Writing Feed

Sunday rain

It rained today for a while and it was intense! I didn't know it was supposed to. I looked out earlier and it was sunny and nice. Later, I looked and thought it looked like it might be starting to rain. As the street looked as if it were. Then, I look a few minutes later and there was no doubt. It was pouring buckets! It didn't last a long time, but it was a good drenching. No loud music from the neighbors today. The rain must have put a stop to that. :p

I wrote a bunch! Over 4,000 words! Whoo-hoo! It's been a while since I had a good day of writing like that. I got an idea and was on a roll! I went back just a bit ago to edit one part and added a bit more. That is always fun. I did my usual Sunday things, washing bed linen, my hair, and putting away yesterday's laundry.  I did a backup to Time machine on my MBP too. It took.... seven minutes. LOL!  That is so crazy. I love actually having a newer Mac that doesn't take forever to do things. :) I actually got up to put away the laundry from yesterday while the Time machine was doing its thing and it was done before I was! :p

Boring midweek

Yeah, nothing exciting to report today. Just a lazy day at home. I really should have mowed the front lawn today, but it was pretty nasty out there. I was going to wait until the evening when it cooled off and then forgot. lol. Maybe tomorrow.  Oh well, it's not horrible yet.

I stayed in my room with the air conditioning! I did write a good bit on my current work. July is not that far away and that means Camp NaNoWriMo. I am undecided if I am participating. I WILL be doing NaNoWriMo in November, but I haven't decided on Camp.  I could just add words to my current work, but I could also get part two of the book I did for April's camp. I'll decide later.  If I do the second part of book three of my Olympic skater story, I need something new for NaNo in November. I am pretty much written out on my zombie epic. Plus, I wrapped that up pretty well last year.  Of course, every book in the series has had a complete ending, so..... I really need a new idea!  I'll ponder it and decide later.


Sorry for not posting yesterday. I didn't leave the house, and I forgot to post. Sorry about that.  I did some cleaning/straightening in my room today. I mentioned that I got a rolling drawer thingee in Greensboro last month, well, I got it organized with my stuff today so I can use it under my desk. It will keep my external drives, cables, and other things I need near my desk.  I want to get some little containers or dividers, but for now, I'm happy with what I have. Everything is neatly organized. I am not sure where I'm going to put the other little rolling drawer cart I was using.  The one I got last month has more drawers, it's a bit taller, and it's narrower. It fits under my desk perfectly.  I like it. It's easy to put my hand on whatever I need quickly.

So, I did that today, I only wrote a few lines as I put off my writing until this evening and I am very tired. I didn't sleep well last night.  I am also a bit bleah. I am not sure what it is that I ate that upset my stomach, but something did! My friend and I went to a local restaurant we love.  I got pizza. I'm pretty sure that isn't what did it, though.  I'll find out tomorrow when I eat some leftovers! LOL! 😆 


Sunday post time

Yeah, not an original title, but I'm tired.  I got my usual Sunday things done today. I also finally remembered to hunt down something that I hadn't seen since I got back from the beach. It was NOT where I thought it was going to be and I got worried until I looked in several other places. I finally found it where I wasn't expecting it. Of course! I'm just glad I found it. I wrote today, but not nearly as much as I wanted, but I'm so tired and out of it now that anything I write is going to stink! lol I have linens back on the bed and my hair is dry, so I might just plop down on my bed and relax for a bit. I will read what I wrote for today and see if it was any good. :p

So tired

I slept horribly last night and I've been dragging all day. I really needed to go to the grocery store, but that did not happen. I am hoping to go tomorrow, though. I did get some writing done and it might not be my best because of just how damn tired I was!  Oh well, I can go over it tomorrow and edit it. At least I wrote. That is the important thing! 

I did get all my daily pages set up in my journal for next month. It's ready to go and looks so cute. I just love all of DPCDigitals things! I'm using a 2022 planner, I add the dailies myself. She gives you four different templates to make your dailies, so each month I pick the template and put it in there and that is what I use to digitally plan. It's fun and easy.

Writing, wow.

