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Letters and lattes....

I went to the post office tonight. I needed to check my box so I could see how many letters I have.  I got six new ones.  I also wrote nine letters.  I'm all caught up on the ones I got and now I just have the new ones.  While I was out, I went to Starbucks.  Luckily, they still had some cascara syrup.  The last time I was there, the barista said she thought they were almost out.  When I went tonight, I asked if they still had some.  They said, yes! I got my cascara latte.  When I got to the window, he told me that they had to go in the back and look.  I think I got some syrup from the last bottle.  I'll try to get over there and get more before they run out!

I brought my latte home and wrote my letters.  I have a nice stack of them to mail out on tomorrow's walk.  I'll get to the new ones in a few days. I'm trying to get this year off right and keep up with my letters and answer them quickly.  Of the six I got today, one is from my favorite penpal and one is another new letter from an inmate. ~_~;  I probably will pass on that one.  I have written (and do) write to a few inmates, but it's really not that great.  We don't have anything in common.  Plus, even though I mention in my welcome letter that I'm single and like it that way, they all seem to think I want a boyfriend.  NO THANK YOU!  If I did want a relationship, it sure wouldn't be with someone in jail.



Wowee was it cold today on my walk.  I was so glad to get home and get some hot coffee in my body. lol . I meant to attempt to go to Starbucks tonight and stay awhile.  I decided not to since it was so cold.  I did not want to get over there and have my car not want to start up as cold as it was.

I'm almost wishing for a rainy day so I can stay home and stay warm. :P I also have had another one of my hold books come available recently.  I have a feeling, the third book on my hold list is going to be available soon.  It's the one I want to read the most. It's the new Stephen King book Elevation. I've had that on hold since before it was released.  I've heard it's unusually short for a Stephen King book, so when it is available, it will be a quick read.  I just wish the other people who are before me would hurry up and read it. 

At the moment, I'm reading the book about the Golden State Killer aka East Area Rapist that was caught recently.  This is a book written by a lady that wanted to find the identity of the killer.  Sadly, she died before he was caught.  It's quite a good book so far.  The next book on my Kindle is Marilla of Green Gables.  It's a story that was written about Marilla from the Anne of Green Gables books. It's supposed to be about her early life.  I think I'm going to enjoy it as I've heard from other Anne fans that it's a good 'addition' to the series.

PS I wrote 15 more words for Nano. :p I'm going to get that 30 day badge!


So exhausted!

So, I didn't sleep well at all last night.  I couldn't get to sleep and then I just kept waking up after I did.  It was very frustrating.  I got even before my alarm.  It went off as I was fixing my first cup of coffee!  I went for my walk even though I was really tired. It was in the 40's today according to my weather apps, but it didn't feel too cold. Of course I was layered up well!

I only wrote 15 words tonight for NaNo. I've officially won, but I want to get the 30 day badge for updating my word count everyday.  I'll add a line or two each day to do that.  There is one section that is abour 400 word that I may add to or re-write entirely.  I'm not sure yet.

I wanted to see what my tree looked like from the street, so I got in my car and drove up the street.  Since I was already out, I figured I might as well go to Starbucks. lol . I got a delicious and free Cascara latte. I had a free drink on my card. Whee!  I even saw my favorite Barista.  I looked inside as I was driving off and there were SO MANY empty seats in there.  I almost went over there tonight to sit.  Phooey.  Now, if I go tomorrow, they'll be packed and I won't get a seat. LOL . That is the way it goes.

I enjoyed the heck out of my latte.  I am trying to think of what else I did. I swear it feel like after my walk, I haven't done anything!  I found a show on Prime that I used to watch and love from back when TLC actually showed good stuff. It's a show called Urban Legends and I remember loving it.  I found it on Prime and they have several seasons.  I am working my way through it.  I also found out that Prime has my favorite anime of all time on there! Fushigi Yuugi.  I am going to binge watch it soon.  They have all of the 53 original episodes and they are subbed. YES!!!!!!! So cool.  My favorite anime character of all time is in Fushigi Yuugi. Nuriko. <3


Stuffed Sunday

I finally got to the post office today to check my post office box. It's a good thing I did, because it was totally stuffed.  I had nine, count them, nine letters.  I also had an ad and my bank statement.  Yikes! lol . I will have to sit down and write letters. I've gotten behind as I already had four or five here that haven't been written.  I will write everyone either tonight, or tomorrow.  I need to get them all caught up and sent off!  

