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This day is loooong and it's not over yet!

My internal hard drive came today.  I unpacked it and opened the Macbook Pro and pulled out the old drive.  Then, I found that I had to get the screws from the sides of the drive to put in the new one to securely mount it.  I, of course, didn't have the right screwdriver!  I looked online and Lowe's had one that was a multi head one and it was only $10 so I left the computer and ran over there and got it. Easy peasy getting those little screws out then and I have a tool for future use!

I get the new drive in and turn on the computer to do the disk copy.  Well, disk utility is being snarky. I look up information and see it's a glitch with Disk utility in Catalina that causes this and to go get a clone software.  Oh no! I thought, more money.  I found Carbon Copy Clone and it has a free trial. It's a fully functioning trial, In other words, you can do everything as if it's the full version. YES! Thank you, CCC!  If I ever need you again I'll be happy to purchase the full version.  I'm currently in the process of copying the external to the new internal and I'm hoping that goes well. It took some doing to even get everything to start but it seems to be rolling along now.

While I that is running in the background, my mail lady came. (The hard drive came via UPS) My new tags for my car came! YAY!!!!!!!!  I went out to put the back one on and I was NOT going to put the new tag in the damn front window so I got some tools and sat down and worked on getting the tag holder on the front. I had to go slowly and work diligently so that I didn't mess up my bumper.  I also had to bring something outside to sit on because the ground is still wet and pretty saturated from all the rains.  I got the little holder on and then I went and found (after a search)  the screws to attach the plate to the holder.  I had put them in the little compartment in the new car in a Ziploc but of course, I had forgotten ALL about that.  I finally remembered and put my tag on.  I now have a car with front and back tags.  I'm so proud of myself.  My friend kept saying he was going to do it but it's been since July, so... 

I went out earlier before I knew I needed a screwdriver.  I knew via informed delivery that my new tags were coming today and I wanted to take my car over to Starbucks one more time with the STARBUX tags.  I got a Peppermint white mocha (delicious) and I took a picture of the car with the tags and Starbucks in the background.  I'm silly, I know but I don't care!

Of course with all the stuff I've been doing, I haven't written for NaNoWriMo yet.  I guess I'll be writing later this evening.  That isn't a problem at all.  I really want to work on my other story too, but NaNo work comes first!  The video I watched to make sure I was removing and installing the drive correctly gave links to the things he used.  He has a little 'case' to put the internal drive in to make it run like an external. I ordered one hoping I can access the drive.  I don't think I will be able to, but you never know! I'm hoping.  

Here are the pictures I took at Starbucks. :)


If you are wondering what the little blob is in the first picture on the upper right, it's LSP from Adventure Time! Oh, My Glob! lol

Should be interesting...

I just saw where the local schools are closed tomorrow because of a tropical storm warning.  The hurricane that hit in Louisiana is heading our way and the weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow so they canceled school. We'll probably get a little rain, one bout of wind, and it will all go back to normal! I'm not too worried about it.  I have no plans to go out, so that won't be an issue.

I did go out today to vote.  I have never voted early before this election, so that was new.  It was easy and pretty quick too.  I was thinking that the polls would be swamped on Election day, so I went ahead and voted early.  I didn't get my sticker (D'oh) but I got to keep the pen I voted with. I guess it works out in the end.  Plus, I printed myself a sticker to put in my bujo. lol It looks like this:


With my doubts last night about this year's NaNo story, I wrote myself some notes today for it.  I have plenty of stuff to make it work.  I am definitely going to go with it.  I don't have time to start over from scratch on anything else!  



So, I didn't get to write yesterday because of being gone for so long.  I made up for it today.  I pounded out 3485 words!  If I can do that on my NaNo work during NaNo, it's going to be a breeze! LOL!  I was on a roll! I'm sitting at my MacBook Pro in my window where I usually work on NaNo. It was sunny earlier, but it is starting to cloud up a bit. The sky is starting to look dark and we may get some rain.  I'm glad I got my groceries earlier!

I wasn't going to the store today.  The grocery store is usually a madhouse on Saturdays, but it wasn't bad at all today.  I was able to get in and get what I needed with no problems and got lots of goodies.  I got plenty of good food and I got a few snacks too.  My brand of creamer was STILL out, so I found another one that is similar to mine.  Can't run out of coffee or creamer.  Even though I just opened a new bag of whole bean coffee, I bought another bag.  It's good to have extra on hand just in case.

