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Monday early evening post

I meant to do this earlier, but time got away from me. We were up and out pretty early. We went to all of the Goodwills except the one at North Myrtle Beach, we got there last night.  We even went back to Conway and got that Goodwill and the Salvation Army store there.  I found a few goodies today.  A pencil pouch, an old vintage address thingee, a cute tote bag, and a bunch of other small things. We also made it to a Tuesday Morning and I got a two-pack of notebooks and a bamboo tabletop /board that fits on a rolling craft cart. I have been thinking of buying one of those carts for a while now. Even if I don't, I can use the board I got as a lap desk or similar. My friend got himself some inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds yesterday and said he'd buy me a pair like his today. We found some similar ones in Tuesday Morning and he got me them. I'm happy because the case is blue. :P. They work well, too. I paired them with the M1 and it was a go! 

Right now, I'm sitting on the balcony of our room. This is the first day it's been cool enough to stay out here for any length of time. It's been so muggy. Today, it was muggy and humid, but there is a nice breeze blowing out here so it's nice. I plan to stay out here and write. My writing has suffered greatly here. Not being able to get away and write has been stressful. I have written every day though Even if it's only 200 or so words! Here are a few pictures I took right before typing this up!


Quick one!

I didn't want the day to pass without a post. I haven't done much today so there isn't a lot of excitement to draw on. lol

I did write and listen to the Shortwave. One interesting thing did happen twice, though. The power went out. It went out once this afternoon before six, and then again right after eight. The first time it was back in less than five minutes. I'm not sure about the second time, because I ran out to get dinner since I was hungry and I couldn't fix anything in the dark. The place I went took a lot longer than it should have. By the time I got back with my food, the power was back. Not sure why it went out twice, but I have. candle and a flashlight near my bed just in case it happens again. If it had been out when I got back, I would have eaten by candlelight and/or flashlight and then got on the Shortwave as usual. Battery-powered radios FTW! :D By the way, the rechargeable batteries are great!


Starbucks and writing

It was the first of the month, so I went to Starbucks. I got my favorite, a peppermint white mocha. I didn't do anything else while out because I've been feeling bad all day. I had a sore in my mouth from a popcorn kernel. Me trying to get it out, caused a sore and it's been bothering me. I took some Excedrin and that helped a lot. Then coffee didn't hurt either. :p

I've been writing an intense couple of scenes in one of my works. It's been so crazy, but so good! I just edited a bit of what I wrote today and added a few words. I think I'm happy with it for now. I'm going to get off this computer, figure out dinner, and then listen to the shortwave.  I just need to figure out what I want to eat. Ack!


That was me falling on the floor. :p I didn't actually fall on the floor, but I felt like it! I got two chores done today before lunch! I went out and mowed. That is never fun. I got that done and came in and got my writing for today done. Another great day of writing. I then decided to get the other chore I needed to do done. I went to the grocery store. That wasn't as bad as I was thinking. It wasn't too busy, so that part was nice. I needed to get a few things and I got them and a lot more. I'm fully stocked for a bit, so that is great.  

After I got home, put things away, ate lunch, and relaxed a bit, I wrote more! Yes, I added to my word count. I went in to just tweak a few things and ended up adding more words. I'm not complaining one bit!  It was nice to get more done. Now, I'm going to get off the M1 and relax a bit before doing my nightly Shortwave listening. I just ordered a different kind of antenna on eBay last night. I'm hoping it will help me pull in more channels. We'll see. I'll update you about how it is when I receive it. The best thing about it is that I can use it with my current radio or any future ones I get because of the way it's made. :)


I moved back to one of my other current works and the last three days of writing have been intense! There is a lot going on and it's crazy. I had to edit the works several times to get them where I want them. I have tomorrow's session all ready to go and it's going to be just as intense as the other stuff has been.  I think it's going to be great when I get done.  It was easier to go back to this work than I was expecting, so that was nice. I just felt the pull of that version of my characters. I heeded the call and they are performing magnificently! Tomorrow's output is going to be hard, but worth it. 