In other news, I walked today.  It was warm enough that I was actually able to take off my jacket!  I walked in short sleeves and didn't get cold at all.  I came home and put the bed linen in the dryer.  Ihad put it in to wash before I left.  That should be dry now as when I checked it earlier, it wasn't quite done so I put it back for a bit.

I ran out to get the mail and totally forgot to turn the lights on the tree so I could see how they look from the street. D'oh!  Oh well, I'm sure I'll see it before I take it back down. :p . I am less than 3000 words from winning NaNo!  I am not sure if I'll write a lot tonight or not.  Tomorrow will be the last virtual write in and I'd like to participate in that.  Even if I get the words up to 50,000, I might not be done with the story.  I'm sure I'll have things to finish up.  I am going to miss these characters.  I have lived with them for the past three years of NaNo.  I guess I"ll be thinking up new ideas for next year's NaNo.  I don't think I want more than three books of this series.  Who knows, though?


Bonus stars are fun!

So, I didn't walk today as I had planned.  The funny thing is, the rain stopped right about the time I would be going for my walk! LOL  Since I had already decided to skip the walk today, I did just that!  I went out later and hit a Pokestop as this was day seven of a streak and I didn't want to lose my streak!  While I was out, I found myself at Starbucks.  Today and tomorrow, they are giving you 20 bonus stars for any holiday drink.  I got a caramel brulee and it was delicious!  I came home and went in the basement. No luck on getting the pilot light lit on the water heater, but I got nice cold feet. :( . 

I decided to wash my hair because it's been bothering me.  When I washed it before, I didn't realize until later that I didn't get all the shampoo out and it was driving me crazy. That water was COLD.  Brrrr.  While I was washing it and freeing my head off, I had the hair bonnet hair dryer on and warming up.  It felt so nice to get under that thing, let me tell you!

I thought about putting up my Yule tree, but last year, a lot of my light strands were faulty..  Either part of the string worked or none of them worked. I went to Target online and got five boxes of lights.  I went to the drive up to pick them up, but no one ever came out. My car was trying to overheat, so I pulled into a another parking spot and went in.  I picked up my lights and headed out.  The lady said the drive up pick up should have worked, but it didn't!  I got my lights and headed home.  I had put the tree up before leaving the house.  Just the actual tree.  When I got home, I tested the five strands of lights I had from last year and only two of them worked!  One strand worked only half way.  In other words, half of the strand would light up and the other half didn't! The one strand that did completely work was an old string and the blue lights weren't as dark as the newer ones. I didn't us that one.  I had enough with the five I bought and the half strand.  I think it looks lovely.  What do you think?

20181124_205444 20181124_205815

I also did my French and got 1777 words for NaNo!  One of my library books that I had a hold on came in today so I am going to switch to that one on my Kindle.  The one I'm currently reading can be renewed anytime.  I want to get this one that is on a limited time schedule first.

Not what I expected!

So, I got up and took my walk today. It was a little colder than it has been being on my walks, but it wasn't too bad.  It was fun to see places closed that are usually open. There were less people and cars out too.  I came home and relaxed for a bit.  I was supposed to go to my friend's for dinner.  I kept expecting to hear from her and never did, so I called her.  She had a fight last night with her husband (the one that cooks all the goodies) and she was next door at her mom's house.  She said her mom had food and they were about ready to eat.  I still don't know if i would have been invited if I hadn't called!  I went up and had turkey, ham, potatoes, mac and cheese, and green beans.  Sadly, no corn pudding, the one thing i was the most looking forward too.  I also wanted to have it at my friend's house since her hubby was attemping NaNo this year and I was curious about his progress.  Oh well.  The food was good, but I didn't get to carry a plate home.  I stayed a little while. I had to love on her mom's dog Roxy.  I dog sit her sometimes with Cocoa my friend's dog.  I got to see Cocoa while I was there, too! <3

