Weather Feed


So, hopefully, I will be able to post this. The internet is wonky. I woke up today to two huge branches down in my yard. Luckily, they didn't hurt the house or my car. My friend came and helped me et some of it cut up, but there is a good amount to go. My power went out early this afternoon, too. My cell service wasn't working either. What a day! He has a chainsaw, but it's electric, so there was no way to use it today. He sawed up some of the smaller branches and I actually had to clear out a spot at my backdoor! I couldn't get out at first because of how the tree branch fell. Luckily, after he came, he was able to get a good amount done so it's easier for me to get in and out. Hopefully, we can get the rest done tomorrow. I still have to lug all the branches to the street. UGH.

After he finished with the branches, he ran me out so I could get something to eat. I couldn't fix anything here with the power out. Well, I could have broken out the Sterno, but I was stressed, tired and hungry so fast food was essential. :p

Only rain so far...

So, I'm going to post to the blog now just in case the power goes out here. So far, we've only had a bit of rain and some wind. Nothing crazy yet.  I have heard thumps a few times from things falling off trees and hitting the house, but nothing major. I have my stuff all charged and my little charging thing is ready if I need it. I have candles and all that good stuff, too. I probably won't need any of it, but it's better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it!

I just peeked out and it's not currently raining. The street is wet so it has been but it's not now. We'll see how it goes. I have my little Sterno stoves and some Sterno. I also have a French press so if I lose power, I can still have coffee in the morning, so that is good. Hell, I probably could run the little coffee maker I have in my room on the little charge station I have! It's all good. Luckily, it's cooler now so I won't be suffering without air conditioning. In fact, it's cool enough at the moment that I am not even running it.

Friday follies!

It was hot here today and this weekend is supposed to be even hotter. What am I going to do? Hide inside with the air conditioner! :p I need to mow, but I'm hoping I can hold off a few days at least. I think I can do that, I need to, I am not young enough to mow in 100˚ heat! Yikes!  I knew it was supposed to be hot this weekend, so I went ahead and washed my dishes. I've needed to do it for a while. I am SO glad to have that done. They are such a pain in the butt.


Done and done!

I had two big chores I needed to do today.  They were,

  1. Get Goontz inspected and get my sticker
  2. Get groceries.

I was able to accomplish both with no trouble. YAY I did run Goontz through the car wash before taking him to the inspection place. Of course, it rained this afternoon! Oh well. He is now doubly clean and has his sticker. I'm glad I got that done and I am very happy to have my groceries. I have been putting it of, but I checked and the sale for the one item I really needed was not carrying over so I went and got it done. I'm glad all that is behind me!

I didn't write until after all of that. I got in and had to cool off a bit as It's nasty out and I only have air in my room. I did turn on a fan in my kitchen while putting away groceries and that did help a bit.  I am probably not doing anything tomorrow except my writing! LOL

Sunday rain

It rained today for a while and it was intense! I didn't know it was supposed to. I looked out earlier and it was sunny and nice. Later, I looked and thought it looked like it might be starting to rain. As the street looked as if it were. Then, I look a few minutes later and there was no doubt. It was pouring buckets! It didn't last a long time, but it was a good drenching. No loud music from the neighbors today. The rain must have put a stop to that. :p

I wrote a bunch! Over 4,000 words! Whoo-hoo! It's been a while since I had a good day of writing like that. I got an idea and was on a roll! I went back just a bit ago to edit one part and added a bit more. That is always fun. I did my usual Sunday things, washing bed linen, my hair, and putting away yesterday's laundry.  I did a backup to Time machine on my MBP too. It took.... seven minutes. LOL!  That is so crazy. I love actually having a newer Mac that doesn't take forever to do things. :) I actually got up to put away the laundry from yesterday while the Time machine was doing its thing and it was done before I was! :p

No thrift

We thought about going today and decided against it. We probably would have been okay as it's almost 7 and so far we've only gotten rain. Oh well. I was nice to not have to go out today.  I am going to play around with some new releases I bought from DPC Digitals on my Mini and I have more writing to do. I was in the zone writing earlier and was interrupted so I'm going to have to get back into it to write more. I should be able to, if not, I did get a bit over one thousand words. I have been writing a lot more than that daily, but that will be okay if I can't get back in the groove. 

