows.  I might wait until Sunday for that since we will still be here.  That oceanfront Starbucks will be open tomorrow, though... :)

Here is a picture from the balcony tonight.  Enjoy and I'll see you tomorrow morning!