I came home and did a few things around here.  I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner. I decided to put it off a bit and drive down the main drag here in the city and see what was open and what was closed.  Most everything was closed, but I was surprised to see the McDonald's was open!  The one that walk past everyday on my walks certainly wasn't open.  I'm guessing they opened this one for the black Friday shoppers since some of the sales started today. I have never gone out on BF and I never plan to! lol

I got my French lesson done when I got home my friend's house and I just finished today's NaNo.  I got over 1700 words today!  I haven't updated my word count at NaNo yet. I'll do that as soon as I post this.  Another holiday down.  Now if I could just fast forward to New Years and pass all the other crap!

Slowing down a little....

I only wrote 1305 words today.   I have a big event coming up and I didn't want to start it tonight.  I'll probably write it tomorrow night.  I totally hoped to go to Starbucks and write tonight and then didn't.  I can't go tomorrow night because it's Thanksgiving here in the US.  I think I heard they will be open early tomorrow. Poor baristas! I think everyone should be closed on Thanksgiving, at least in the US where we celebrate it.  I"ll probably go to my friend's house and eat way too much. :P . I am hoping to come home with a plate this time and have it for Friday!  We'll see how that goes.  My friend works retail now, so she'd be back at work on Friday and probably Saturday.  If I take a plate hone, I don't have to worry about going when she is there. :p

My other friend texted me earlier and sad if his plans didn't run too late, we'd go eat tonight.  I'm not sure where we'll go.  After a certain time, nothing good is open!  If nothing else, we can get fast food. i'm perfectly okay with that. :p . I am hungry now, though. I might just have a small snack tot tide me over. I'm not sure when or even if we will go.  He said it depended on how late he'd be.  Hopefully it won't be too late and we can get something good.  I'd be happy with CookOut.  It's a burger chain that is pretty much just in North Caroline, South Caroline and a few in Virginia.  (It started in NC) . They have some delicious burgers and I sure would not be upset with having to eat one tonight. :p

PS Yes, I did walk today! :)

Tuesday Morning

Ha ha, I wish we had a Tuesday Morning here! I love that store way too much.  So, I was so tempted to skip my walk today.  The sun was out and it was supposed to be decent outside like it was yesterday, but I just wanted to stay home and not go.  I got my butt up and went anyway!  I was able to walk in short sleeves again.  I got home and relaxed for a bit.  I watched some Prime true crime shows. 

I just finished my French lesson and I did NaNo right before that.  I am now over the 40,000 word count. Whee! I'm definitely finishing early again this year.  I should just slow down and do 1000 words a day and finish on time, but if my next few days are like today and tomorrow, I was on a roll!  I'm satisfied with the direction it's going in. I have one major event that I want to add, but I am not sure how that is going to go in.  We'll see.  I have less than 10,000 to win for NaNo and I might go over. I did last year.

My friend that usually invites me for Thanksgiving called tonight to talk about something totally different, but she did invite me to eat on Thanksgiving. I haven't decided if I want to go or not.  I'd like to be thankful to just stay home that day. LOL!


Hello again....

So, it was warmer today than it has been.  It was warm enough on my walk that I had to take my jacket off!  I had it on to begin with.  I got in my walk and then came home and relaxed for a while.  I have to get back in to doing my workouts!  I've slacked off on them so terribly.  I will get back on track with them soon.

I wanted a hot bath today as I was tired and achy, but sadly, I haven't gone down in the basement to check the water level.  I figured there was probably no need for it today.  I hasn't had time to go down much.  I'll try again on Wednesday.  

I was on a roll tonight for NaNo! I wrote over 2000 words.  It was a live chat/virtual write in.  That was fun and I enjoyed it.  I had some idea floating around that I want to add to my story.  I have one major plot item that I'm going to add soon.  I am just trying to figure out how to throw it in there and where it should come in at.

Now, I'm going to pick up my current read and get back into that for a while.  It's pretty good.  I have three books on hold at the library.  I'm hoping they come due soon.  I'm not too far from finishing this one.