I decided instead of sitting at my desk until bed, I just moved everything to my bed. LOL, I have my laptop here and my Mini and everything I need so that is good. See.


After I post this, I'm going to try to get back in my writing groove. I want to do that and I also hope to see some snow tonight! :)

Sunday again

Well, it's Sunday so that means bed linen day. it's always a joy to have clean bed linen on my bed. I also washed my hair. It's nice to have clean hair to go with the clean bed linen, but washing it in the winter is such a chore. :(  I got it done though and put away the laundry I washed yesterday. I meant to put it away yesterday, but I got caught up in other things and by then it was late and it's so damn cold in my kitchen (where the washer and dryer are), I just said phooey on it for the night.  I already have the bed linen back on the bed.  It usually ends up being later so I'm pretty proud of myself.  I wrote a bunch today but I thought of a few things I need to edit so I plan to do that before I get comfy and settle in for the night.  I am still dreaming of Spring!


The snow was mainly gone this morning as I thought it would be, but it's still cold.  The sun came out today so that is where the snow went, it sure didn't get very warm out.  I'm desperately waiting on spring. I'm so cold and I am getting tired of freezing almost to death in my own house. UGH, I sorely need to wash dishes, but it's way too cold in my kitchen to do so. If I had hot water, it wouldn't be so bad, but damn, trying to wash dishes in cold water in my cold kitchen is just brutal.  Hopefully, we'll get a warmer day soon so I can at least do that.  Heating up that pot of water to wash my hair tomorrow is going to be SO fun. ~_~; Okay, I'm done bitching now. ^^;

Snow again.....

Sorry for the lack of posting again.  I was almost ready to skip tonight too, and then realized I haven't posted in a few days. I looked at the weather app on my phone earlier and it said it was snowing. I looked out and sure enough, it is! It's very light, and it's not supposed to last long, but the ground, streets, and buildings are covered with a  light layer. It's so pretty! :)  Here are a couple of pictures. Nothing exciting as I didn't go outside, but you will get the idea. :P


I love to watch it fall. I;m currently sitting in my bedroom window looking out at it for a bit.

Messy Monday

The city came and scraped the street last night but the driveway is still full of snow and ice. I did not leave the house today. I did go out and partially scrape the front walkway. It was a lot harder than I thought. I'm hoping that I can do a better job tomorrow. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 40s, so maybe that will help loosen it up so I can finish shoveling.  Other than that, I just stayed in today. I wrote, I relaxed, and I watched Buzzr since it's Betty White's birthday and they were on day two of tribute to her. I watched most of yesterday too! :)

Snow and ice, so nice :p

We had some weather today. It wasn't as bad as they were saying it was going to be.  At first, it was supposed to be up to afoot. We only got maybe a couple of inches, but it's snow and ice so it's more dangerous on the roads.  My street was a mess all day. People went by a few times, but nothing like usual. The city did come this evening and plowed the street, so that is good. :)  I took a few snow pictures to share.


Not very exciting as I didn't get outside to take more, but there you go. It was a great day to stay in and drink coffee. :p

Trip recap!

I'm actually going to do one. Yay! I also hope to put a picture I pick at random from my beach pictures. Let's see, so, like I said, I only found out on Tuesday that we were going down that Thursday.  I spent Wednesday washing clothes and packing.  I didn't sleep worth a damn on Wednesday night so I was extremely tired Thursday when we got there.  We found our room very nice and clean. As I mentioned, it was a bit small, but it was perfectly fine.  10/10 we would both stay again.  That first night, we went to Victoria's to eat and then got a few groceries. We'd brought soda with us so we only had to buy a bit of food for the room.  We did that and then settled in.