Yes, my story is coming along well. I wrote a little over 3000 words today. Yay! I am enjoying this story. The hard drive on the other hand is a fail. I was not able to erase it. I might try again later, but for now, I'm really going to leave it alone. One good thing did come out of it though.  I was in recovery mode on the Mac trying to see if I could erase/fix there. My Time Machine backup drive works, but it would not show the backup file. D'oh! I tried it on both my 13" MBP and my older Macbook. It didn't show up on either. Weird. So, tomorrow, I think I'll reformat that old drive and do Time Machine over. After that, I'll try it again and see if Time Machine actually shows up when I get to that prompt. Wish me luck! Actually, I show actually start it tonight and let it run all night. It's probably going to take that long to do a backup. Wish me luck! lol

There is hope...

So, I tried all kinds of things today with the messed-up drive and I actually got it to mount on my desktop! I was so shocked that I just stared at it a bit. LOL, I was able to pull over a few things I'd missed when I was grabbing things before it stopped working. Then, I began several options to erase the drive so I could start over. After trying different options and getting errors, it's currently doing something. It says it's erasing the disk and creating a fresh one, but we'll see! I am hopeful since I finally go the drive to mount. I was beginning to totally lose hope. It still may not erase and it could be irreparably damaged, but at least I DID get it to mount again. So, wish me luck!

I did my usual Sunday chores today too. The bed linen is back on the bed and waiting for me! I have everything else done except a backup to Time Machine. I'll wait and see if this drive is going to be fixable and then I'll do a  TM backup tomorrow. Luckily, I just did one a few days ago, so I'm good. :)Also, I wrote a bit over 3000 words today! Yay!

Frustration and happiness

Frustrating because I spent a lot of time today trying to get that drive erased (no luck)! The happiness is that my story is going well. I wrote just over 2500 words on it! :) The characters are going their own way as I mentioned yesterday and I'm fine with that. I still have to decide if I want to change the title or not. It fits the original idea, but it also can work with the way it's going too. I'll leave it for now.  I am enjoying it as it's my characters (that I've used in different stories) in a totally new configuration. It's been fun but a little challenging too!


The new drive enclosure I got today didn't work at all. sigh I don't know what to do now.  I did a return. I'm not sure if I want to even try to order another one. It's just so frustrating! In other news, I started a new story today. It was the one I mentioned when I was working on Camp. It's an old story that I'm completely re-doing. I like it so far. I think it will work. I also feel the characters are going to get ahead of me so I might have to change the name of the story soon. lol

Backup done!

I actually started it last night after I posted here. It took an hour and a half, but it's all backed up on Time Machine. :). Now, I need to get that 2 TB drive working. Soon.  I hope. lol.  I didn't do a lot today. I wrote. I needed to write a good bit because yesterday I didn't get much written. I was happy to get a good amount out today.  I am just finishing up a dramatic portion of the story. I am not sure what is coming next! I also want to start the other story I mentioned during Camp NaNo. I just need to figure out how to start that one. 

One other thing, I mowed the front yard today. That is always a PITA! :P

Thursday is a day of the week...

Yeah, I didn't have a good title, so there you go! I planned to NOT work on the drive today and take a break from it. That plan was going well until my friend texted me at lunch and mentioned taking it home to see if he could get anything to work on his Windows computer.  I told him to go right ahead but it wasn't going to be any different from the million things I've already tried. I was right. I appreciate him trying, but I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause.  When he got done, he brought it back and wanted me to hook it up and see. He had gotten it to show up on his, but couldn't access anything.  Of course, when I hooked it up here, it was just as it had been. Oh well. Of course that lead me to try a bunch of things after he left. Still nothing. Does anyone want to buy me a newer MacBook Pro? I really want a Space Grey 13" one from 2019! Anyone? Bueller? Yeah, okay. :p

In other news, I did get a good deal of writing done, so that was nice.  I need to do some research on shipping prices. I'd like to see if I can sell enough of my Fossil handbags to make enough to buy a newer MacBook Pro. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

A list

Ha ha, love the title. :P  So, here is a complete (I think) list of the goodies:


The ten Starbucks items:

One black Starbucks mug

One large holiday Starbucks mug

Two ceramic tumblers (SC and Reserve)