I'm going to do some Shortwave listening after this. Last night, I finally was able to pull in a Canadian shortwave channel. That was cool. I used to listen to Radio Canada International a lot back in my old Shortwave days. Looking at the website, I don't think they are on the shortwave bands anymore, but they are still a thing so that is nice. The station I got last night was...CFRX  I had to look at my notes. I hope to pick them up again. :)

Sunday again?

Yes, it is! I am all caught up on my chores for today, too! I have my bed linen already back on the bed, I've washed my hair and it's almost dry. I wrote and I put away yesterday's laundry. Now, I'm going to relax on my bed for a bit. I'm going to read, watch a few YouTube videos, and listen to the Shortwave. Not all at the same time! :p I didn't sleep well again last night. It was really late when I got to bed and then a thunderstorm woke me up several hours before I needed to be up. I was eventually able to get back to bed, but I woke up so tired. I might even nod off on my bed. Who knows. I'm just happy my chores are done and I don't have to do anything else tonight unless I want to!

Early post :)

Yes, I figured I would post now so I don't forget later. I plan to get out the shortwave radio in a bit and listen at an earlier time to see what new things I can discover. I've already done my daily writing. That was pretty good, I got a little over 2000 words. I also got an idea for another story that I had thought about doing years ago. I actually did write a bit of it back then, but I think it can be re-started and done well. I'll think about it. My current story is going well, but this one popped into my head after seeing a story that reminded me of it. I am not sure. I'll have to go over it. I already know I want to change a few things that I remember from the original idea, but it's going to be the same story, only better. We'll see how that goes. For now, I'm doing okay with my current story. :)

Good old Google!

So, the current story I'm working on needed some info today. I looked up a few things on Google back in June and couldn't remember/find them again. So, I went into my Google history and was about to go back to those days and search the things I had gone to and found what I needed. Yay! That is always good.  I needed the information for what I'm writing tomorrow. I'm glad to find it. Now I can write easily tomorrow with the information I located. :)

I wrote a good amount today, I hope to write just as much tomorrow. I listened to the Shortwave again last night and tonight. I got my first e-QSL! Very cool! Instant gratification. lol. I was listening to a broadcast last night and checked out their station and found that you could submit listener reception via email so I did and got the e-QSL pretty quickly. I still might send then the information via snail mail. I'd love a physical QSL to add to my collection. :)

Mundane Monday...

Yes, regular mundane Monday, nothing exciting to post. I wrote a good deal. I was on a great roll and was in that groove when a friend called. Ugh! It was a while before I was about to get back to it and write more. I left it at a place where I could have gone on, but I wanted to leave it as a few good scenes were coming and that will be tomorrow's writing.  After I post this, I'm going to pull out the Shortwave and see what I can find. I created a little section in one of my digital notebooks to take notes while listening. :)

Welcome August!

Well, August is finally here! It's my birthday month and it's also the last full month of summer. YAY! I am ready for fall weather. Colorful leaves and hoodies. 💕. I had to drop off a package today and the dropbox was near Starbucks. I was going to Starbucks anyway for my first day of the month drink as usual. I got both of those errands run and went to the car wash and cleaned up Goontz while I was out. I had meant to also recycle today.  I came home and did other things and then decided that I would go recycle. I went right at 8. It's still light out, so why not? I went to the place I usually do, but there was a car sitting there parked nearby with people in it. I wasn't sure what they were doing, but they weren't recycling! I didn't feel comfortable at all, so I left and went to one of the other recycling centers in town. It was the one at the mall which is where Starbucks is! lol, I did not make a repeat trip to Starbucks, but I didn't get my recycling done. Glad that is done. I wrote today but not as much as usual. I did get a really good idea for one of my other WIP so I might get that one out and work on it tomorrow. We'll see. As long as I write every day, I'm happy. Oh, and I did write over 1000 words, so that was great. I made a resolution to write every day even if it was just a few lines and I've stuck to it!