As for food, I got the stuff to make my favorite meal, a hash brown casserole. I actually got enough to make two.  I found a brand of barbeque that I hadn't seen before and it was marked down because the date on it was in three days.  I thought I'd give it a try. My last attempt at store-bought barbeque was a disaster! It was just gross.  Runny and mushy and just ...bleah!  Hopefully, this will be better. It certainly looks better!

Munzee in the park in the fall

I went out today to find a Munzee in Ballou park that I somehow missed all this time!  I found it and while I was there, I took a picture of these two cute little trees in their autumn glory. (click on them to see them full size)

I thought they were just so cute.  I was able to finish up this weekly mission of the Zeeops and found out that there is yet another week! Hopefully I can complete that too.  It's fun and I'm getting more points and badges and things in Munzee.  Lots of fun for me and it was a perfect day for it. Sunny and just plain nice out there.

Traveler's Notebook in the park

I finally got to take some pictures of my new TN and I also took a few photos of the Foxy with the new 'dashboard' I created!  To get more info on each picture just click on it. It explains what is in each picture.  I hope you enjoy!


A5 TN and B6 Foxy Fix

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Rain, rain, and more rain!

It's been raining here all day.  We are getting the remnants of Sally.  I think it's supposed to be gone tomorrow.  I hope so as I want to go to the grocery store but I don't want to do that in the rain.  It is guaranteed to be pouring when I'm loading and unloading the car! 

I did run out today and get some gas.  My car was down to a bit under half a tank after coming back from the beach.  My friend said he'd fill it up when we got home, but he hasn't gotten around to it so I did it myself.  I like to keep it near full. It's so funny because, with my Cruiser, I'd run it until the gas light came on and fill it.  I don't like to get my fuel level below half with this car.  It's still running well and it hit the 93,000-mile mark as we were driving home from the beach.

I want to do a recap post of the trip.  I have a lot of goodies that I got to share.  At the Longs SC Goodwill, I saw a box that looked like a GPS.  My friend went over and brought it back along with a few other electronics.  They were in the scarfs!  There was a TomTom Ease, a Nike Fuelband, and a little digital camera.  My friend bought all three.  He had been meaning to give me one of his GPS devices so he just gave me this one. It's cute and small so it's perfect for my little car. :P. He also gave me the Nike Fuelband.  I was sad to learn they no longer support it through an app that can be synced with.  I think though that I have an old version of the app on my oldest iPod touch. 

I am working on a way to update the little TomTom.  The TomTom app won't work with my Mac for some reason.  I looked and it seemed other people have this issue, so hopefully, I will be able to do that soon.  I tried it out last night and it did find Starbucks, but it took me to the old location.  That it found the Starbucks at all made me hopeful!  Even if there is a small fee, I'd like to update to current maps and locations.  I just need to be able to run the app on my computer.  I no longer have any computer running Windows, so that is out. Oops! 

Monday post .... not morning. ;P

Yeah, I didn't get a post before noon so...

Anyway.  It is another beautiful day here.  I think this might be the prettiest day we've been here.  It's sunny and HOT! I sat on the balcony for a few minutes before giving up and coming in. :p. I took a picture to share though.  We are probably heading to Conway today to visit a Goodwill, a Salvation Army store, and a pawnshop for him.  


Sunday morning post

Ah, it's nice to be posting from the beach and not on my way home! The two extra days are definitely nice! I am probably going to walk to the Springmaid pier today.  It's either today or tomorrow! LOL. I am running out of time. Yikes!  I will visit it and walk on it and enjoy that.  

I took a few pictures of the beach a few minutes ago. I should have some interesting shots later after walking to the pier!  At least I think so. :P. Here are the ones I have for now:



Friday afternoon post

My friend is currently getting ready and we are going out to North Myrtle Beach today.  He ordered something to be delivered up there and we are heading that way.  We should be going to Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores up that way. I'm hoping for us to eat at King's Famous Pizza, but I'm not sure yet.  I would also like to go to Tuesday Morning.  It's dangerous but it's so much fun to shop! lol

I was watching the ocean a bit ago and saw a banana boat that kept stopping.  The people on the banana boat kept falling and jumping into the water. I've never seen that before.  Drama at the beach. :p. I took some pictures of the sky just a moment ago because it was so pretty.  Enjoy.  




Isn't the sky in that first picture just gorgeous!  The clouds in the last one are cool too. It's a beautiful day here for sure. ^_^