A green tumbler with a handle

a holiday tumbler (I found this exact same one recently and there may be a picture of it on my blog further down)

A 'make your own' tumbler (this one you unscrew and put in a picture or whatever you want)

A stainless smaller tumbler with a cork bottom (no lid)

Really big stainless tumbler (this one has seen better days)

24oz cold cup (no lid)


Everything else: MacBook, Sherpani crossbody bag, Hello Pumpkin mug, Corgi mug, Fossil wallet, ceramic jack o lantern, metal jack o lantern, roll stickers, 'tul' disc notebook cover, rainbow pencil case for a binder, and a Narwhal plush.  What a haul, yes? Whew, glad I finally typed it all out. lol

I didn't mention it yesterday because I was so out of it, but we did go to one Goodwill yesterday.  I got two t-shirts (in the $1 bin), a small Nike backpack (in case I ever start walking again), a mini Myrtle Beach bag, some Sugar Daddys, and a mini Sak Roots bag.  We went to eat and decided to run by a nearby Goodwill that we don't get to very often.

I am not sure if we'll do our regular thrift run tomorrow. To be honest, I'd be just as glad to stay home and skip it! Ad for today, I had to run out and mail something and I also mowed the front lawn.  It took longer to get the stupid mower started than it did to mow. That made mowing more frustrating, Yay! ~_~  I'm going to try to relax the rest of the evening and then see how tomorrow goes. I've written a good bit in my current story, and I may write a bit more. I'm not sure yet.I am very happy that it's back on track and I'm also happy the front lawn is mown! :p


Oh dear, there is so much stuff.

My friend got off work early today so we started in Reidsville and then went to Greensboro. I found SO. MUCH. STUFF. I'm extremely tired from all the crowds and the long hours, so I am not going to do a picture post tonight. I hope to get a bunch of pictures tomorrow.  As for the things, I found TEN Starbucks items.  Mostly tumblers, but there were a few mugs.  I found a rolling drawer cart (something I've been hoping to find on a thrift trip) and a MacBook from 2007! LOL, It boots, but the screen is cracked BUMMER! :(  I couldn't see that when I bought it. It was also missing the charger and battery, but I was able to test its booting up with my charger.  I am sad it's broken, but it was only $15.00. I have never seen a MacBook of any kind when thrifting so I had to have it. It's in a good home, now. There are a bunch of other miscellaneous things, A Corgi mug, a random mug,  a couple of jack o lanterns, and more. I'll do a legit full post tomorrow and post a list. It was a fruitful trip and now I hope to not go thrifting again for years. 

I'm seriously tired af! I haven't written yet and i promised myself that I would not miss a day of writing even if I just write a few lines, so as soon as I post this, I'm going to try to write a few paragraphs and call it good. I'm too tired to get into a lot of serious writing tonight. :)


Sunday is for Starbucks

Well, when the Sunday falls on the first of the month it is!  I went to Starbucks to get my first of the month jolt start. I got a nice Peppermint white mocha and yes, it was delicious!  I finished Camp yesterday. The story has a lot more to it, so I'll pick it back up in July for that Camp. As for now, I'm back to the work I was doing before Camp. It wasn't as hard to get back into it as I was thinking. I meant to do a review of a lot of it last night and got caught up in another old story I wrote. Oops! Oh well, it didn't affect my writing today, so that was good. I actually got a bit over 1800 words done on it, so I am pleased!

My regular Sunday chores are moving along nicely. I have my hair washed, my bed linen is in the washing machine. I need to get the laundry out from yesterday from the dryer so I can move the linens over.  I took the trash out and took the can to the street as it's stuffed.  It's a huge can, so I only have to actually put the can on the street once a month or so.  I am going to be putting away the laundry after I finish this post and get the bed linen in to dry. I want to do some work on my digital planner in GoodNotes.  DPCDigitals, my favorite shop for digital goodies dropped some cool things in the newsletter so I want to import them into GoodNotes and play a bit.  I just need to get the laundry sorted first and then I'm free to play a bit until I have to put the bed linens back on the bed. I'm trying to get things done earlier today so I'm not putting the linens back on the bed after 10 pm! :P