Today was going okay, I got my writing done. I edited yesterday's work as it really needed it and wrote for today. CampNaNoWriMo is done! I will continue on with this story, and I hope to revisit my two other WIP soon.  I was sitting relaxing when I started hearing low bass music. After several weeks of quiet from my idiot neighbors, they decided to go ALL OUT today. It was so loud and so bad that I had to leave my house. I only have air conditioning in my bedroom, and it's HOT so there was no escaping the damn noise in my house.  While I was out, I called my friend that lives up the street.  She lives just on the other side of these people and she has had her own issues with them. 

Other than that, the day was okay. I got my laundry washed AND put away. That is rare for me.  I also used one of my many bottles of sauce! lol, I DID let Amazon know. They were great, I can keep or donate the extra.  Very nice.  I will definitely use it all, it just might take a bit of time. I have eleven more jars to go! Now, I am just going to try to relax a bit before bedtime. I haven't been sleeping well, so I'm hoping to crash hard tonight!


Okay, seems that the last post worked and it's now reconnected to Tumblr. :) I'm glad to get that fixed.  It's good to have the connection back. I'm sorry that the last post before it happened was the end of the beach trip!  At least it got my whole beach trip before it stopped, right? :p

In other news, I wrote today and did a lot of relaxing. My sleep was horrible last night and I was sleepy all day. The bad thing is that when I get in bed tonight, I'll be wide awake! lol, It always happens like that. Hopefully, I will be wrong and sleep well. Wish me luck! :)

Done and done!

I had two big chores I needed to do today.  They were,

  1. Get Goontz inspected and get my sticker
  2. Get groceries.

I was able to accomplish both with no trouble. YAY I did run Goontz through the car wash before taking him to the inspection place. Of course, it rained this afternoon! Oh well. He is now doubly clean and has his sticker. I'm glad I got that done and I am very happy to have my groceries. I have been putting it of, but I checked and the sale for the one item I really needed was not carrying over so I went and got it done. I'm glad all that is behind me!

I didn't write until after all of that. I got in and had to cool off a bit as It's nasty out and I only have air in my room. I did turn on a fan in my kitchen while putting away groceries and that did help a bit.  I am probably not doing anything tomorrow except my writing! LOL


I'm still tired. I didn't sleep well last night. I didn't really do much today. I didn't even leave the house.  I hope to sleep better tonight. The only thing I did today was write for Camp.  I got some good words in and I have an idea for tomorrow's writing, so that is good. I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow. I would have gone today, but with it being a holiday, I was thinking they might be a lot more busy than usual. I'm not out of anything urgent. Tomorrow is soon enough. I would wait a bit longer, but one of the items I need is on sale. I will check the ads tomorrow. They do sales Wednesday-Tuesday. On Tuesday, they had the current ad and a preview of the next week. If the sale is still as good, I'll wait, if not, I'll go tomorrow!

Super tired

I did my usual Sunday stuff today. I also mowed the front lawn. That was a pain. I had to go get gas in the can first, though. That was the easy part even though I didn't want to go out to do it.  I knew I was low on fuel and the can was empty, so if I didn't go before, I'd run out in the middle and that would be worse! I'd have to go get the gas when I was hot and sweaty and irritated. I am glad I did it the way I did. It's done now and I won't have to worry about it for at least a week. 

I also wrote for Camp, got a great idea for a future story or storyline, and wrote notes for it in Evernote for later. All in all a good, but tiring day. I wanted to carry those branches to the street, but I was so wiped out after mowing, that I decided I better come in and cool off. I'll get those to the street next weekend. They pick up on Mondays, so I don't want them out there all week. Now, since I've gotten the linens back on the bed, I'm going to try to relax until bedtime. I need a nap! lol