That night I had a hard time sleeping again because of the pillows on my bed. They sucked. I always carry my feather pillow with me when I travel, so at least I had that. I had to double over my pillow on top of one of the ones they had to finally get comfortable. Their pillows were weird! I was tired on Friday too but luckily, we didn't leave the room.  I spend a lot of balcony time as I did on the September trip. I had my beach chair out there and just camped out. That was nice. I was out there when I heard about Betty White and was so upset. I went in to tell my friend. It was so sad to hear. She was such a sweetheart and will be sorely missed by so many people.  The rest of the day, I spend either on the balcony or in the room relaxing.  I was able to watch the ball drop on ABC and did that.  People were shooting off fireworks on the beach for a long time after that. The bad thing was, the fog had rolled in THICK that night and if the fireworks were not right next to the hotel or really close by there was no use to look. You couldn't see anything! lol We ordered two meals from DoorDash. One from Hungry Howie's and one from Charlie's Cheeseteaks. 

So, Saturday, we went out to do our thrift and pawn shops.  We found a new Goodwill we'd never been to, so that was nice. Sadly, the pawnshops he likes were closed.  We did make it to four more Goodwills. Two in Myrtle, one in Surfside / Murrell's, and one in North Myrtle beach. I didn't get a lot, but I did get a few things. I found a Fossil bag in one Goodwill that had the key still on it and a bonus! Someone had bought one of the key and lock Fossil keychains and attached it to the bag too. Score! :D  I was very happy to have that and the bag rang up a whole $2.00! Nice!  We at that night at King's Famous Pizza in NMB and I got baklava to carry back to the room. YUM!  I packed up that night and had everything ready for an easier day on Sunday.

Sunday we got up and ate some of the last of our leftover pizza and get our things together and checked out. We drove up to NMB and went back to Goodwill. We were looking for something my friend had seen the day before and told me about that I wanted, but sadly, it was gone. :(  We headed on and went to Long's to the Goodwill there and then on.  We stopped in Tabor City and got some fries and drinks at McDonald's there.  We also stopped at the Sandwich hut in Rockingham NC.

We at in Reidsville, NC, and went to the Goodwill there. I found a black leather Fossil bag! :) Atter that, we headed home. All in all a nice trip. I got several fun thrifting items. My favorites are the Fossil keychain that I found on that one purse, and a nice Speck case for my iPad Mini!  So, I finally did a Myrtle Beach trip recap. Yay!  Now, let's share a random picture and hope it isn't one I've already shared. lol Ah, the fog. I never did show a good picture of that. It was much more ominous in person, btw!


Neat, yes? I like the way the hotel next door is the only light you can see.


Well, day five is done, too!

I actually finished earlier this afternoon. I meant to post then and got distracted.  I have my two main characters in a situation at the moment. They have to work out how to get out of it tomorrow! :p  I have a few complications to toss their way, but they'll get out eventually!  Tomorrow wil also be when I hit 10,000 words. It's tradition now to buy myself a pizza when I hit 10,000 words and I hope that this year will be no exception. I just have to figure out where to get it.  I usually get Pizza Hut, but I don't want to go in and I don't want delivery. I'll probably go with Dominos since they have curbside pickup.  It works the best for me as I don't have to deal with anyone! I just say thanks as they hand me the pizza. Introverts dream! I'll let you know tomorrow if I do hit 10,000 words and what pizza I got! lol

My friend and I did not thrift today, it's been several weeks since we did our usual Friday thrift run. He had a package that he had delivered here today, so when he got off work, he stopped at KFC and got us both one of their chicken sandwiches and some fries. I love the chicken sandwich at KFC. I've now tried theirs, Bojangles, McDonald's, Hardee's, and Sonics.  KFC still rules as the best tasting to me.  I appreciated the treat for sure!  He ate and then got his package and headed out.  I had already written before he came in case he wanted to go thrift or do something.  It was nice to just relax.  

It's gotten cooler here lately and it was pretty darn cold last night. Today, I swtichend out my quilts. I have a summer quilt that is very lightweight that i use from Spring to early fall and a heavy weight quilt that I used from fall to spring. I am definitely going to need it!  Brr!  I have my heater ready to go, but I want to hold out as long as I can before I have to use it. I'm stubborn like that! :p